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Nov 29, 2011

♥ Oils

Made by me, source and pics: all from google.

Do you use oils daily, if so, what for? Any favourites?



  1. How weird, I was thinking about doing the exact same post to this haha. Im a big lover of olive oil and I recently purchased hot six oil which has a lovely combination of oils.
    Love coconut oil too but the organic stuff is pricey!

  2. Love oils....I always use Coconut oil on my hair...helps it grow and add shine....WE cook with it too in my country...its YUMMO!!

  3. I use a lot of oils in my hair:

    *Olive Oil
    *Amla Oil
    *Coconut Oil

    All of them have done my hair so much good :)

  4. You purchase amla oil from hair shops, sometimes asian stores. You can purchase the amla oil @ Paks Cosmetics in London:

    *Hair growth
    *Soothing the scalp
    *Add to pre poo mixes

    I've used it for years, and I like it (and it likes me hair = bonus! lol)

    If you fancy a natter, feel free to email me:

  5. My fave is argan oil but I want to try the castor oil too!!

  6. I knew about coconut oil but had no clue about the benfits of the others!!! HMMM time to go experiment haha


  7. love cooking with coconut oil...and my sister uses it for her hair!

  8. Such a helpful post...
    I use coconut oil on my hair sometimes and also like using olive oil on my skin during winter.
    Am actually thinking about making my own moisturiser and so may use a couple of the oils you have spoken about!

    Ekaete xx

  9. Åh tack så jätte mycket!! vad glad jag blir!

  10. Ive used it all except for Grapeseed Oil. And besides the Essential Oils n Castor oil since its so thick all those oils are good for the skin too. I rub them in with my lotion

  11. du hade kommenterat min tatuering på min blogg, det var det jag tackade för!

  12. Thanks for this very informative!

  13. I knew about all of these but I'm glad someone else is also spreading the word about the great benefits of these.

    Great post!



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