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Feb 28, 2013

♥ 30 Day Shred Challenge?

30 Day Shred Challenge
(see download link for free, at the bottom)
-If you need help with how to download, Tweet me or Instagram me

Spontaneous as I am, after seeing yet another blogger/vlogger show their results of the Jilian Michael's 30 day shred challenge work out dvd- I randomly decided to download it and give it a go. I'm really glad I did because that is exactly what you should do when you take up a challenge, whatever kind of challenge it is- just do it, and do it straight away

I'm gonna be a little different and not post loads of skinny girl fitspo/thinspo whatever you want to call it, because they truly don't inspire me. I wouldn't aim to be like anyone else I don't have any role model but I do know that I am super unfit at the moment so I will just do this work out and get more toned :) What motivates me to be healthy is seeing pictures of nice and healthy food, so I am gonna post some of my old Instagram pics instead. (didn't realise how many I had until I wrote this)

What made me want to do this challenge?
The fact that I've seen real results, not amazing- but very good. The first results I saw was Maureen's from MyEverydayTreats, see her post here, she has got an amazing body! I then saw Beauty Crush Sammi's results in her video and they were amazing. However hard-to-convince as I am, I didn't think more of it. That was until today, when I saw another bloggers results on the front page of Hello Cotton, see here. Her results were really great too. Again, didn't think more of it until I randomly a few hours ago decided to download this work out and see what the fuss was about. To me it looked like the main difference was that they toned up their stomach area very well- which is what I want to do. Oh also, I feel like he blogging community is great with spreading challenges and encouraging people to join, latest one being the "spending ban". Unfortunately this doesn't appeal to me as I don't have any problem with not buying stuff I don't need. I have also seen quite a few work out challenges on Tumblr and Instagram floating around.

How does it work?
Well the work out DVD (or downloaded version) consists of three different workouts of 20-30 minutes each. They are called Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. So what you are meant to do is to do Level 1 every day for ten days, then Level 2 every day for ten days and then Level 3 every day for ten days. The idea behind the workouts is to use "muscle confusion" which is why you can't get these super fast results. Muscle confusion means that you switch workouts, switch between cardio and strength and then switch it up as you get used to a certain work out routine.

Update Day1:
So as I said, I've already done my first work out (update: I'm on day 3 now). You need a pair of quite light dumbbells, and a exercise mat if you wish. I would say that this work out wasn't more than 20-25 minutes in total. There is obviously the introduction to this whole thing and in the end a quick stretch. The workout was just a mix of legs, abz and cardio and I would say it wasn't too hard, absolutely not I'm-dying hard. The toughest part for me was the lunges while working out the arms at the same time, using dumbbells. Arms are my weakest part and my dumbbells are the ones I use for leg work outs- so they are a lot heavier than the ones the use in the video.

Update Day3:
I'd say this will be a killer workout only for the person who has practically never worked out. I haven't worked out in months and I didn't find it very hard (don't get me wrong, it was tough like any work out, but nothing amazingly tough). I also use 8.9 lbs (4 kg) dumbbells where they use 3 (1.4 kg) & 5 lbs (2.3 kg). dumbbells in the video, and the dumbbells in the work out are mainly used for arms and arms are my weaker point lol. I didn't have much of a muscle ache after Day1 but today I have a bad muscle ache in my upper body, and moderate in my lower.
Please note: I'm not a professional but I'd say the stretches in the video are pretty bad, they are just too short & she doesn't even show how to stretch all the muscles used in the workout. Add some extra stretches after every work out!

The next updates will be day 10 (after level 1 is finished), day 20 and final results at day 30.

So I probably shouldn't be posting download links but I figured since I heard the whole work out is on Youtube, it probably doesn't matter. Download the work out here 

People who have joined so far (let me know if I should add you to the list):

Have you done this type of fitness challenge and
will you be joining me in this challenge?
Any work out tips?


Update: I've now done 3 days, because I wanted to make sure I would actually continue the challenge before "announcing" it on the blog.

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Feb 27, 2013

♥ Smokey Eyes Using Inika Mineral Eyeshadow Shade Autumn Plum

Smokey Eyes Using Inika Mineral Eyeshadow Shade Autumn Plum 

Just wanted to share this makeup look I created yesterday night, the main shadow I used was INIKA Autumn Plum. I have tried it and reviewed it before here, but hadn't had the chance to use it in that many looks before, but I absolutely love it now :) 

What I used for this look:

On my cheeks I used my new staple Sleek Face Form (Shade light, 373), isn't it great?
I've used the blusher on my cheeks (you can see the colour of it better on the first pic), the highlighter and the contouring shade for my cheeks. I've also contured my temples (look at the first pic).

What do you think of this look?


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Feb 26, 2013

♥ Updated Everyday Eyebrow Routine & MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7 Review

 Updated Everyday Eyebrow Routine & MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7 Review

|| Check out my Eyebrow plucking chart || Check out my old Eyebrow routine  ||

A picture of Eyebrow routine using MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7

A picture of Eyebrow routine using MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7

1. Pluck excess hair and/or shape eyebrows
2. Use a brow spoolie to brush brows upwards
3. Fill in brows using a eyebrow powder/eyeshadow (I use the black Wet & Wild one)
4. Blend harsh lines out by going over the brows with the spoolie, blending the shadow out
5. Set with a eyebrow wax or gel
6. Highlight your brow (I used the shade on the far right from Wet & Wild)

I know some people actually have a whole routine for their eyebrows, using concealer, setting powder, wax, pencil and what not. Personally I don't think that's necessary if you have shaped your eyebrows properly. For a non- everyday eyebrow, I would just create harsher and more defined lines. Oh, and how my eyebrow routine has changed- I'm using a eyebrow brush, before I just used a pencil.

A close up and review of MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7

 Now to my thoughts on this MUA Makeup Academy Eyebrow Brush E7 (£1.50)
I've only ever used the Real Techniques eyebrow brush before, and I know a lot of people said it was too big. I can see why now. I'd say that one is best for use in the whole brow, after using a pencil or similar to define the brow. This MUA brush however, is perfect for defining your brows and creating pencil sharp lines (if wanted). The bristles are suupersoft and as with all MUA Makeup Academy makeup brushes the design is very nice and sleek. The fact that it only costs £1.50 is amazing as well!

What is your every day eyebrow routine (and/or your going out one)?
& what's your favourite eyebrow brush?


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Feb 24, 2013

♥ Sleek Face Form Shade Light 373 Review/ First Thoughts

Sleek Face Form Shade Light 373 Review/ First Thoughts

A picture of Sleek Face Form Shade Light 373 Review/ First Thoughts

I am so happy to have bought this Sleek Face Form (Shade Light 373) and you might have already seen it in my latest "new in" post (here) or in my January Wish list (here).

I usually like to include picture actually showing me using the product in my reviews, and I haven't used this for that long so this will be another first though or mini review.

A picture of Sleek Face Form Shade Light 373 Review/ First Thoughts

I know everyone is different, thank god for that- but personally these shades are absolutely perfect for me. If I had to choose, I wouldn't have chosen any other shades.

A picture of Sleek Face Form Shade Light 373 ingredient list

I've been using this every day since I purchased it and it is definitely a new staple of mine. The packaging is really slim and sleek (ha-ha) and it is the perfect makeup bag product as well!

Have you tried this, or any similar product like
Urban Decay flushed palette?


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Feb 23, 2013

♥ MUA Makeup Academy Brushes Review

 MUA Makeup Academy Makeup Brushes First Thoughts

A picture of my Makeup Academy MUA Makeup Brushes

When I was in Sweden I saw on MUA facebook page that their new makeup brushes were back in stock, and I decided to place an order. For someone like me who likes to experiment with makeup as a hobby and needs more proper makeup brushes- but doesn't wan't to spend MAC prices on them, these are perfect!

I am so pleasantly surprised with the quality and look of these Makeup Academy brushes. I'd say that they look fairly professional and contrary to the Real Techniques brushes- they've got some really good eye brushes (I do use & love the RT eye brushes, but they are pretty basic).

A picture of my  Makeup Academy MUA Makeup Brushes

All the brushes are synthetic and cruelty free. The came on those plastic packages you can see below, they come with a "flap" so that you can close them, making this great storage or travel storage.

My order of five eye brushes and one face brush came out to only £10.5 and I think the shipping was an extra pound or so.

So what do I think of these?

A picture of my Makeup Academy MUA Makeup Brushes

F6 Blusher and Contouring Brush: Great for quick application of bronzer to emphasise cheek bones.
E1 Eyeshadow Brush: Great for pushing on eyeshadow to the lid.
E3 Blending and shadow brush: Best blending brush I've tried so far. Gives a really nice blended line.
E2 Eyeshadow Contour Brush: Perfect for applying shadow to the outer V or crease.
E7 Eyebrow Brush: So impressed with this, I've used it with any black shadow to define my brows.

Have you tried Makeup Academy's Brushes?
& what is your favourite bargain brushes?


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Feb 21, 2013

♥ Wet & Wild Coral Smokey Eyes: FOTD & EOTD

Wet & Wild Coral Smokey Eyes: FOTD &  EOTD

So excited to share the first look I created using my new Wet & Wild E246 Greed Gourmandise Palette, see here. I absolutely love it, the shades are so pigmented and blendable. Oh and also, I tried out my new Makeup Academy brushes. 

What I used for this look:

As I said in my previous "New-in" post, I am so impressed with the pigmentation of my new Wet & Wild shadows. Can't wait to try my other palette.

 What do you think of this look?


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♥ New in: Wet & Wild Palettes & Glass Nail File

 New in: Wet & Wild Palettes & Glass Nail File

Again, I've done the "I've prepared the whole blog posts, edited pics, but for some reason I'm not writing and publishing" lol. Anywho, I've been a bit tired since I got back from Sweden. I did buy a few things in Sweden that I am soo excited about.

Wet & Wild Palettes  E246 Greed Gourmandise & E247 Pride Orgueil
I've been wanting to try this brand for really long, since it is (from what I've understood) a US bargain makeup brand. And oh my, I am so impressed. Just from the swatches above I could see that the mattes are incredibly pigmented ( swatched once, no primer ) and so are the shimmers in the green/blue palette. However, the shimmers in the palette greed gourmandise as you can see, are not pigmented at all. My guess is that the idea is that you pair these shadows together. And the silver shade is so cool, when swatched it turns silver/gold.

Claudia Glass Nail File
I'd seen these in Boots a few times but the one there cost something ridiculous like £19 so I didn't think more about it. Now that I was in Sweden, I saw it in a department store for £8 and I decided to get it. Because lately I've discovered that my nails have really been splitting every time I've used a regular nail file (emery boards) and there was nothing I could do about it. After trying this I LOVE IT, I'll probably never file my nails with a regular nail file again lol. This did not split my nails at all!

 DEPEND Top & Base Coat:
You might or might not remember that last time in Sweden I got a "all round" coat from this brand which was a-amazing! However, this time I couldn't find it anywhere, not sure if it was discontinued so I settled for these two.

Have you tried the brand Wet &Wild?
& Do you use a glass nail file?


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Feb 18, 2013

♥ Beauty Travel Essentials

Short Stay Beauty Travel Essentials 

Since I am only staying in Sweden for four days, I am travelling without luggage (because with Ryan Air that costs extra, and this way I can get away with a really cheap flight). So I thought I'd show you what I packed beauty wise, in a tiny tiny suitcase!

Skin care:

  • Shower Gel: Mini travel size Original Size Lemon Tea Tree Shower Gel (50ml)
  • Face Wash: CLINIQUE 7 day scrub cream (50ml)
  • Almond Oil: To use as a hair sealant, makeup remover, body and nail oil.
  • Bodyshop Sample: Bodyshop Pomegranate firming day cream

! A great, but cheeky tip if you are travelling: Go to Bodyshop and ask for a sample for your face cream, you could also do hand cream, foot cream or anything that goes in a small jar.


  • Water Bottle: Will add a tiny bit of conditioner & water to this, as a leave in conditioner/detangler. (Oil to seal with is in the skin care pic above)
  • Small Roller sets; for curling my fringe like in my flat twist/curly fringe hair style, tutorial here.
  • Hair Clips & Bobbi Pins
  • Brushes: Wide tooth comb & a slick brush

Are you a heavy or light packer :) ?
I am only here to see family & friends so I don't see the point in bringing anything other than
the essentials.


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Feb 17, 2013

♥ NYC Individual Eyes Review

 NYC Individual Eyes Review (£3.99)

I bought this palette hoping it would be a good travel makeup palette seeing as it has a primer, highlighter plus four eyeshadows in it. Not completely sure why I picked one contain shades that I  already have in at least 5 different palettes, but oh well.

The Primer & Highlighter

These definitely could have been better. The highlighter is a cream highlighter and slightly hard to blend/get even. It also could have been slightly less bright/white. The primer, is quite rubbish as a primer as it isn't very matt & makes your shadow crease. However, it is a great base for mixing a white shadow/highlighter for a more intense look. I used this on my lids mixed with a white eyeshadow in my recent "Galaxy Cut Crease" look.

It comes with instructions of how to apply, hence why I tried to use the exact shadows in the look above. Personally, I would use them this way and I also would use 3 shadows on my eyes rather than 4 as I have hooded eyes and quite small eyelids. But it's great as a reference.
As you can see in the swatches in the first pic, the shadows are fairly pigmented and look pretty intense when applied.

Over all I think it is a great to go palette, and I'd bring this if I am going away for a few days or so, just because it has everything in there. However, I definitely wouldn't use these shadows for a night out- at least not with that primer! :)

What do you think of these?
Have you tried any of these palettes?


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Feb 16, 2013

♥ iPad Guide: Beauty & Fashion Bloggers iPad Guide

iPad Guide: Beauty &Fashion Bloggers iPad


I am so excited to share this post. I came up with the idea a while ago, but I've been too lazy to post it as I knew I wanted this post to be quite thorough and organised as well as contain a lot of pictures. I realised that even though some apps are an absolute must have for myself, that doesn't mean everyone knows about them or how to use them.

I will cover:

  • Photo editing on iPad
  • Socialising/Social media on iPad
  • Blogging on the iPad
  • Reading blogs on the iPad

Before I start I just wanted to share some basics first. To start with, an internet connection to your iPad is essential. If you have an iPhone I am sure you know that you can share your phone's internet with your iPad or iPod. If you didn't know how to do this: 

Go to settings || Personal hotspot || on || then choose to connect via bluetooth/usb/wifi ||

Also, I wanted to share a great buyer for iPad cases. I got mine for only £6.99 or so from this buyer, and I also got the Stylus pen with it (the "pen" you can use on an iPad screen) and a free screen protector. 

Social Media on the iPad

Padgram: Instagram on your iPad, only with a bigger screen. I actually prefer this to the iPhone version. You can also subscribe to hashtags and "follow" them.

Pinterest: A really great app with amazing design. It works just as good as on the laptop, and I definitely prefer the iPad version.

Google+: I am still not very into Google+ but I do share my posts there and occasionally browse for hashtags. Really great layout!

Twitter: Another app I prefer on the iPad. It's just like the iPhone app but obviously with a bigger screen. 
Tips: You can "separate" your iPad keyboard into two small keyboard, which allows you to type the same way as on your phone, vertically. 

Reading Blogs

Now to the best part. I constantly read blogs on the iPad, I actually don't read any blogs on the laptop, I just don't think it is convenient. Here are my favourite apps.

G-Whizz: I only use this app for the Google Reader, but it has got Facebook, Twitter etc built in as well, as you can see in the picture. Plain layout and great keeping up with your unread posts.

Flipboard: This is my favourite app ever! I used this in my iPhone, I use it in my bf iPad before I got my iPad as well. You can add feeds like Google Reader (your blogs), news or any website to your Flipboard. It allows you to flick through your content in a nice magasine looking layout (see bottom pic on the right) 

1 Photo editing

So first of we've got the photography and photo editing apps. All of the apps in the picture are free except for iPhoto & iMovie. You are definitely able to do quite a lot, and some quite good on the iPad. For me, it's enough for some pics, and not enough for some. However, I have understood that everyone isn't big on/good at editing and doesn't use editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop- if this is you, this might be perfect for you! For me it's great for products review pictures and I've done a lot of editing on the bus to save some time.

PS Express (I've used this for editing in these posts)

 This app is perfect for auto sharpening a pic that is a bit blurry, and it is also very easy to quickly edit contrast, brightness, temprature etc.
My favourite thing is the border, as you can see in the picture of the Magnifibre Brush on Mascara, I've added a white round border. You might have noticed I use this for all my pictures but I usually do it on my laptop in photoshop, this is soo much easier!
Handy Tip: Edit your pictures on the go using this app, on the bus for example. Then enable "Photo Stream" and they will automatically get upload to your lappy when you are home. Alternatively, upload them to the blogger app as a draft and then finish off the post when you get home.


If you own a MacBook you are probably familiar with this app. However, this is the iPad version. It is pretty similar to the PS Express app where you can make quick fixes like contrast etc. This is also a photo viewing app just as on the MacBook and has got a pretty nice layout. As you can see on the right picture, one of the albums is Photo Stream, this means that in this album, your most recent photos (from the last 30 days) will be available on all chosen devices.
Next in line is iMovie* which I will not show a picture of, nor explain as I haven't used it. However, I am sure this will come in handy for Vloggers.

If your wondering what that Cartoon like drawing is in the PhotoStream album, it was my boyfriend playing about with a drawing app on my iPad lol :)

Pic Stitch , Touch Blur & Collage:

1 Pic Stitch. This is a great app! It is really easy to use and works really well. Perfect for creating a sleek collage style picture for a makeup looks. That is exactly what I did in  my Pretty Purple FOTD. Some of you might have this on iPhone as well, but it works just as well on the iPad. A must have!

2. Touch Blur: Well this is an obvious one, great for blurring out text you want unseen, or for just blurring out backgrounds.

3. Collage: This is amazing and so easy to use, perfect for wish list or fashion collages.

Blogging from your iPad

This is the only downside, there doesn't seem to be a way to blog from your iPad, getting all the features you do when you blog on your laptop.

Blogger App: This is a very basic app (right pic) but it needs a lot of improvement. You can upload pictures, type but you can't see your pics while you are typing so they will all be position on after the other. I use it to create a draft if I've edited pictures on my iPad.
Homescreen bookmarks: Below the blogger app, you can see my bookmark which is for pending comments. This page works fine on the iPad and it has really helped me to manage to answer all my blog comments. Also use this feature to add your favourite blogs to your home screen! :) 

What are your favourite iPad apps for blogging?


*Apps that are NOT free 

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Feb 15, 2013

♥ Mini Shopping: Sleek Face Form, Liquid Eyeliner & Face Toner

Mini Shopping: Sleek Face Form, Liquid Eyeliner & Face Toner

2 True Liquid Eyeliner: This was my staple eyeliner for so long. My first impression of it when I got it was not good, the container was sort of leaking and it kept spilling. However, I tried it again and I absolutely love it. It stays on all day and it has a matte finish contrary to my COMPANY liquid eyeliner. As my COMPANY eyeliner should finish soon, I will be using this staple again.

Garnier Skincare Fresh Essentials Refreshing Toner: Contrary from what I've read in a lot of other bblogger's blogs, I've always been picky with my skin care. Since I was about 12-13 I've always cleansed, toned & moisturised, preferably with the same skin care range lol. If anything, it's only recently I haven't been picky. Anyway, this was the first range of skin care I used and it always worked for me. I've been looking to buy it for a few weeks but I though £4 for a toner was too expensive (lol), so when it was on "better than half price" at Superdrug for £1.49 I got it.

Sleek Face Form Shade "Light" 373: You might have seen it in my beauty Wish List here. This is the only product I've ever decided to buy after seeing it in a blog (yup, only buy what I really need) because it contains all the products I actually use for my face. A Contouring shade (in the shade I use), the only blusher shade I like and a highlighter. I thought it would be the perfect to-go face palette.

What are you most recent purchases?
& have you tried any of these products?

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Feb 14, 2013

♥ DIY: Valentines Day Chocolate Recipe Swedish Style

Valentines Day Chocolate Recipe Swedish Style

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I've always loved Valentines day, it's a great day for being extra positive and grateful for the people around you. And for the single people- Valentines day has got nothing to do with couples, so I've never understood when single people "complain" on Valentines. It's just a chance to show your loved ones some extra love, doesn't have to be a partner. ♥

Now, to my post. As you probably know if you follow me on Instagram I am in Sweden for a few days for me annual "surprise my little sister for her birthday". She is turning 10 and I've surprised her every year for 4 years now, and she still didn't have a clue I was coming lol.

The chocolate on the picture are what we call "Ischoklad" in Swedish which means Ice Chocolate. They are really Christmas sweets but me and my little sister decided to make some today- and she came up with the idea to create the cute heart shape. So I decided to share them as Valentines Chocolates :)

Check out this GIF for instructions :)

How was your Valentines Day?
Will you be trying this?


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♥ Cut Crease Eyes: A different galaxy

Cut Crease Eyes: A different galaxy

This is a look I came up with when I just wanted to experiment a little, the result was this, a dramatic cut crease eye look. The colour choices were random as well, as I just improvised.

What I used for this look:
  • Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette: Mulled Wine
  • Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette: Starry Night
  • NYC Eyeshadow palette: Primer/White Base
  • COMPANY: Liquid Eyeliner
  • Inika: Organic Black Eyeliner
  • Loreal: Telescopic Mascara                                    

What do you think of this look?
 Have you done something similar?


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Feb 8, 2013

♥ Valentines Makeup Series. Pt. 3: Pink Nails

Valentines Makeup Series. Pt. 3: Pink Nails

Today's Valentines look will be a NOTD. To see my previous Valentines looks, which were makeup looks, click here for Pt.1 and here for Pt.2.

This nail art was pretty random, and not very advanced, so anyone could recreate it!

In this picture you can see everything I used, a Rose gold nail varnish from Gabrini, Gold metallic nail varnish from Barry M, Pink/Fushia nail varnish from KIKO, a glitter polish from Beauty Forever, Black sparkly nail varnish from the Body Shop and nail glitter "beads" from KISS.

Click on the nail varnishes I mention above to see a NOTD where I am using them. In this Barry M NOTD, my nails were super long! Take a look here. :)

If you are not sure how to do the leopard print nails, you can check out my video tutorial here. It is super easy and all you need is a bobby pin or toothpick.


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♥ Outfit/Review of Shoebou Leather Studded Ankle Boots

Review: Shoebou Leather Look Stud Heel Detail Tassle Zip Boot Black

I am really excited to share and outfit post with you guys today, it's been too long! You can check out my other outfit posts here.

This post is also a review for these Shoebou boots, which I've shown before in a "new-in" post here. I was contacted a while ago about doing a review on a pair of shoes from, and these were my favourites!

I would definitely recommend ordering from Shoebou, the delivery was very quick, they've got all the latest trends in for really affordable prices. Here is a bit of info on them from their website:

"Shoebou is one of the UK’s fastest growing online retailers of women’s fashion shoes at affordable prices. Shoebou provide a wide selection of catwalk inspired and trend led shoes, heels, flats, sandals, wedges and boots with ranges constantly updated."

These boots also come in beige leather, and black suede- for the great price of £22.99.

My outfit:

My thoughts on the boots;
I am really happy with my choice and I definitely think these are perfect everyday boots. The heels are not too tall, nor to short and they are very comfortable to walk in. Even though the heel is twice as tall as these brown boots, they feel just as comfortable.

What do you think of this outfit &
 the shoes?

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