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Jul 27, 2016

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients- Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder, Second to None Luminous Foundation, BB Creme, Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick, Luxury Lip Shimmer

IMAN Cosmetics UK-  Review & Ingredients
- Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder, Second to None Luminous Foundation, BB Creme, Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick,  Luxury Lip Shimmer

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients
Keep reading to see what IMAN Cosmetics products I used to achieve this look

Hello Everyone! A few months ago I was contacted by IMAN Cosmetics UK who wanted to offer me some products to review. Of course, I was more than happy to do so and I was sent this generous bag of full size and a few sample size products.

Now I am sure you've heard of IMAN Cosmetics, but in case you have not or if you just want to know more, here is the information I received about the brand:

"MAN Cosmetics, is an American cosmetics brand founded by the iconic Iman Bowie. The complete range of IMAN makeup and skincare is now available online, enabling IMAN lovers across the United Kingdom to purchase their favorite products in 3 clicks from their computers, tablets or smartphones. IMAN Cosmetics foundations, lipsticks and the brand’s new classic BB Crème is available in all shades.
The website is designed to answer all beauty issues from women with dark skin tones across the UK, offering make up video tutorials, beauty inspiration and tips from professional make up experts. 
Finding the perfect shade is made easy with the “Meet your match” page, where the customer is guided in matching the shade she may have worn in another brand with an IMAN Cosmetics shade."

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients

When I was offered to review their products I had a look on their website and mentioned some products I was interested in (the bronzer, BB Creme and the Nude lipstick). As you can see I received those and a lot of extra products which was very exciting!
IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients

Now, first I would like to show you the look I created using some of the products and below I will review the products individually and show some before and after pictures for the face products. 

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients

I have actually been sitting on these products for quite a few months, other than  busy schedule it was due to the fact that both the BB Creme and the foundation were slightly too dark. I figured I would wait a couple months until summer time so that I would have a tan, however, London summer never came but fortunately I recently went on holiday (to Sweden ironically), but the weather was great and I got a very nice tan! When I got back I thought I'd try the products again and I was happy to find that due to my recent tan- both the BB Creme and the foundation were now the right shade.

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients

I decided to go for a bronzed/nude look, using the BB Creme in place of my normal face moisturiser, the next to none foundation applied using a Real Techniques buffing brush, bronzing powder and the nude lipstick (Nude 598, pics further down) finished off with some nude lipgloss ("muse", pics further down)

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients

IMAN Cosmetics Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder- £20.50, Shade: Sand

IMAN Cosmetics Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder- £20.50, Shade: Sand

This is one of the products I choose. It's a nice shimmery bronzer as you can see in the picture. When it's applied, it's not too shimmery which I would have personally liked. I use this to contour, so just to define cheek bones or, like now, if I am tanned I might apply it lightly to cheek bones similarly to how you'd use a blusher- just for some extra colour!

IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luminous Foundation, £24.95, Shade: Clay 1

IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luminous Foundation, £24.95, Shade: Clay 1

This is a powder foundation, it's not one of the products I personally selected but I was kindly gifted this product anyway. As mentioned previously, when I initially tried the face products, I did not have a tan and they were too dark for me. As I created the look for this review, the shade was now fine and initially I tried applying this product using the puff which came with it (and as instructed on the packaging).This didn't work for me as it didn't spread the products out and applied it all patchy. Then I tried applying it with my Real Techniques buffing brush, sort of working it in into my skin using a circular motion and oh- my- god! I honestly haven't used powder foundation before so I expected quite a powder and possibly dry look. However, as I applied this I noticed that it gave a full coverage (see below), my skin is far from flawless at the moment so there was quite a lot that could be covered and smoothed out. This is the product out of all that impressed me the most! I have put together a collage below so that you can compare the before and afters and also the BB creme results vs. the second to none foundation results.

IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luminous Foundation and BB Creme
Click on the picture to enlarge and see a more detailed view
As you can see, in the first picture is my bare skin with no product except face moisturiser. The second picture is when I had applied the foundation- you can see how smooth my skin looks and it really provided great coverage. The third picture is using the BB creme only and the last picture is with a layer of BB creme finished off with a layer of the foundation.

IMAN Cosmetics BB Creme, £20.95, Shade: Sand Medium
IMAN Cosmetics BB Creme, £20.95, Shade: Sand Medium

This BB Creme contains SPF 15 which is a plus! I have used this as an every day product in place of my normal face moisturiser. As you can see in the comparison picture below, it does give quite a dewy and borderline shiny finish. When I took the picture I had just applied the products and I didn't finish off with powder or anything which possibly made it look a little extra shiny. If you have oily skin (which I don't) then you would most likely need to blot your face with some powder when using this BB Creme. If you have dry skin you'd be fine with just this product alone. The coverage isn't amazing, but looking at my picture above, you can see that it does provide some coverage but not as full as the foundation, which is pretty much what a BB creme is supposed to do! I am off to holiday again soon and I will definitely be using this as the shade is perfect for my tanned skin and it will provide a low SPF factor as well.

For the lip products, I decided to just show you the shades, to see the actual product and the packaging, please look at the picture at the top will all of the products. There is one full sized lipstick (Nude 598) and one full sized lip gloss (Socialite) and the rest are sample sized (but still decent sizes). The lipsticks are very creamy but I have to say that when I wore them, they lasted without re-applying through the London heat wave we had last week and also after I ate.

IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick and Luxury Lip Shimmer,

The Lipsticks
The Lip Glosses 

For the look below, I used a layer of the lipstick in shade Nude 598 and a layer of the lip gloss "Muse" on top- this to me was the perfect nude combo! 

IMAN Cosmetics Review & Ingredients

Overall I would definitely recommend these products as I feel they are much needed (as they offer a great range of shades especially for brown and black skin tones), they are a black owned business and they are all great quality!

What do you think of my look & 
have you/will you be trying this brand?


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(*) These products were sent to me for free to review
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