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Feb 26, 2013

♥ Updated Everyday Eyebrow Routine & MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7 Review

 Updated Everyday Eyebrow Routine & MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7 Review

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A picture of Eyebrow routine using MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7

A picture of Eyebrow routine using MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7

1. Pluck excess hair and/or shape eyebrows
2. Use a brow spoolie to brush brows upwards
3. Fill in brows using a eyebrow powder/eyeshadow (I use the black Wet & Wild one)
4. Blend harsh lines out by going over the brows with the spoolie, blending the shadow out
5. Set with a eyebrow wax or gel
6. Highlight your brow (I used the shade on the far right from Wet & Wild)

I know some people actually have a whole routine for their eyebrows, using concealer, setting powder, wax, pencil and what not. Personally I don't think that's necessary if you have shaped your eyebrows properly. For a non- everyday eyebrow, I would just create harsher and more defined lines. Oh, and how my eyebrow routine has changed- I'm using a eyebrow brush, before I just used a pencil.

A close up and review of MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7

 Now to my thoughts on this MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7 (£1.50)
I've only ever used the Real Techniques eyebrow brush before, and I know a lot of people said it was too big. I can see why now. I'd say that one is best for use in the whole brow, after using a pencil or similar to define the brow. This MUA brush however, is perfect for defining your brows and creating pencil sharp lines (if wanted). The bristles are suupersoft and as with all MUA Makeup Academy makeup brushes the design is very nice and sleek. The fact that it only costs £1.50 is amazing as well!

What is your every day eyebrow routine (and/or your going out one)?
& what's your favourite eyebrow brush?



  1. I like your routine! My routine is similar -although I use a Ruby and Millie eyeliner brush, a Sleek eyeshadow - or the dark shadow from the MUA brow kit, and I don't use a highlighter because I've just never got round to it! x

  2. I definitely need to get my hands on that eyebrow brush. The ones I have are so tiny in length! Great post :)

  3. I use MAC eyeshadow in embark, espresso or brun to fill in my eyebrows. To define the bottem line I use Clinique's eyebrow pencil. And my favourite eybrow brush is from Cala.

  4. Nice eyebrows.
    My everyday routine includes, brushing them witha spoolie , then I use the sleek brow pencil in brown I fill in the missing areas and done.

    Night-out brows - I do the same as above but I use the mac spiked brow pencil( that thing is to expensive for daily use) then I use concealer to enhance them.

    p.s Thanks for the follow back on Instagram :)

  5. There is nothing like a perfect brow to set your look off!

  6. Your brows look amazing. Think I need to pick up that brush, next time I order from MUA :-)



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