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Jan 18, 2014

Karamel and Brown Glow Face Crème

Karamel and Brown Glow Face Crème

Karamel and Brown Try Size Glow Face Crème  Review and Ingredients

Here is some info about Karamel & Brown from their website: "The new beauty brand Karamel & Brown brings an innovative dimension to the beauty industry, through introducing a brand new concept aimed at brown skin tones. The revolutionary Glow range enhances the natural beauty of Asian, Black and Mixed Heritage complexions, giving the skin a nourishing, hydrating and long lasting glow. "

 Karamel and Brown Glow Face Creme 200ml, £16.95 (*)- So before I was sent this product to try out, I had never ever tried fake tan before, nor planned on trying it out either.  Fake tan kind of only made me think of the white girl gone orange look and that is not cute. Anyway, Karamel & Brown are a brand who actually are aimed at brown skin tones. The product will give you a tan similar to that you get in the summer, and it can help even out hyper pigmentation or old acne scarring. 

At first glance when you squeeze a little product out of the bottle- it looks pretty thick. However this is a really, really light cream as you can probably tell from the far right pic. Despite being thin it was nourishing enough to use instead of a night cream, and it is light enough to use instead of your day cream as well. If you check out the ingredient list from the first pic you will see that it contains mainly natural ingredients with Aloe Vera and oils like Jojoba Oil. The only "controversial" ingredient I can see is "Propylene Glycol", which unfortunately is pretty far up in the ingredient list. Also, I was really surprised that this product smells super yummy, kind of like a mix of Coconut and Karamel or something! 

Results? I noticed results after the first time I used it, actually so much so that I skipped the next application and used it only once per day, in the evening. It is possible that for people of darker skin tones than me you'd need a few more applications before seeing results and for lighter shades maybe less. My skin went from having always been good my whole life to bad like a year ago and it has just got better, and I do have a little bit of scarring which definitely seemed to be less visible after I had worn this cream for a couple of days. I actually wore no makeup what so ever for a couple of weeks while trying this product. After you have achieved the results (the shade) you like, you can keep up the results by applying it every other day or so, or ever evening. I really enjoyed using this and I can see myself repurchasing it when I run out, if it runs out while it is still winter time that is! If you prefer quality and natural ingredients, this is a great choice as (I am guessing), most commercial fake tan creams probably contain a lot of rubbish ingredients! 

Do you use fake tan?
Have you heard of this brand?


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  1. this isn't for me though ,with the hot sunny weather everyday here we get naturally tanned where i , But nice review.

  2. Oooh this looks interesting. I've only ever used temporary bronzing products not actual fake tan but this could be good to try x

  3. I've always been too scared to use a fake tan and I actually like staying pale (surprise, surprise, being Asian and all :P) but I've always been intrigued since all my friends seem to love their fake tans!


  4. I don't fake tan but looking at it makes me crave this honey dew melon smoothie I love!


    xo, N

  5. I think this tan cream marketed toward darker skin tones is so smart! I've never faux tanned before (especially not when I lived in Arizona! lol) but it's cool that you barely had to use any to get good results. LOL at "white girl gone orange"!! I'm following your blog with this account, Beauty! ♥


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