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Jan 17, 2012

♥ How I do my: Eyebrows

Every make up post I put up I get an awful lot of comments on my eyebrows..thanks for that! <3

So I decided to make this post on how I do my eyebrows.

- To start with, I've never gone to get my eyebrows threaded or plucked or anything like that.
- My natural eyebrows are probably twice as thick, and I've always plucked my brows myself.
- If you have over plucked eyebrows that won't grow, try applying Castor Oil every morning and evening. Also make sure you use a eyebrow gel with Keratin like the one I wrote about below.

 My natural brows, not filled in on no make up on my face.

If you want to pluck your own brows, make sure they are proportional. Use the tweezer to decide were the brow should start. Put it next to your nose like in the pic.

 To decide were your brow ends, do the same, but place it sideways, as in the picture.

What you need: 

A good tweezer, like THIS Tweezerman one. Mine says Vitry and is bought in Sweden, to be honest I though Vitry was just another name to Tweezerman but I'm not sure, anyway you can use either one.

An eyebrow pen OR eyeliner. To be honest, there isn't a difference. I find that the eyeline is a bit sharper that's all. 

Before filling them in, or if you Dont fill them in it's handy to use an eyebrow brush. You can use anything from an actual eyebrow brush, to an old toothbrush or, like me, and old mascara brush.

 Eyebrow gel OR a clear mascara, works the same way- to keep your brows in place.
This one is Not dirty lol, it's just gone grey from being mixed with black mascara. This one is £2.99 from collection 2000 I think, it's contains Keratin which is obviously good for your lashes so I would recommend this.

My brows filled in. 

Do you do your brows yourself?
And do you thread or pluck, or wax them?



  1. Such a great post dear! Love it ^^ Sure, let's follow each other. Follow me via GFC and let me know then I'll follow you back immediately :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. well my brows were about 2 1/2 times thicker ( like man brows :P )
    I went to a salon and they trimmed it and I could barely see it.. I really hated it and now I trim them by myself by a tweezer

    Nice post, I love it.. it was so useful

  3. Great post&tutorial hun,love it! Very helpful indeed

    I use the stuff that says Organic from e hairshop . Well my fave has to be the Organic Root stimulator jojoba oil that stuff is amaze adds moisture&shine. My hair is pretty thick,straightened &natural.

  4. I love your beauty posts. You always show us in great details how to do things and for someone like me, I find your tutorials very easy to learn. Love it and thanks for the advice.

  5. Your eyebrows do look really nice all the time! Think I will start scheduling my Blogs too, a good idea whilst my laptop is broke! xx

  6. woweee! your eyebrows look amazing!
    I usually do mine but every once in awhile i get them done. I just thread the top and pluck any strays on the bottom. :) x

  7. the difference is amazing... I have never filled in my eyebrows before but I think I might try it. Do you do this routine everyday or only when going out?

  8. Jätte bra tips! Jag som alltid har haft problem med mina "runda" ögonbryn. :/

  9. thread they last longer to ures xoxo

  10. WOW wish my eyebrows looked like taht with nothing on!! mine are so sparse!!

  11. oh also great picture tutorial :)

  12. great post, I always do my brows myself too... mine are thick and coarse, but I let them be natural cuz in my culture, the eyebrows are said to hold a lot of power, so messing with their natural shape is considered a bad omen... lol.. I do however pluck the middle ;p

  13. yes i do my eyebrows self :) but i don't use wax .. i follow you i hope you me to xx My Beautyworld

  14. Great tutorial :) I have the pink Tweezermans too!

    I get the Inecto conditioner from Savers. It's only £1 !!
    I think you can get it from other stores too, though.

    The pound/99p shops have a surprising amount of no 'poo suitable products!

    Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  15. nice! I wax my eye-brows myself! I am not patient enough to do them with tweezers and I love how clean they look with wax. The pain is also fast. I love eye-brows!

  16. well, I go to Venezuela during the holidays and there the person that usually does my eye-brows for me sells me a whole can of wax so that I can take it with me whenever I go away. I don't know where to find it though because she always sells it to me.
    I don't like plucking them. I suffer I must say haha, but after waxing them I pluck them a little to shape them...

  17. lol i'm in the States (new york), but i was talking about my ethnic culture: I'm central asian. Thin eyebrows aren't a bad omen if your natural brows are thin, however, changing the natural shape of the eyebrows is frowned upon. I pluck mine in the middle and a bit underneath, but I never change their natural shape... :))) that's what i meant :))

  18. men sluta vara fin typ. du får fixa mina ögonbryn nästa gång vi ses tycker jag faktiskt!! aa visst är skorna fina, love them!!! xx

  19. Ooooo very useful post, I find it so difficult to get my eyebrows just right x

  20. Oh you're the BEST!!! I so need this tutorial. I have thin eyebrows and I have to "fill" them in at the ends. It's so annoying. I will tell my future daughter to stay away from waxing unless she finds a true artist!

  21. i also do my eyebrows but not the way perfect! you have a cute blog! pls. check out mine and follow if u like! thx!

  22. Great post! It always interest me how people do their eyebrows!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  23. Great tips on how you do your eyebrows and the result is great

  24. te ha quedado genial! ;)

  25. really good post!
    Follow you! Follow each other?

  26. Nice.. I have been using the MUA £1clear mascara to comb them into place and works well. Got that tip from Shirley from Meek n mild.

    Your look great.

    About the heat... I air dry the hair and then just bun it/pony tail or flexi rods and hae a curly do. when I am 10-15wks post I do a conrow at the front and bun the rest of the time.

  27. great informative post (:!
    CMPang x

  28. wow, great great make up! I am not so good with plucking eyebrows, but I am working on it.



  29. Great post. I never do my own brows because I have no idea what I'm doing. But your brows look great. You should do makeup tutorials on youtube because your makeup is always on point.

  30. I wish I could do my own eyebrows..I just pay to get them done ;)


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