30 Sep 2011

2 Foiiil

Finally found the Barry M foil nail polish.. got it from Superdrug at Oxford Street.. here's a lil sneak peak dont mind the tired face. Been shopping for hours.

One painted thumb because I tried it in the shop lol. My other nail broke, in HALF today, oh well.

29 Sep 2011

7 What I look like today..

0 Amazing hot day

The weather was so great today... 27 degrees.. and it's gonna be like that for the rest of the weeks. Here are som pictures from today 

2 Minx nails

My friend Natalie's minx nails.. love it

4 Random pictures...

 Im off to college.. looking forward to 26 degrees today! x

26 Sep 2011

9 My natural hair

So Im off college today and I've literally done nothing, now I'm off to Tesco!

This is what I look like, natural hair and natural make up.

25 Sep 2011

1 Nails

So I just painted my nails with my new N7 nail polish.. for everyone in the UK.. use the £5 N7 vouchers from Boots and you'll only have to pay £2!

I really like this polish the brush is really wide and easy to use, and one layer would be enough even though I used two.

4 Casual

New Look top, Zara bag, Dorothy Perkins jeans, Tx Maxx/Blowfish boots

3 Hair tips

Right now I'm growing out my nails (<- link)  And hair. The vitamins I take are for both hair and nails
 bt in addition to that I've started to use only organic shampoo and conditioner to avoid harsh chemicals in my hair. I ordered these from Miessence from and the delivery was really quick, I think it only took a couple of days. I also put a hot oil treatment in my hair after every wash, using Argan Oil !

I've been using all this stuff for a while except for the West Indian Castor Oil.. Apparently it's meant to make your hair grow really really fast and I did try it before but that was with a blended castor oil and it was not a West Indian one.

0 Liquid eye liners

So the other day I thought I'd try MUA's liquid eye liner since it's so cheap.. I really disliked it and I decided to try the one from Collection 2000. Didn't really like that either so I think I'm gonna stick with my £2 one from 2True.
!I think they only sell 2True and MUA in Superdrug

 - 2True liquid eyeliner- £2 at Superdrug, my favourite. The black colour is very "covering" and I like the brush size.

  -MUA (Make Up Academy)- £1 at Superdrug. I hate it! The brush is way too thin and the colour is really watery.

-Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner, I think this is £3 from Boots or Superdrug. It's okey but I prefer the too true one. The brush is a little bit too thick for my liking.


23 Sep 2011

7 Orange

This is what I look like today!

Make up

21 Sep 2011

0 Nail polish foil

I read about these in a blog today, I have to buy it!! It's a new addition to Barry M nail paints and apparently you'll only need one stroke, for a foil- like finish. Might also buy that Gosh nail glitter...

Cant wait to try it, I'll probably buy both tomorrow after college.

Anyone tried it yet?

1 Tops

I'm so happy because I was able to get a refund for a pair of boots I bought. I wore them once and I had taken the tag of so I wasn't sure I'd be able to give them back, but they didn 't even check, haha.

So instead of saving the money I got back I spent in on two tops, one of them from my collage (link)

I'll probably show what they look like on tomorrow because I've got course work to do.


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