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Mar 13, 2013

♥ 1st Video Makeup Tutorial! Tropical Colours Smokey Eye with Double Liner

1st Makeup Tutorial! Tropical Colours Smokey Eye with Double Liner

Hi everyone! Hope you will enjoy my first youtube makeup tutorial, it is a "mute" one as I still have nowhere to sit and talk to myself in private lol. Sorry if it's not the best filmed tutorial, angle is obviously from the side, some clips kind of disappeared  some editing disappeared as well so the video is a bit long. Anyway, please please share & let me know what you though? :) xx

Products Used:
-Sleek & INGLOT eyeshadows
-Sleek Face Form Palette
-Wet & Wild Eyeshadows
-MUA Makeup Academu Makeup Brushes
-NYC White Eyeliner
-INIKA Black Eyeliner
-2 True Liquid Eyeliner
-Natural Collection Mascara
-Magnifibre Lashes brush on fibres
-Witch Face Primer

What do you think? 

Any tips for me when doing Youtube makeup tutorials? :)
Please share if u enjoyed it



  1. Fab video!! You're so stunning xxxx

  2. Gorgeous I love it hun, welldone gr8 tutorial!

  3. So great look, you inspire me every time :) Absolutely stunning ♥

  4. Awww yay you're on YT! I'm subbing as we speak :) x

  5. your make up is beautiful! looks like youre using products that arent super pricey too. Will definitely be coming back :)

  6. Love this so much xoxox

    new blog here

  7. Just watched this and love it! It's such a beautiful and summery look - can't wait to watch more tutorials, you're super talented :)
    Saadiya xx

  8. absolutely fab!!! for some reason it reminds me of a "lion look" i love it !
    do you do make up on darker skin ?

  9. wow love the eye make up. its awesome....If I am doing a smokey eye I will always log on to this page and take notes. Superb!!!!! Happy new year, Sweetheart <3 lots of love and good wishes....Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials


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