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I won't call this FAQ because these are questions I've only gotten once or twice. But here you go:

What camera do you use?
I use a compact DSLR- The Sony NEX C3

How do you make your collage's ?
I use an app for my Macbook Pro called "Collage Creator Lite"

How did you make your pink blog buttons?
I googled the logos, changed the sizes to match my sidebar and changed them into different shades of pink using Adobe Photoshop.

How do you get your pages to link straight to a different site/link?
When you create a page there is an option called "link to html" or something similar.

How did you create your banner/header?
I use Adobe Photoshop, for my current headers there are no pics except for the leopard print line- which I've made myself in Photoshop.

"Could you leave my link on your web page"?
No, I don't do that. I link blogs I like in my page "Blogs I like"- Because I want to.

Would you like to review hair clip ins, beauty app for iPhone etc. etc?
I would only consider reviewing make up or cosmetics because that is what I write about, it would usually be natural stuff.

"Hii, looove your blog, this post is amazing. Will you follow my blog? Let me know when you have, Then I will follow back"
These type of comments make me want to stop blogging sometimes, I obviously visit every blog that comment anyway, so there is no need to ask me to visit. There is especially no need to ask me to follow because I will only follow if I like your blog (which I probably will). I ignore these comments.

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