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Jun 11, 2012

♥ Major Hair Care Post! Regimen & Hair Care Journey

If you have liked my facebook page (here) you might have seen me mentioning that I wanted to post a hair care/hair journey post.  I took and edited these pictures a few days back, so I thought it was time to write the post now.

I will start of with my hair care regimen. Since I'm trying to figure out what works best for my hair, whether to use silicones or not, organic or not and so on- I have a few products!

Miessence- Dessert Flower Shampoo. 

General info:
This is an almost fully organic shampoo. In the top right corner you can see that the cleanser in this is "coco glucoside" which is a really gentle cleanser. I'd say the most impressive about this is that Aloe Vera is the first ingredient!

My thoughts on this: For an organic/natural shampoo, this is really impressive. I think I read on the website that it doesn't lather the first few times you use it, but will eventually start to do so. I found this really strange but it's actually true. For me, it definitely lathers when I wash it, and it even washed out all the oils when I've done a hot oil treatment (I do this every time before I wash my hair, so I need the shampoo to wash the oils out)

When do I use this: Since it doesn't contain any sulfates, it doesn't wash out silicones. At least, I dont think so. If anyone knows if Coco Glucoside washes out silicones, please leave a comment. If I haven't used my Aphoogee Green Tea Reconstructurizer (in the picture at the bottom) I will use this. 

Get it from: , it's £18- very pricey! 

Curls- Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream.

General info:
I should probably start of with some info about this brand, their products are not organic, but they contain loads of butters and oils. None of their products contain mineral oil, silicones, sulfates or parabens, read more here. This is a cleansing cream, which means it's made to be gentle enough to use as often as you want- usually sulfate free. The formula is very creamy and just like the conditioner it smells of caramel.

My thoughts on this: It smells a-mazing! It really does, and it doesn't feel harsh at all. I feel that this gets my hair clean, but since I do hot oil treatments every week (I drench my hair in oils over night before washing it) I haven't used it lately because this really doesn't wash all the oils out.

When do I use this: If I haven't done a hot oil treatment prior to washing my hair, at the moment though, that is never.

Get it from:

V05- Revive Me Daily

General info:
This is my newest shampoo, I've only had it for a couple of weeks. I hadn't used Sulfates in my hair for over a year or so when I got this, but in order to grow longer hair it really is important to cleanse your scalp and hair properly to avoid build up. What made me buy this was the ingredient list. To start with- the second ingredient is Cocamidopropyl betaine which is a cleanser derived from Coconut and it's a lot more gentle than a sulfate. 

My thoughts on this: Of course, I was very hesitant to use sulfates on my hair again. Especially since I had a major reaction on my scalp over a year ago. But I figured the oil treatment will prevent it from irritating my scalp, and I massage jojoba or coconut oil into my scalp after washing my hair as well. If you use sulfate shampoos- get this! The rest of the ingredients are just loads of great oils such as Argain Oil and it smells great too.

When do I use this: Right now, every other wash (every other week in other words), after I've used the Aphoogee spray, which contains silicones.

Get it from: Poundland for £1 (duh) Or any supermarket for £2-3

General info & thoughts
This conditioner has the same smells as the cleansing cream, it has a very none artificial caramel scent. This is definitely a keeper, it leaves my hair feeling very soft, kind of like a nourish coating. It's silicone, paraben and mineal oil free. Chamomile, white tea and coconut oil are some of the ingredients.

When do I use this: This is my only conditioner so I use it every week when I wash my hair.

Hot Oil Treatment: A third of Castor Oil mixed with any other oil. This is to strengthen my hair and promote hair growth, as well as protecting my hair before shampooing it. The bottle is from Primark.

Jojoba Oil- My most expensive oil, I just discovered that this is great for blow drying.

West Indian Castor Oil- For growth- in my hot oil treatment.

Argan Oil (blended with Almond Oil)- I use a tiny bit of this on my ends morning and night, sometimes.

Coconut Oil- I use this everyday since it's the cheapest oil I own, I love the results and it's meant to get absorbed by the hair and scalp easily.

Tea Tree Oil- Antiseptic, when I do my scalp massage, if I'm in between washes I use a bit of this to freshen up my hair and scalp.

Peppermint Oil- I use this in my scalp if it's itchy or sore.

Rosemary Oil- Meant to promote hair growth, I do a scalp massage mixing this and Coconut Oil every night before I wrap my hair.

Shea Butter- This is pure Shea Butter and in addition to using this on my body I use it as a/instead of a hair gel if I want to smooth my edges. I sometimes use it in my ends too.

Curls- Curl Souffle- This is just finished, but since it's water based I sometimes used it to wrap my hair. If I wanted it straighter I applied this generously so it could dry straight. More info from here

ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer- I really like this for blow drying my hair. It's a PH balanced protein leave in, enriched with Green Tea. I use it 2x month.

I wash my hair once a week, this is an example of the products I use.

Regime 1 (Week 1): Hair is washed with a gentle organic shampoo. I blow dry my hair with ApHogee protein treatment and Jojoba Oil.

Regime 2 (Week 2): To wash out the silicones in the ApHogee treatment I use this V05 sulfate shampoo. After I'm finished I massage some Coconut Oil into my hair and Air Dry.

Hope you enjoyed this, do you use any of these products? 
Whats your hair care regimen, leave the link please!

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  1. Great post! It's crazy how many hair products I own and use and also the sheer amount of products I have tried over the years!!

    I love finding out about new ones though and I don't think I have tried any of these so I will have to hunt some of them down.

    Especially the oil you use on your scalp as mine is really irritated at the moment and I don't know whyyyy! :( x

  2. I am very familiar with the Curls line. Omg yes, they do smell so good! I had the Creme Brulee Moisturizer and it was heaven. and I'm loving all the oils you use. I myself, only use coconut oil at the moment, but aargon is my favorite. Expensive, but so worth it.

  3. Do the hair oils actually help with hair growth? desperate for mine to grow!

  4. This is an AWESOME hair post! I am sold on the V05 shampoo and the conditioner. I need these!

  5. My fave post!!!
    Love how informative your posts always are.
    Well done dear

  6. Very informative! Great post! I love argan oil for my hair.

  7. coconut oil is wonderful for hair and skin and amazing for healthy when ingested

  8. Hello dear!
    I found your blog very interesting and inspiring!
    It will be an honor for me if you can visit mine, too! If you like and follow, it will be a pleasure for me to follow you back! Just let me know!
    :) ♥

  9. Oh wow, these look like nice products for the hair. Your hair must be happy! X

  10. Nice Blog!!! Check out mine at
    Follow mine...I will follow back!!!

  11. wow så mycket härliga produker! Vill ha!!
    Och ja, jag tränar två gånger i veckan, tyvärr inte om dagen... Tänk den som hade tid för det... :))


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