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Feb 23, 2013

♥ MUA Makeup Academy Brushes Review

 MUA Makeup Academy Makeup Brushes First Thoughts

A picture of my Makeup Academy MUA Makeup Brushes

When I was in Sweden I saw on MUA facebook page that their new makeup brushes were back in stock, and I decided to place an order. For someone like me who likes to experiment with makeup as a hobby and needs more proper makeup brushes- but doesn't wan't to spend MAC prices on them, these are perfect!

I am so pleasantly surprised with the quality and look of these Makeup Academy brushes. I'd say that they look fairly professional and contrary to the Real Techniques brushes- they've got some really good eye brushes (I do use & love the RT eye brushes, but they are pretty basic).

A picture of my  Makeup Academy MUA Makeup Brushes

All the brushes are synthetic and cruelty free. The came on those plastic packages you can see below, they come with a "flap" so that you can close them, making this great storage or travel storage.

My order of five eye brushes and one face brush came out to only £10.5 and I think the shipping was an extra pound or so.

So what do I think of these?

A picture of my Makeup Academy MUA Makeup Brushes

F6 Blusher and Contouring Brush: Great for quick application of bronzer to emphasise cheek bones.
E1 Eyeshadow Brush: Great for pushing on eyeshadow to the lid.
E3 Blending and shadow brush: Best blending brush I've tried so far. Gives a really nice blended line.
E2 Eyeshadow Contour Brush: Perfect for applying shadow to the outer V or crease.
E7 Eyebrow Brush: So impressed with this, I've used it with any black shadow to define my brows.

Have you tried Makeup Academy's Brushes?
& what is your favourite bargain brushes?



  1. quero ver se compro o E3 :DD

  2. Iv been umming and aaing over these for a while but you have just convinced me to purchase xx

  3. These brushes sound great, I've been debating whether to buy some or not so I was really happy to read your review :) xx

  4. Thanks 4d review wld try dem hpfully soon. Ds wld b my 1st set of makeup brushes :) wish me luck

  5. i have never tried these brushes before!

  6. It's great they're so affordable and quite good quality :) I really like the look of that fluffy blending brush!

  7. I'm also a huge fan of the MUA make up brushes. I own E2 and E3 and I really enjoy using them, they are fantastic for blending.

  8. Those look really nice, and not expensive at all! I love that they're cruelty-free.

  9. I've been after some new brushes, these look amazing! :D
    Fab post!


  10. Replies
    1. As far as I know , only on their website.. Search mua store.. Xx

  11. I think I need to try these out as well, I love MUA makeup products, so these might be just the thing for me ;)

  12. I love MUA! The brushes sounds great. but i dont try it. You can also buy MUA Products at Redrox Cosmetics.

  13. I have never tried MUA, But sounds great! I would like to try this soon and add on my makeup brush collections. Thanks for sharing this post! :)

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