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Dec 31, 2011

♥ My Beauty essentials

These are my beauty essentials.. The things I buy over and over again.. If I have these I basically don't need anything else :)

Do you use any of these?

Bronzer from the Bodyshop and Isadora. Bought the Bodyshop because the Isadora one was running out and I can't by it in England. The basically look the same on.

Eyebrow pen from Rimmel (I use any pen though, but I like that this one has a brush on it)

Sleek pout paint... and lipbrush from Elf..

Face mist.. Im not really one to use powder on my face (well I dont even own a powder).. my face isn't oily and its not dry. So I use this facemist because it smells nice (lol) and to give my face a glow :) Use this after the gym aswell!

Nail oil !! Only thing that works for my nails.. this is an old container, just fill it up with any oil! Africas best herbal oil works really well..

ANY lipbalm.. Currently loving the ones I make myself!!

Body oil!
The one to the LEFT (had to use an old photo.. I actually googled it and my blog was the first blog to show up, how ironic?)
Africas Best Herbal Oil- Contains natural oils only+perfume, read here
The reason I wouldn't recommend Hot Six Oils is because it contains Silicones..

The other one I recommend is Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Oil :)


This really is my absolute favourite mascara! Better than any normal brand like loreal, Clarins etc etc.
Its £2 in Boots.. and the brush doesn't look great, I think it's the formula, it feels like a "lash build" mascara.. they just get longer and longer..

Gentle nail remover pads..

These are the superdrug ones.. I know theres another brand (that bright pink one, you know what Im talking about).. why I prefer these is because it makes your nails really conditioned? They feel OILY when you are finished instead of dried out. And the nail polishes comes off easily.
Oh, and it smells GREAT.

What are your beauty favourites??

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Dec 28, 2011

Is this called being too spontaneous?

Phoneblogging again!!
So I bought a white iPhone 4s 32g today!! If I don't answer comments tonight you know what I'm doing!!
Hope everyone else had a great evening
I've got a great day ahead of me tomorrow :)
Does anyone have this?

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♥ Look of today..

Haha my eyebrows dont look the same..

Used some eyeshadows from my ELF eyeshadow palette HERE

Sleek pout paints HERE and lip pencil from the local hairshop £1 

 Primark leopard prints blouse and Miss Selfridge- Ditsy Spike Wrap Necklace

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♥ Wanties!!

Forgot to post this collage of some things I want to buy!

Has any of you got any of these?


Maybelline Gel Liner, White Iphone, Chanel holographic polish, Marc Jacobs Oh Lola (I've got the purple one), YSL Light pink lipstick (mainly because it looks nice and I've heard its creamy)
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Dec 26, 2011

♥ More Xmas stuff..

Here are some more things I got for Xmas..

Rituals Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Body Scrub (read bout these ingredients here)
& extra whipped Body Cream with Organic Cherry & Rice Milk

Tried the body scrub and and the body cream this morning.. really like them, they smell amazing!

 Lovely pink scarf.. my family knows I love pink (and leopard prints).. And small suede bag.

Did you get any nice presents?

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Dec 25, 2011

♥ Early xmas..

These are the Xmas gift I got from my mum ..
Its the leopard clutch from Michael Kors I blogged about before HERE

And I got a matching make up bag with it aswell.. love it..

She knows I like leopard prints.. what do you think?

Michael Kors Leopard Print Clutch

Michael Kors Large quilted cosmetic case leopard

Hope everyone had a great Xmas!

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Dec 24, 2011

♥ Merry Xmas!

Merry Swedish Christmas Everyone.. 

I've always celebrated on the 25th because I celebrate in England but we've had a mini Christmas today me, my mum and lil Sis.
This is what I looked like.

Got some great presents which I'll post sooon.. clue: - Leopard prints ;)

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Dec 23, 2011

♥ Weed hand cream?

Weed hand cream?

So I've tried the "Hemp hand protector" from the Bodyshop a couple of times in the shop, but I've never bought it.

I was in the shop the other day with my 8 year old sister, she has reaally dry hands, almost like eczema and shes really really fuzzy with what she likes, she tried it in the shop and the next day she told me her hands are soo soft. So I bought it for her.. three days later her hands are all "healed", the were soo dry before and had loads of dry patches, from just using it once a day they've disappeared.

Personally I don't really tell a difference when I'm using different products.. its sucks.. thats why I never do reviews lol.

But if someone has a problem with really dry hands- this one works!

The Bodyshop Hemp Hand Protector- Oh yeah, it contains cannabis seed oil! Hence the name..Never seen that in a cream before but it seems to work.

The formula is quite thick as you can see.. it has a bit of a "strange" smell, doesn't bother me but if you want it to smell amazing, it doesnt.

6 first ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Myristate, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (castor oil)

My mum also bought this gift set of that cream and two others. I've tried the almond one and it's a lot thinner.. so if you want a lighter one that one is probably for you.. the rose one has SPF 15.

This is the hand cream I'm using right now, its really really light, almost runny. It smells great and does the job! It's also meant to have "better" ingredients.  But from looking at them I can't really see how these are better than the others..You can buy this from a health shop like Holland & Barett.

6 first ingredients: Water, Soybean Oil, Capric Triglycerid, Alcohol, Shea Butter, Glycerin

I haven't seen anyone write about any of these...
Have any of you tried them?

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Dec 22, 2011

♥ Im a versatile blogger.. ?

I got this a week or so ago from

I also got the award from today

Thanks to you both.. Xx

Dont forget to check out their blogs!

This time ill try to Not write the same facts as the other times... I dont know.. do I have to write twice as much facts now because I was nominated twice? Ill try..


-nominate 10/15 other bloggers
-let them know they're nominated
-link the person who nominated you
-write 7 facts about yourself ( I did this twice)

1. I'm ridiculously scared of cats (to the extent I dream nightmares about them) , but I love dogs .
2. I moved to London 3 years ago, but I lived here when I was younger too.\
3. I have the coolest Granny! She's like a really funny friend aswell. She was on Come Dine with me and writes her own blog at
-And has her own cooking book HERE (on Amazon)
4. I love making my own natural lipbalms.. Im actually going to make one tonight.
5. I refuse to dance when I go clubbing (which I hardly ever do anymore and Im only 18 haha, started too early??).. if I dont like the music!
6. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years
7. I can usually do anything I put my mind to it..For example I randomly decided to draw a portrait of me and my bf the other day.. and it came out fine (I dont draw!)


8. I have always slept with teddys in my bed.. doesn't everyone?
9. I dont have any proper make up brushes
10. Im the kind of person that will defend ANYONE if they get treated badly, Im not a person to just watch and keep quiet
11. I consider Sweden an awfully racist country.
12. I have a thing for disliking things other people hype (or mainstream things), such as: commercial music, iphones (changing my mind now lol) etc. 
13. I always correct spelling mistakes if I know the person (Im pretty sure everyone find this annoying, but hey, when I misspell stuff I'd like to know, I bet everyones looking for spelling mistakes in this post now.. lol)

Wow 13 facts.. ! This should be enough..

I nominate (Sorry if you've been nominated before.. or by ME, I've written this a few times.. And you dont have to write the post if you dont want to)

I chose blogs that I think are great from my recent follower list :)

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♥ Black Glitter

So my mum is here visiting and she had these two nail polish with her.. of course I had to try them. Haven't heard of either brand before but they both came out nice.

I was Not lying in the nailpolish tag (lol), I never wear black polish, but I decided to try since it's got glitter in it.

Two coats..

With the topcoat

It actually came out really glossy.. :)

What do you think about black polishes?

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Dec 21, 2011

♥ IKEA News

Got this make up storage the other day from IKEA.. what do you think? Is anyone using this?
So this is now how I store my make up :)

Some of my make up, minus eyeshadow sets, foundations etc.

I also bought these candles.. wanted to buy some scents I usually buy (always buy Vanilla etc.)
And when I put them in my room I realized they're kinda xmassy.

 Apple, cinnamon, exotic fruits and something else I cant remember

& the same day I got the best early Xmas present from my Lil Sis & her dad 

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Dec 20, 2011

♥ Blue outfit..

This is what I looked like the other day.
My lil sis in the background ready for the winter weather!

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Dec 19, 2011

♥ Make your own lipstick

I've got this old lipgloss/listick palette that I absolutely love, the colours are really pigmented, but they don't come out dry like some lipsticks can.. but I've used up all the pinks since I usually wear pink on my lips.

Then I've got one Mac lipstick (bright pink) that I really HATE, it makes my lips look chapped lol and it really doesn't look nice at all..

So I decided to mix them together and make the perfect lipstick ;)

I added Shea Butter and a tiny bit of Olive Wax to make the right consistency (you can use Vaseline, but I dont use mineral oil) and it came out great.

Oh you can also add peppermint oil for a soothing feel on your lips and nice smell (I forgot to do this lol)

The result

A way too big tin from Superdrug.

Put a bowl like this in a pot of boling water (lower it when you put the bowl in)

 The old lipstick/lipgloss palette

 So I DID take pictures before I used everything, only thing is I didn't have the memory card in it was in my Macbook, and in my new camers it doesn't save in an internal memory (!?) so they were all gone by the time I finished haha.

Bright pink Mac Lipstick, Light pink Bodyshop lipstick, Medium pink shimmery Collection 2000 lipstick.

 I added a tiny bit of olive Wax and almost a teaspoon of Shea Butter

 Have you tried this, and what do you think of the result?


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Dec 18, 2011

♥ Black Leather

My mum brought this lovely bag for me! It used to be hers but for some reason she said she doesn't need it anymore.. I love it! I've been looking for that kind of bag simple but nice bag for so long.

She also bought me these leopard print leather gloves!

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