10 Aug 2014

1 Tea Overload- PG Tips New Fruit & Herbal Infusion Range Tea

PG Tips New Fruit & Herbal Infusion Range Tea

Hi Guys! You have probably seen the odd health and fitness posts and fitness supplement reviews on my blog, but today I am reviewing- tea! If you are British I am sure you will understand why that really excites me, I absolutely love tea and I drink at least 2 cups every day. For health reasons I usually drink the healthier types of teas like Green Tea, Peppermint Tea and Camomile- and I received exactly these and more! 

PG Tips New Fruit & Herbal Infusion Range Tea

They are all from PG Tips new range of fruit and herbal teas- super tasty and all very healthy. If you want them to taste a little sweeter I'd suggest adding a bit of honey- still healthy! Here is what they say on their website:
"Here at PG tips we’ve created a fantastic new range of fruit and herbal infusions with a big taste that will not disappoint. We’ve packed our tea bags with the rich flavoursome ingredients of Delicate Camomile, Fresh Peppermint, Juicy Red Berries, Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla and Aromatic Spices and Mint. Thanks to our famous pyramid bags the blend has more room to infuse to give you that tasty PG pleasure you love in every cup. Each box contains 20 cuppas."

Due-Therm Oslo from Grosche Kuchenware:

Due-Therm Oslo from Grosche Kuchenware: In addition to all the tea I also received these unique tea cups, or whatever you want to call them. I think they are so cute! They really come in handy for me as I only have one tea cup (broke the other ones, so clumsy).

Here is some info about them from their website: "
The Duo-Therm Oslo will allow your beverage to gently 'float' in midair as it keeps your drink hot (or cool) for longer than a standard non-insulated cup. It's appearance is almost that of a wine glass without the stem, but with our own twist. These cups are extremely elegant, and the perfect size for a double-shot of espresso, fine tea, or ice wine- drinks meant to be enjoyed with conversation. The Oslo comes in packages of four"

Due-Therm Oslo from Grosche Kuchenware:

How nice do these look? :)

What are you favourite tea flavours,
have you tried these?


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6 Aug 2014

0 Giveaway time- Eyelash Enhancer From Realash

Giveaway time- Eyelash Enhancer From Realash

Giveaway time guys! I am currently trying out this eyelash enhancer and I posted my results so far (which are amazing) on my Instagram (here) and got quite a few comments on the results. Here is the picture I posted of my results so far!

So I am doing this giveaway with Realash who are giving away TWO Realash eyelash enhancers (2 winners) and the giveaway is open to ANYONE :) (international)

To enter:

Giveaway will close next Wednesday and winners will be announced on the 15th.

Good Luck

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1 Aug 2014

0 28 Months/ 2 Years and 4 Months Post Relaxer Wash & Go & Texture Shot- Mixed Roots Curl Custard

26 Months/ 2 Years and 2 Months Post Relaxer Wash & Go & Texture Shot- Mixed Roots Curl Custard

26 Months/ 2 Years and 2 Months Post Relaxer Wash & Go & Texture Shot

I actually posted a picture of this look before on my Instagram, I took the pics when I had just tried out a wash and go using the Mixed Roots Curl Custard- I think the results are great. Also, now that I have done more wash and go's using other products- I must say I think this product gave the best curl definition out of all the products I tried (review coming soon).  Check out my Youtube video when I am using the product here.

26 Months/ 2 Years and 2 Months Post Relaxer Wash & Go & Texture Shot

Also, here is a little texture shot for those who are interested to know my curl pattern. In my youtube videos I usually say "3c/4a/4b/4c hair" because I have such a mix of curl patterns. In my Instagram selfies (follow me here), you usually see my hair at the front and my curls are looser there. In this picture you can see that they are pretty tight. What would you say my hair type is?

26 Months/ 2 Years and 2 Months Post Relaxer 3c 4a 4b 4c afro natural hair

What's your favourite product for a wash and go?

Have you tried Mixed Roots hair products?


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31 Jul 2014

0 The Cosmetic Practice: Cosmecuticals, chemical peels, dermaroller and more!

The Cosmetic Practice: Cosmecuticals, chemical peels, dermaroller and more!

The Cosmetic Practice Hi Guys! I just wanted to introduce you to this website which sells professional cosmetic products and cosmecuticals (if you, just like me study Cosmetic Science you know what Cosmecuticals are lol!), if not.. they are a mix between Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals meaning that they are Cosmetics which have a physiological effect on the skin as well. I put together a collage of the products I thought looked interesting. Most of you (at least bloggers) have probably heard of the GlamGlow facemask, which I love! 

They also offer treatments such as Chemical peels, and wrinkle relaxing injections and sell popular at home products like the Dermaroller and laser-like at home hair removal equipment.

About "The Cosmetic Practice was established in 2003 by sisters Carole Cook and Julie Cook,  with the aim to offer specialised cosmetic treatments, cosmetic surgery and professional skincare products. Based in Sunderland, in the North East of England we are dedicated to advanced skincare and offer the latest advice, research and technologies that will empower you to make the right choice when deciding what skincare to use."

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(*) This is a sponsored post

10 Jul 2014

2 Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash & Body Lotion Pistachio Cream with Magnolia & Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash &Body Lotion Pistachio Cream with Magnolia & Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash & Body Lotion Pistachio Cream with Magnolia & Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals

Dove Purely Pampering Lotion & Body Wash

So I have been trying out these products for quite a while, and I received them in a goodie bag when I went to their event. I was going to blog about it, and I even had the draft ready but it was just too much of a hassle when I didn't have any wifi.

Dove Purely Pampering Coconut & Jasmine Lotion 250ml: I don't really think this smells of Coconut that much, it definitely smells more of Jasmine but either way it smells amazing! The scent really reminds me of a body lotion I used to use in Sweden.

Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio & Magnolia Lotion 250ml: Although they both smell amazing this is my favourite. I am terrible at describing smells but this one smells kind of nutty. 

Both: So the creams almost exactly the same looking at the top parts of the ingredient lists. They are both pretty thin creams but they are still very rich. For me it is perfect for an every day body lotion after showering, but I know some people would prefer an even lighter cream for daily use. The cream gets absorbed quickly into your skin leaving it super soft, but if you use too much it can get a little sticky.

Now for the ingredients. Yes it contains all of the "controversial" ingredients, so if you're into natural products you will probably want to stay away from these. However if these ingredients are safe or not is not for me to say but they definitely do not affect the formula in a negative way. It also contains a lot of great ingredients like Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Sodium PCA (One of the most effective and humectants, and is naturally found in our skin's natural moisturising factor, NMF), Urea (Also found in the skin's NMF and is known to heal cracked skin) and Collagen Amino Acids.

Ingredient Check:
Mineral Oil (√)
Silicones (√)
Parabens (√)
Propylene/Butylene Glycol (√)

Dove Purely Pampering Coconut & Jasmine Lotion/Pistachio & Magnolia Lotion Nourishing Body Wash 250ml: Now I absolutely love these. They are exactly what they are called "Purely Pampering". The body wash looks and feels like a body lotion but will lather when in contact with water. It feels super silky on your skin and smells really nice. I will definitely repurchase these as Body washes are some of my favourite body washes as they come in really nice scents and aren't drying. However, as they are very rich and moisturising, they don't lather as much as a normal shower gel which will mean you're using quite a lot of products and it finishes quite quickly. 

Ingredient Check:
Mineral Oil (√) (Petroleum)
Silicones (/)
Parabens (/)
Propylene/Butylene Glycol (√)

Check out my other Dove Reviews here.

Have you tried these products?
What's your favourite body wash?


(*) These products were sent to me to review

2 Jul 2014

8 OOTD: River Island Navy Wrap Front Belted Jump Suit

OOTD: River Island Navy Wrap Front Belted Jump Suit

River Island Navy Wrap Front Belted Jump Suit

Hi Guys! Hope everyone's enjoying this sunny day :) Well if you're in London that is. As usual with my outfit posts, this isn't actually the outfit I wore today, in fact I took these pictures quite a while back but then I had a break from blogging as I didn't have any WIFI. Anyway I bought this jumpsuit when I was in Amsterdam, which was a stupid choice for two reasons.. first one being it was already expensive (for high street) and it cost even more in Amsterdam lol. Also, I am too comfy these days and even though this might look comfortable- it isn't leggins, stretchy jeans or a maxi dress so I haven't really worn it that much. 

River Island Navy Wrap Front Belted Jump Suit

River Island Navy Wrap Front Belted Jump Suit, £45: I do really like it though and I think it is a perfect piece for spring. But if you live in London you know that we got spring, summer and winter all in the same week sometimes! 

River Island Navy Wrap Front Belted Jump Suit

What do you think of this outfit?
Feel free to link your latest outfit post :)


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1 Jul 2014

2 Lauren's Way (LW TAN) Self Tan Bronzing Glam Tan Darker Than Dark Review And Results

Lauren's Way (LW TAN) Self Tan Bronzing Glam Tan Darker Than Dark
 Review And Results

Lauren's Way (LW TAN) Self Tan Bronzing Glam Tan Darker Than Dark Review And Results

DARKER THAN DARK GLAM TAN (250ml), £19.95: So I am sure you have all seen a lot of reviews for fake tan, last year especially by a lot of mixed and black people (sorry I can't stand the word woman of colour). For black people and dark skin tones, fake tan can give that tanned, bronzed glow and colour and for mixed people and lighter skin tones, it can make you a LOT darker (lol) and also give that bronzed type of look. Also, for any skin tone it can make your skin appear more even and hide discolourations or imperfections in your skin. Anyway, I too can often look and feel pale so when I was asked to review the LW Tan I thought- why not.

Lauren's Way (LW TAN) Self Tan Bronzing Glam Tan Darker Than Dark Review And ResultsLauren's Way (LW TAN) Self Tan Bronzing Glam Tan Darker Than Dark Review And Results
I had never tried fake tan before except for a gradual tan face cream (check out the review here) and I really liked it. As you can see, I achieved great results. The funny thing is that I tried the product after I got back from Nigeria, which means I already had quite a bit of a tan. However, my leg on which I had not used the product on looks so incredibly pale!! I applied the product as evenly as I could with the application mitt that I was also given and the results showed up immediately, I didn't wait for the product to set or anything before taking these pictures. As I am definitely a beginner with fake tan and it looked quite even, I will have to say that it was fairly easy to get an even results with this product! For application directions and ingredient list, click on the picture above (to the right).

Lauren's Way (LW TAN) Self Tan Bronzing Glam Tan Darker Than Dark Review And Results

Guys please ignore my knees lol and the weird angles. I took the other people holding the camera myself, and this one with the self timer. However my self timer doesn't actually work as it focuses when you initially press the shutter button and not just before it takes the picture- resulting in blurry pictures. The result lasted for quite a few days despite showering and scrubbing as usual. I think this was a great product and absolutely does what it says. The results show up immediately and are long lasting. This is the newer, darkest formula believe so there are lighter shades available.

Have you tried this product? 

Do you use fake tan?


(*) This product was sent to me to review

0 DHC Olive Body Butter Butter Review

DHC Olive Body Butter Butter Review 

DHC Olive Body Butter Butter Review

DHC Olive Body Butter, £15: This is a way overdue review, but I really wanted to post it anyway as I really like the product. It is quite price at £15 for 100g, and it might look like any body butter. However I am very impressed with the ingredient list, and it has got a lot of interesting ingredients in there! It's thick but not greasy and smells super yummy. For me, it is perfect for a every day body lotion but I know some people prefer a lighter lotion for every day use. If you're one of them- use it on dry areas like hands, elbows, knees and feet or once in a while before you go to bed as a special treat! :)

DHC Olive Body Butter Butter Review

Description: "Wrap your skin in a decadent veil of hydration from seven botanicals: shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, squalane and argan oil. It hydrates and seals in moisture from natural emollients for ultra softness—from your fingers to your toes." The description is very accurate as it contains all of the ingredients mentioned, even in that order (in the ingredient list). It definitely hydrates your skin and seals in moisture.

Concept: Now here is the part I don't fully get. Contrary to some (a lot) companies who will call a product "Olive Oil" but the product mainly consists of Sunflower seed oil- it is true that the main oil in this product is Olive Oil. However both Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter are before Olive Oil in the ingredient list, meaning it contains more of those two ingredients. On top of that, the product doesn't have a "Olive oil scent", nor is it coloured green like most Olive Oil products are. This isn't a problem in terms of how the product works, but I am not sure why it is called "Olive Body Butter
Formula: Now the consistency is that of a normal body butter, think the body shop shea body butter for example. Anyway, even though it doesn't smell of Olive/Olive Oil it smells pretty amazing.. I'd say it smells pretty fruity! :)

DHC Olive Body Butter Butter Ingredient list

Ingredients: This is a picture I took of the ingredient list, and I think it is a very impressive one! Straight after water there is a silicone, then Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Glycerin. The oils in the body butter are: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil & Argan Oil. I think we all know the benefits of natural butters and oils on our skin so no need for me to go on about that. However you might not have heard of Squalane:
  • This is an expensive ingredient which is derived from Squalene, which in turn is derived from Shark Oil. The reason that Squalane is used instead of Squalene is because it is cheaper and it is also more stable, and has a longer shelf life (source). Anyway Squalane is a lipid that occurs naturally in our bodies and can moisturise your skin and heal crapped skin.

Have you tried this product or any other DHC products?

Check out my other DHC reviews here.


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(*) This product was sent to me to review

27 Jun 2014

4 How to stretch/ do a heatless blow out for natural afro hair (3C/4A/4B/4C)

How to stretch/ do a heatless blow out for natural afro hair (3C/4A/4B/4C)

How to stretch/ do a heatless blow out for natural afro hair (3C/4A/4B/4C)

So today I have got a tutorial for you. It is how to achieve the heat less blow out for natural hair. You might want to try this still because you like the blown out hair look, or because you want stretched hair for the purpose of styling.

  • So after washing your hair, while it is still wet you want to braid it up as if you were doing a braid out (see the second video below). Then once it is fully dry, take it out. If it is still a little wet when you take it out, it's gonna be more frizzy and it is going to be harder to achieve the heatless blow out.
  • Now you can go straight to brushing your hair out at this stage (see video below), or- for better results, put it in a sleek bun and where it like that for one or two days (second video below).
  • Take out your bun, and divide your hair into four sections. I would use a leave in conditioner and a hair butter/oil.
  • Apply the leave in (not too much, just focusing on the ends) and start brushing your hair out, leaving your with no "curls"- this is what gives the blow dried effect. When you are done brushing. Apply the butter/oil to seal, again focusing on the ends. Repeat for each section.

Let me know if you decided to try this style and how you got on! :)


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26 Jun 2014

1 Wash and Go Routine for afro hair 3C/4A/4B/4C using Mixed Roots Curl Custard

Wash and Go Routine for afro hair 3C/4A/4B/4C using Mixed Roots Curl Custard

 Wash and Go Routine for afro hair 3C/4A/4B/4C using Mixed Roots Curl Custard

Hi Guys! Had a long break from my blog unfortunately, I haven't had WIFI since January this year and it was just too hard to blog when I didn't have an internet connection in my flat. However, my WIFI was just installed so I am back! :)

Last week, I started my Youtube channel again. It will mainly be about natural afro hair and some fashion and beauty as well. I would love it you check out my videos, here is my channel. I have already uploaded three videos, and I consider them my first proper videos as I didn't make any "talking" videos before.

For this look I filmed a wash and go for afro hair tutorial as well.

I would love some feedback from you guys and suggestions for videos to make?


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25 Jun 2014

0 Dermalogica Clear Start Skin Care Review

Dermalogica Clear Start Skin Care Review

I have been trying out these products for a long while now, so long that I have actually finished most of the creams, and the toner quite some time ago. The reason for me trying the products for so long was just because there's so many products, and my skin had been acting up for over a year prior to me using these products. When I started trying them out, my skin had just started to clear up so obviously I wanted to use them for a while to be able to see if they made an actual difference on my skin.

Get the clear start products from here and for I have linked each product to the website too, so just click on the title if you want to read the full ingredient lists :)

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foam Wash, £13: So this is a sulfate free, clear cleanser with natural ingredients like Lavender Oil and Chamomile extract. I am not sure why it is called foam wash as it really doesn't foam a lot. Instead it's quite a thick, clear and does not lather that much. It is a great daily cleanser and it doesn't dry out my skin. I think it is a great every day face cleanser and I have been using it daily since I received it to try- it lasts for ages! 

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque, £16: So this face mask is probably different to all other breakout clearing face masks you have used before. They are usually clay masks. When I was at the Dermalogica event the dermatologists explained that they made this face mask a gel mask so that it can sooth skin which is experiencing break outs- which makes sense. The formula is as I mentioned a clear gel type and it does feel soothing on the skin. It washes off with water.

Dermalogica Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub, £13: Now this is one of my favourites! It is clay based and has fairly small but very effective scrubbing beads, you know when you can really feel the scrubbing effect and it leaves your skin really smooth. 

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing All Over Toner, £13: This toner is a little different from your usual toners. Mainly because it comes in a spray bottle and you apply it by spraying directly onto your skin. I actually love this because you don't have to go through the hassle of using cotton pads. Another reason they made it this way was so that people with acne on other areas could use it by just spraying directly. I personally don't that but I think it is a great idea for people who do.

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment (Night Cream), £13: First of all, I think the name is a little misleading as it is called Overnight treatment when it really is a night cream. And on the website this is described as a gel, to me this is a normal face cream (its white not transparent). I think it is a great night cream, it doesn't leave my skin dry nor oily.

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Daytime Treatment (Day cream), £16: This formula is very similar to the overnight treatment but just a little lighter, as it is a face cream. As with the other cream, it is a cream which contains silicones and it gets absorbed into your skin fairly quick. I think both the creams are rich enough for dry and normal skin. 

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix, £13: It's hard to know when you try products like this how they work on your skin during breakouts. However, I did feel like this prevents your skin from getting worse/more red. It is not a gel like most spot treatments, instead it's a white thick cream with a high concentration of skin clearing ingredients. 

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser, £16: I first noticed how thin this cream is, however- it still moisturises your skin. I have normal skin which is not oily at all. However this cream is clearly aimed at oily skin and is suppose to have a matte effect. However I didn't see this at all. I personally don't need it so for me this was a really good cream. Also, I prefer this to the other day cream as it contains SPF 15.

While I was using these products, my skin was just going back to normal from having been really bad for over one year. So as I was using these products my skin felt very clear but obviously I can't be sure if it was due to the products or not. However, I think these products are great as they have been so that all products contain skin clearing ingredients- and they all work together to keep your skin clear! Also, none of them contain mineral oil or parabens, however they do contain silicones which some people mind, and some don't. I personally don't and I have loved using these products.

Have you tried these products, did they work for you?


(*) These products were given to me to review.

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8 May 2014

19 Braid Out on Natural 3C/4B/4C hair/ 2 Years/24 months post relaxer

 Braid Out on Natural 3C/4B/4C hair/ 2 Years/24 months post relaxer

Hi Guys. So time has flown and I am already 2 years post relaxer (24 months post relaxer) and I have hardly written any hair posts since my "big chop" which was almost a year ago now. Check out the post here. If you check out the post you'll see how tiny my lil afro puff was. It's hilarious to me now because my hair has grown a lot and I proper thought my puff was big back then. I am still trying to come up with a few Youtube videos and get into Youtubing properly, so I am planning a 2 years post relaxed video, stay tunes for that and in the meanwhile, check out my other youtube vids here.

 Braid Out on Natural 3C/4B/4C hair/ 2 Years/24 months post relaxer

Anyway here you go, this is actually my first braid out since I am natural. While I was transitioning I did a lot of braid outs but never wore them out, I wore my hair swept to one said. I have a blog tutorial on that here, and a video tutorial here. I actually did the braid out on hair that was stretched from blowdrying when I did a shoot for Curly Hair Mag about a week ago.

 Braid Out on Natural 3C/4B/4C hair/ 2 Years/24 months post relaxer

For the braid out I used the Mixed Roots Curl Stretching Custard that I am curently trying out. It is thick enough to give hold, but doesn't leave any build up- and it smells AMAZING. However if you put to much I feel like my hair gets a little sticky/tangly, so make sure you don't use too much. Looking at the ingredient lists I am guessing it might be due to the Glycerin (which is far up in the ingredient list). Stay tuned for my review of that and a couple of more products.

 Braid Out on Natural 3C/4B/4C hair/ 2 Years/24 months post relaxer

Despite braiding my hair about 9pm on DRY hair and not taking them out until 1pm the next day, they were still about damp when I took them down. So if they weren't, I am sure the result would have been more defined and longer lasting.

Any tips for doing braid outs on natural hair? 
& what do you think of my first attempt at a braid out lol?


Make sure you stay connected with me on Instagram (Yolandaas), I post a lot more there, and daily.

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6 May 2014

8 SheLikes Fleur Pleated Skater Dress In Peach

SheLikes Fleur Pleated Skater Dress In Peach

I recently had the change to select an items from the online clothing store I hadn't actually ordered from them before but I literally loved everything I saw on the site. I ended up choosing this pleated skater dress in the colour peach because I don't actually have many dresses, and I thought it'd be a nice summer dress. They sell loads of cute dresses and other things for prices similar to H&M, so in other words they are really affordable. I'm definitely going to order from them in the future. Oh, and you get 25% with UNI days! :) 

Here is a little information about the store: "Shelikes aims to be the one stop global online shop for the free thinking & trend led fashionista's. Since 2011, Shelikes has been providing super stylish & affordable women's fashion, shoes & accessories. We know how important it is to be on top of the trend as soon as it hits, so brand new designer inspired styles and concepts are added daily. "

So the dress is pleated, made of polyester and has a zip in the back which you can see in the pictures below. I am 5.8 and I am wearing a size 10. It is also available in black, here.

What do you think of this dress? Have you ordered from before?


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3 May 2014

2 Eye öf hörus/Eye Of Horus Lazuli Blu Goddess Pencil

Eye öf hörus/Eye Of Horus Lazuli Blu Goddess Pencil

Today I am reviewing the Eye öf hörus/Eye Of Horus Lazuli blu Goddess Pencil which is a really pigmented and creamy eyeliner. Here is what Eye of Horus say about it on their website: 

"Gorgeous aquamarine  / Lazuli Blu is perfect for day wear to illuminate eyes or get that eye popping effect for evening wear Goddess Eye Liner pencils are uniquely formulated with beautiful waxes in a creamy rich formula ideal to draw, smudge, smoke, and define the eye blending, or combining with our Goddess Eye shadows. Smudger on tip allows to define or smoulder as much as you like. Safe to apply to waterline, It literally glides onto the lid so smoothly with no pull, and once it sets its truly waterproof and has lasting power that stays all day and night."

I put together this super quick and easy smokey eye just for the sake of the review, and to show you how you can wear this eyeliner to add a bit of colour to your usual eye makeup look. You could also use it as a base for your eyeshadow, so if you are wearing blue shadow, apply the eyeliner all over the lid, and then your blue eyeshadow on top for a more intense colour. 

So on one end you've got the eyeliner itself and on the other side a smudger which is very useful for a softer or more smokey look. When you swatch it, it's really really shimmery, but not too pigmented unless you build the colour up. However, despite being a creamy eyeliner the staying power is very good! It sort of dries once applied and after that it doesn't even smudge.

What do you think of this look,
and this eyeliner?


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23 Mar 2014

13 MDMFlow Lipstick Shake MilkShake Review

MDMFlow Lipstick Shake MilkShake Review 

So you may or may not have heard of hip hop influenced lipstick brand MDMFlow. It was created by Florence Adepoju who is actually a graduate of the course I am currently studying at University (Cosmetic Science at London College Of Fashion), so needless to say she is quite inspirational to me! Also, the lipsticks are handmade by herself. The range consists of 9 pigmented shades, some of which are blue, gold and black. You can order her lipsticks from the MDMFlow website here, or do what I did- visit her pop up store in Shoreditch any time before Sunday the 23rd (I believe). 

MDMflow, shade Milkshake, £18: So I went to the pop up store with my friend as I really wanted to have a proper look at the range, and swatch them. Also, contrary to what you might think seeing as I am a beauty blogger, I am not a hoarder and I would not like to buy a shade I already have. This light pink shade caught my eye, and it happened to be the one Florence was wearing in the store that day as well- I thought it was really nice! I chose it because it looks super pigmented but it is also very creamy and glossy- which I am sure you can see in the picture.

What's kind of different is that as you can see, the lipstick looks very light, baby pink before swatching it, but then when you actually swatch or wear it, it is more pink/purpleish. As I was in the store, I saw that and I liked the shade it turns into. But it is worth mentioning if you are ordering it on the website, thinking it will be really light. Also, it is pretty pricy at £18 and I am actually not a big spender, I own one Mac lipstick which was £12, and it took me like a week to decide to buy it (haha, yes I'm serious), the rest are a couple of cheap lipsticks. But I could tell this lipstick was of good quality, I LOVE the packaging and name, and of course- I am all for supporting independent businesses as opposed to mass produced ones. The staying power is decent, and pretty much what you'd except from a creamy lipstick, after 3-4 hours it still looks nice, the pigment is there but it's worn off if you look close.

What do you think of this lipstick and
this brand?


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20 Mar 2014

7 Dove Style and Care Hair Care Range Review

Dove Style and Care Hair Care Range Review

Dove Style and Care Hair Care Range Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember my post on the Dove Style & Care range event I attended quite some time ago now. If you missed it, please check it out here to see the way my hair was styled by their celebrity hair stylist!

I've had a lot of time to properly try out these products, and to see how to best use them for someone with my hair type. When I style my hair, as in straighten it, do a flat twist out, or just blow dry it- these are now my go-to products. As you might guess, they are not natural at all so if you avoid silicones and mineral oil in your hair, these are not for you. However, if you blow dry and straightened your hair- silicones are practically the only ingredient that will protect your hair, so I do recommend using them for that purpose.

Dove Style And Care Heat Protect Spray: This is a heat protectant that promises to protect your hair while heat styling up to 230 degrees, and to also strengthen your hair. I don't see any ingredients that would be strengthening in the ingredient list, however- I love this for blow drying my hair. It is very light, if you spray it in your hair and pretty much feels like water. It leaves my hair really soft after blow drying, and it also leaves it smelling super nice! 

Dove Style And Care Cream Serum: This is a very interesting product, the formula is semi solid, like a thick cream and it is super shimmery! I would recommend that if you have afro hair, you can use it after moisturising to "seal in moisture". Another way I used it, was when I do a flat twist out over night, I'll use this instead of a gel or butter and as it contains water, it will moisturise my hair and the silicones and other emollients will prevent frizz. Contrary to what it says on the back, it is suuuper greasy so do not use too much! A tiny bit will definitely do! And this product will leave your hair very shiny and healthy looking!

Dove Style And Care Serum: I have actually tried quite a few hair serums that I have reviewed here on my blog, and this is actually my favourite one. It is the usual silicone based, clear serum, however it is really thin and very smooth which I really like. I use this as a heat protectant when I straighten my hair and it leaves it smooth and soft. 

Dove Style And Care Dry Shampoo: I cannot comment on this product to much as it isn't really suitable for my hair type. As with all the other products, it smells very nice. When I tried it, it didn't leave too much of a white cast on my hair.

Conclusion: First off, all of these products smells amazing, which I really love. The thought behind these products is that they will treat your hair as well as style it. I understand the vision and they do contain a lot of softening and smoothing ingredients, however, I don't feel that they contain that many strengthening or ingredients that will care for your hair, I use these for styling purposes only! Even thought Dove is a mainstream brand and not aimed at Afro hair, I think the products were really suitable for my hair type and I am sure they suit other hair types too, just make sure that if you have naturally straight hair (which also tends to have the ability to get oily, contrary to afro hair)- don't use too much.

Have you tried Dove hair care products, or any products from this range?


(*) These products were gifted to me, to review

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18 Mar 2014

9 Date Night/Going Out Outfit Featuring George By Asda G21 Sheer Panel Midi Dress

George By Asda G21 Sheer Panel Midi Dress

George By Asda G21 Sheer Panel Midi Dress

So I was kindly sent this dress for a Valentine's day look. However, I've recently moved and I am not receiving all my post to my new address, so I didn't get the dress until a couple of weeks after valentines day. I love fitted midi dresses and I really loved the fact this had some sheer/transparent details. So as it is no longer Valentine's day, I thought I'd do a going out/date night outfit instead. Obviously was not going out exactly when this picture was taken so excuse the plain makeup and hair do. 

George By Asda G21 Sheer Panel Midi Dress

After picking the dress, I was sent one piece of matching jewellery, and they chose this bracelet. I don't usually wear silver, at all, but I think this bracelet is really cute and I happened to have a pair of matching earrings.

George By Asda G21 Sheer Panel Midi Dress

George By Asda G21 Sheer Panel Midi Dress

|| George By Asda G21 Sheer Panel Midi Dress- £14 || George By Asda Silver Bracelet || Michael Kors Leopard Print Clutch Bag || New Look Heels || 

What do you think of this look/dress?
Feel free to link your latest outfit post, I'd love to see it :) 


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17 Mar 2014

1 Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer with SPF Review

Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer with SPF Review

Hi Guys, it's been way too long! Hopefully this time I am back to blogging regularly without any long breaks. Today I am reviewing one of my recent favourite skin care products, the Dermalogica skinperfect primer. I am way overdue reviewing this, and I have had it for quite a while, but it's only recently it's become a favourite of mine.

This is a silicone based primer, so if you are only into natural products or don't like using silicones on your skin- this probably isn't for you. Like most silicone based primers, it's super silky and spreads really easy and evenly on your skin. What makes this one different to the usual ones is that it isn't clear, it's got a beige tint (which in will match some people's skin colour, but for a lot of us it will be too light), and it contains SPF 30. However, the sun protecting agent is Zinc Oxide which is the ingredient which gives some sunscreens a white cast after applying, considering Zinc Oxide is pretty far up in the ingredient list (see below), it does blend in pretty well with your skin tone.

As you can see in the ingredient list below, it doesn't contain any water at all, so of course you would use your normal moisturiser before applying this. As it is tinted, you can use the primer only without any foundation or powder afterwards for matte, smooth and super soft skin. I don't use foundation so I like to use this after my normal face lotion, then I apply concealer (if needed) and a layer of powder to set it. Despite not using foundation, my concealer and powder stay in place all day when using this. Another tip is to mix it with your foundation for a super flawless look!

Ingredient Check:
  • Silicones (√)
  • Mineral Oil (/)
  • Propylene/Butylene Glycol (/)
  • Parabens  (/)
What's your favourite Dermalogica product?
& have you tried this product?


(*) This product was sent to me to review

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6 Feb 2014

9 My Protein Products Review- Oat & Whey Flapjack, Pulse V4, Energel & Impact: Whey Protein Shake

My Protein Products Review- Oat & Whey Flapjack, Pulse V4, Energel & Impact: Whey Protein Shake 

Hey Guys, today I have another fitness and health post to share with you, it is a review of some fitness supplement from the brand MyProtein. I was really excited to try them as I recently went back to going gym after a really long break- and it is going really well! I have tried protein bars and drinks before and I really liked them, plus now I got to try an energy drink and energy gel as well.

A little info about MyProtein: "Welcome to Myprotein, a fresh approach to buying sports supplements and nutrition. At Myprotein, we know from first-hand experience that nutrition isn't a case of one size fits all. Each of us is unique and just like personal training, our nutrition should be tailored to fit our very own personal circumstances. From innovative flavouring of supplements to making massive savings when buying in bulk, we give you the choices so you never have to compromise on your nutrition, or your goals."

My Protein Oat & Whey Flapjack: "Oats & Whey is a tasty and nutritious meal replacement bar for those looking to add quality proteinand carbohydrates to their diet. Each 88g bar contains a massive 22g of tapered release protein derived from Milk Protein and Whey Protein. The carbohydrate content is based around the low glycemic index Oat Blend, providing a sustained supply of energy.This is a chocolate flavoured protein bar that you can eat inbetween meals, pre or post work out. I had it after work out as I am usually quite hungry and want something filling as soon as possible after a gym session. Looking at the information online (click the link in the title to view), that works well as "it provides a rapid method of refuelling your glycogen and protein stores in the recommended ratio of 2:1 (carbohydrates:protein)". It contains no Aspartame or Acesulfame K but contains other sweeteners like Isomalt and Sucralose. Be warned, this is really, really filling! It is a little grainy, the same way all protein bars are (you'll know if you had one), but I really like that and I thought the bar tasted really nice. 

MyProtein Pulse V4 Tropical Storm Pre Workout Formula: "Pulse® V4 is our most powerful pre-workout formula to date, combining some of the most heavily researched performance boosting supplements available. It is formulated to increase energy, pump and mental focus, and help you achieve the most intense and effective workout possible." 
So I was really excited to try this as I had never tried a pre workout drink before. It comes in a powder form and as you can see from the directions above, you're supposed to use it 30 minutes before your work out. A lower dose is recommended if you're not used to this type of drink. I tried half of the sachet mixed with water the first time I tried it and I actually got a belly ache while working out and did not feel energetic at all. However, I took it like 20 minutes before the workout and I didn't eat before so next time I tried it I made sure I definitely had it 30 minutes prior to working out and I ate a little at the same time. This time I got better results and I felt crazy energetic on the cross trainer lol, it didn't make it easier, like I still felt a burn in my legs but I was just going at a faster pace than usual!

MyProtein ENER:GEL Energy Gel:ENER:GEL is a unique energy gel containing both Electrolytes and B Vitamins.Each 60ml sachet of ENER:GEL contains over 21g of carbohydrates. The unique formula has been scientifically designed to help promote endurance levels during prolonged exercise through its combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes." 
So I'd never seen a product like this before being sent this. It is a "Energy Gel" and you are supposed to take 2-3 of them each hour you work out.  I obviously couldn't eat 2-3 as I only had one to try, but I had it before my work out which was a leg session. With this I felt that it was definitely easier to life the weights. For example, as of lately I have done 100 kg leg press and sometimes I really, really struggle to first "lift" the weight up but the day I had taken eaten the Energy gel it was super easy. The gel tasted really nice, but was more like a liquid as opposed to a gel. 

My Protein Impact Whey Protein: "Impact Whey Protein™ is available in 19 delicious flavours including Cookies & Cream, Rhubarb & Custard and Summer Fruits in addition to the more traditional Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavoured options. Our Impact Whey Protein™ is a rich source of whey protein concentrate from vegetarian sweet cheese, sourced directly from the world’s leading whey protein manufacturers. Having the highest Biological Value (BV) of any known protein, whey protein concentrate contains high levels of both essential and non-essential Amino Acids" This was the first protein powder/shake I tried and I really liked it. It is chocolate flavoured and tastes really sweet. You mix it with 150-250ml, I think I chose the least amount of water and I still found it a little bit runny. If I remember correctly I had enough for two shakes so I can't comment on results but I definitely recommend it based on how nice it tastes.

Have you tried this brand? 
& do you take any fitness supplements? 


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