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Dec 9, 2011

♥ Guess how much I paid for this??

I paid... £18 for all of this. No lie!!

Then I went to TxMaxx and as I've shown you before in THIS post they've got so many branded beauty stuff for a discounted price. I decided to have a look.. and omg I'm so glad I did.

Even though these were ridiculously discounted I would have had to paid £38.. But, my Boots are from TkMaxx and the heel recently broke, I went back and they gave me a gift card for £30 (to buy new boots)...Well, I kept the boots, glued them, and spent the gift card lol!

Do you reckon I could do this a second time, haha ?

- £9.99 Three Calvin Klein Lipsticks for  £9.99 (Normal price £45)
- £12.99 Three OPI Nail polishes (Current Season) £12.99 (Normal price £31.50)
-£14.99 Elf (Eyes Lips And Face) Eye shadow, blusher, bronzer, lipgloss set

I love these colours and I've actually never tried OPI even though I love nail polishes, you know Im a bargain hunter!

Three Calvin Klein Lipsticks for £9.99, I tried these quickly and I was actually suprised how good they were, creamy and very high pigmented. 

Here are the swaps! Nice huh?

 And last but not least, this massive make up collection from Elf. Ive never tried E.l.f either. I know they are supposed to be good but I wasn't excited enough to order any. However, I've always wanted an eyeshadow set lol. Now I've got it!

And the ingredients are on the package, an extra plus for no mineral oil!

 So 64 eyeshadows.. three brushes (really needed a lipbrush, yay!), 4 bronzers.. 4 blushers and 8 lipglosses...

The two natural skincare products from Lavera I paid normal price for and they were  £11 all together.

What do you think?



  1. thanks tjejen =) gud vilken nice blogg du har =)

  2. Great buys, I want to go to TK Maxx now!
    Love the ELF eye shadows, you'll have to let us know how good they are.

    Holli x

  3. the OPI polishes are to die for!!! can't believe how little you paid for all that stuff!!! awesome :))

  4. Love the ELF palette and the CK lipsticks look super creamy!

  5. I didn't know CK had lipsticks but they do look super creamy and pigmented! Nice!

  6. What bargain buys! I have to take a trip to my local tk maxx and see what stuff they have now. X

  7. Tack så mycket =) har du en bra fredagkväll? xo

  8. oh wow... u did good girlie. Wish me luck when I make my way over there tonight. I want that OPI shimmery Gold Color.

  9. oh wow!! great deal, girl! now i want to go shopping too :) have a great weekend!
    x jamie

  10. What a lovely post!
    Such bargains too!
    I didn't know CK did lipsticks!
    They look amazing! :)

  11. beautiful make-up!!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine,do the same!!

  12. wow I didn't know they over priced o.p.i in the UK. In the U.S its about $7.50= 5 pounds regular priced. It is really a good brand nail polish!

  13. Ive never seen opi in tk maxx before, think i need to go and have another look around, such bargains!

  14. thanks for your comment!i follow!
    follow me

  15. love the nail polish colors...especially the glitter ones. they're like fiesta on your nails...<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. haha tack snälla du! ja dem är mycket dyrare här i sverige =( så himla surt.. dem brukar ligga på 2 999 typ, men jag har hittat en för 2 545 så vet inte om jag ska köra på den haha. MK klockorna är så äckligt snygga!
    kram fina du

  17. åh hade inte tackat nä till det där! jätte fint allt ihop!

  18. Great deals, now I want to go Happy weekend Yolii

  19. Love e nail polishes and lipsticks,great buys sweetie

  20. Ja jag hade ne väldigt lyckad fredag =) jasså jag har vart där den senatse månaden, synd att jag inte såg dig då, =) Hoppas du får en toppen lördag ! xoxo!

  21. haha ja jag såg det sen när jag kollade på bilden haha! KRam =)

  22. WOW!!!!!! I can't believe you paid so little for ALLL of that!!! what a steal!! Love the polishes!

  23. OMG Well done !! Great buys !!! :D*

    Thanks you for your comment*

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    nice blog!!

    It would be lovely and a great help for me if you could take part at my blogger-interview about the relation of trends, blogs and journalism which is the subject of my MA thesis.
    It's to find on my blog!

    Thank you in forward,

  25. CK lip colors are amazing all!

    With love from Ukraine

  26. Wow what a steal!
    Nice post :)


  27. I think that this is a al bargaine! That eyeshadow palette is amazing! Can't believe how many colors you have there! And I am going to buy the opi purple nail polish!

  28. Hey gorgeous!I love your new colors. I need to have a little more fun with colors as well.


  29. The Elf palette looks sooo good! Xo

  30. sluta byta blogg fram och tbka, jag blir confused!!! i alf så menade jag att mitt hår var katastrof när jag vaknade saknade dig idag. xxx

  31. waw what a great haul, love love love!

  32. Great haul...! We love a bargain. The E.L.F pallette is great value for money....



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