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Oct 31, 2012

♥ BodyShop Coconut Lip Gloss

BodyShop Coconut Lip Gloss
Description: "High-impact, glossy colour with a creamy coconut flavour. "

I think this is a fairly new product from The BodyShop and it smells a-maazing guys. It reminds me of a lipgloss I had when I was younger from Barry M. The scent is Coconut and I think it smells a bit like vanilla too. Personally I LOVE those to flavours so I can't stop sniffing this. Staying power is around 3 hours, without eating or drinking. Get it for here £7.

It is a light pink thick gloss with quite a few fine glitters (is that the word lol) in it. Here is what it looks like on it's own. As with every light pink or light lip product it has a slight lip plumping effect as you can see.

After I took my FOTD photos (previous post) I tried applying it on top of this creamy Calvin Klein Lipstick. I think it's a great combo!

Ingredient Check (√ For Yes  ||  / For No)

  • Mineral Oil (/)
  • Parabens (/)
  • Silicones (/)
Read full ingredient list here

What do you think of this guys?


(*) PR Sample

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♥ FOTD: Straightened Hair

FOTD: Straightened Hair

This is what I look like today. A sight you haven't seen for long, and won't see for long again, except for this week :) Straightened hair! My relaxed ends look so much lighter, my hair always get bleached very quickly in the sun so I actually don't think it's due to the relaxer, but in these pics you can really see the difference.

Love the Neal's Yard & Remedies bronzer for contouring :)

 What did I use for this look?

  • Eyebrow: Eyebrow Pencil from Viva La Diva
  • Eyeshadows: INGLOT
  • Bronzer: Neal's Yard  Remedies
  • Lipstick: Calvin Klein
  • BB Cream: BodyShop (*) 

Please note: I had this interesting discussion about air brushing last #bbloggers chat. So since the BB cream is a new product, please not that I use "soft skin effect" which is a setting on my camera guys. I thought this was obvious but every one might not realise". If I review a face cream, foundation, bb cream I will obviously NOT use this setting. Since my FOTD's are in no way reviews, I will continue to use this setting because I just think it looks nice.

Check out my right (left in the picture) eyebrow?! It looks so nice compared to the other one.. Does anyone else have the same problem, that one eyebrow always turns out really nice and the other one looks terrible. It's the same with mascara for me.

What do you think about this look & my hair guys?


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♥ Transitioning Diaries Pt. 3

Transitioning Diaries Pt. 3 

If you are not familiar with "transitioning" please read part.1 here and part 2. here. Let me start off by saying that even before I decided to stop relaxing my hair, I stopped straightening it (am. flat iron) and only blow dried it. Which means I don't think I've actually straightened my hair for over six months, or more. It must be long since I can't even remember.

Anyway I randomly decided to straighten it using Aphogee Green Tea Keratin Spray. It is a protein spray which "locks" in protein while you heat style your hair. Since I don't heat style it anymore, or use products containing silicones daily I haven't had any use of it for a long time.

I was happily surprised by the result as my hair seems to have grown quite a lot. Bare in mind a chopped off like at least 2 inches in this post (3 months ago). Also, the front of my hair has retained length for the first time in years, which is great!

What I'll do next:

  • My every 3 month DIY protein treatment (read about it here), in about a week.
  • I don't think I'll actually trim this time since my ends don't seem to be very damaged.
  • Start straightening my hair every 3 months and do this kind of post.
  • Give you a curly length check (update you on how much curly growth I've got)

Some people have ask me how it's going, and the reason I don't post about this frequently is because it's something the majority of my readers can't relate to. But still something I want to share with those who are doing the same thing or are just interested :) Hence the spread out posts..

What do you think of my straight hair?
It's been long since you've seen it in my blog :)


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Oct 30, 2012

♥ Too Bigga Smile

FOTD: Too Bigga Smile

Haha I don't know what's going on with this smile guys. I do think the makeup looks nicer in a way when you smile, but I think I went a bit over board on this one. 

This look was inspired by one I saw a makeup artist create, not completely happy with it so I'll make a proper EOTD another day and show you the inspo pic :)

I used:

  • Eyebrows: Viva La Diva Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyeshadows: Isadora & Victoria Jackson
  • Under eye cream eyeshadow: Viva La Diva Eyeshadow stik
  • Lips: Calvin Klein red lipstick (see here) & ELF lip cream (see here) on top

What do you think guys? :)


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Oct 29, 2012

♥ Body Shop Haul :)

BodyShop Haul

Oh my god, I don't know what it's like in other countries but in the UK (or at least London) when you expect a delivery that needs to be delivered personally to you- it's just a hassle!
To start with, they cannot say when they will come which means they can come anytime from 9-7 and you have to stay home all day to receive the parcel. This delivery company however seemed as though they were unable to knock on the door, or even give a little shout seeing as I was home BOTH times when they first tried to deliver it to me. Please note I've never Not heard anyone knocking on the door before so I just think these people need to knock a little harder.

Anyway, I finally got the parcel today and was so relieved, no more waiting around all day. Some of the things I had ordered (see what here), and the rest were sent to me.

  • The BodyShop Cucumber Refreshening Water (Toner)
  • The BodyShop Cucumber Cleansing Milk
  • The BodyShop DeoDry dry effect deodorant (contains no aluminium) 
  • The BodyShop Water Melon Body Lotion (I've swatched it, it was surprisingly rich and smelled yummy)
  • The BodyShop Chocomania Beautifying Oil (*), Dry Oil for body, face & hair. (Guys this is light weight and smells amazing, you know I love the Chocomania range, mentioned here & here)
  • The BodyShop Amazonian Wild Lily Eau De Toilette (*) (Not to big on flowery scents, but a great every day scent. Really needed as well since my perfumes are running out)
  • The BodyShop Coconut Flavoured Lip Gloss (*) (very shimmery light pink gloss which smells amazing)
  • The BodyShop Melon Flavoured Lip Gloss (*) (oh my god. Yummy!)
  • The BodyShop All in One BB Cream (*) Colour Adapting Tinted Cream (I am so intrigued by this. I swatch it on my hand and it turned from white to my exact skin tone, can't wait to try)- And yeah I'm a BB Cream Virgin :o

What do you think of my haul?
Have u tried any of these things?


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♥ Autumn Leaves NOTD

Autumn Leaves NOTD 

I thought that it was time to use my only flakies nail varnish from INGLOT. I wanted a flakies varnish for soo long before I got that one, but then I only used it like once. To get a sort of autumn leaf effect, I paired it with this plum coloured Isadora nail varnish.

This is the only photo taken with my iPhone. These flakies are pretty hard to catch on camera, especially the shade, or should I say temperature of them. 

 Sorry about grainy photo, but this is the only picture that was slightly colour accurate. I think it looks so autumny :)

What do you think of this guys?


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♥ Cheap Home Gym for the Winter

Cheap Home Gym for the Winter

For me, my biggest problem with going to the gym, is literally going there. I don't like travelling there I just think it's a hassle. And it doesn't make me more motivated that it is now autumn and soon winter, which means I'll be freezing to death while travelling to the gym.

Now, a home gym doesn't have to be a treadmill, cross trainer and other expensive and massive equipment. For me, it could be as simple as this.

Home gym equipment essentials:
-A pair of at least 4 kg (141 ounces/8.8 lb) dumbbells
-An exercise mat

Uses: Dumbbells are great for both arm and leg exercises. For legs, do your lunges or squatswhile holding the weights.

-Ankle weights (get them here: ebay

Uses: Perfect for doing leg kicks, donkey kicks, rover's revenge and other leg and glute work outs.

How do you keep fit during the colder months?


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Oct 28, 2012

♥ Bargain Beauty Essentials

Bargain Beauty Essentials

I thought it would be a good idea to do this post after I reviewed the conditioner below. These are my beauty, or shall I say skin care essentials that I get from Poundland!! Which means they are obviously £1 each, which is incredibly cheap for these products (some of them are multi packs)

1 Scrubbing Gloves: An easy way to exfoliate your body if you run out of body scrub. A lot of shops sell these for anything from £2-10.. probably more sometimes. I think it would be completely ridiculous to buy that much for something that simple. These have lasted for really long, after every use I wash them thoroughly with soap, and after 2-3 uses I wash them in the washing machine.

2. Nail brush: These actually came in a pack of 10 or so! All in different shapes. Ill never have to buy a nail brush every again. Essential for someone who always get's dirt under their nails despite showering and cleaning them every day.

3. Nair Hair Remover Wax stripes: These work soo well. You hardly even have to heat them up between you hands. Yes I have tried the "proper" brand ones like Veet for like £7-8. And YES they do exactly the same thing. The ingredients are good too.

4. Nair Hair Removal Cream: Same as with the wax stripes, it works just as well at the Veet one (in fact I have an old Veet one still at home and I prefer the Nair one). In difference to other hair removal creams it doesn't smell disgusting, you know that strong smell, right lol. It really does smell like raspberry and is just as strong/ effective as the Veet one.

5. Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Conditioner: See my review (here) or scroll down. This is amazing, I hadn't even heard of this brand before. A short, fairly natural ingredient list with natural Tea Tree Oil and Hydrolised Collagen.

6. Pack of like 20-30 nail files in different shapes, lengths and thicknesses (lol): Great big pack with every single type of nail fail you can imagine, think ones, wide ones, thick ones, slim ones, short ones. The ones you can put in your to go makeup bag and the ones you keep at home.

Shopping Beauty products are Poundland.. Hmm?
In the UK there has actually been a documentary questioning Poundland, and their beauty products. Or to be more precise, makeup. Personally I wouldn't get makeup from Poundland. The documentary said that they sold out of date product etc which I am not surprised about because you only have to glance at their nail varnishes and supposedly "Rimmel" products etc to see that they look super dodgy lol.

Do you have a place where you buy really cheap stuff like this?


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♥ Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Conditioner

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Conditioner

This conditioner really impressed me. It's definitely a new staple of mine. I actually bought it from Poundland (discount store where everything is £1) and from reading the ingredient list I was like- oh my god I love it, it's gonna be great. And I was right lol!

So below are the directions, information and ingredient list. It does have a very strong smell of Tea Tree which definitely isn't my scent of choice but it is natural, anti septic and really stimulates your scalp. Usually after washing I apply Coconut Oil mixed with Peppermint Oil to my scalp to kind of sooth it and keep it from itching while air drying. With this conditioner I massages my scalp before washing it out, and didn't feel the need to do anything else to my scalp.

It contains collagen which is a protein found in all body tissues, skin and bones. Collagen is often called the glue that holds your body together. For hair, it's said to prevent hair loss, and grey hair as well as improving over all hair health.

Have you tried this?
What's your favourite bargain hair product?


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♥ BodyShop Smokey Eyes

BodyShop Palette Smokey Eyes

I found this really cute Body Shop eye palette I had kind of neglected. In fact I'm not sure I ever used it. The shadows are pretty prone to fall out but the result is still okey.

If you look at the palette you can see the fall out all around it.

 In this picture you can see that despite re applying a trillion times, that silver shade near my tear duct just didn't wan't to stay on my eye lol!

What do you think of this EOTD?


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Oct 27, 2012

♥ This or That Makeup Tag

This or That Makeup Tag (tagged by lovely Sharon)

Blush or Bronzer? 
 I definitely love my bronzer. However my daily look is not bronzer used to contour, but slightly shimmery bronzer as a blusher. Not sure why, I've always worn it like that.

Lipgloss or Lipstick? 
Definitely lipstick, I love any bright colour!

Chapstick or Lip Butter? 
Lip Butter definitely. Especially natural ones, or one I've made myself (DIY here)

Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow? 
I couldn't possibly choose. They both have their purposes. 

Gel, Liquid, Cream, or Pencil Eyeliner? 
Liquid eyeliner is the only one that stays on for long for me. Especially cheap brands like 2True from Superdrug.

Foundation or Concealer? 
Concealer, I hardly use foundation (except for lately) so if I do need to cover up something, I'll do it with concealer.

Liquid or Powder Foundation? 
Omg, I actually haven't tried powder foundation. I'd want to though.

Neutral or Statement Eyes? 
Define neutral lol? Cat eyeliner and soft smokeys eyes are nice every day looks for me.

Pressed or Loose Shadows? 
Pressed definitely, loose are too messy.

Waterproof or Non Waterproof?
When I first started using Mascara I used waterproof because I though "why not", it will last longer. But now I use non waterproof and it works fine.

Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?
For foundation? Fingers more often, but sometimes brush. Never tried sponge. And I don't wear foundation daily.

Powder, Cream, or Liquid Highlighter? 
I've only used powder ones.

I tag: Anyone who want's to do this tag and these lovely people in the list below. And guys if you don't do this type of tags, don't feel pressured to do it. :) x

  • Handmade Dreams- Silvertigo- This girl does amazing nail arts
  • My Boudoir - This girl is super talented with makeup
  • Whispers from Angels- This girl shares a lot of pretty EOTD's
  • Miss Dalum- This girl shares picture perfect NOTD, swatches & lipstick reviews
  • Giddy Princess- Officially one of the first beauty blogs I read. Shellac fan who also posts quite a few OOTD's.
  • Makeup By Nora- A girl who always look pretty with eye liner & bright lips- my type of makeup! :) 
  • Wade Ashore-- She shares a lot of lip gloss & lipstick reviews and eyeshadow looks & reviews.
  • Niicolea-  Super pretty girl of the same mix as me (Swedish/Nigerian), she does amazing makeup looks.

Will you do this tag?


Ps. I this a scheduled post so if you're tagged and I haven't let you know you're tagged yet- don't worry I'm getting to it!
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Oct 26, 2012

♥ Elf Palette Lip Gloss

Elf Palette Lip Gloss

When seeing this lip gloss in my ELF palette I didn't think much of it. To me, it looks a bit reddish, which is really strange because when you apply it it goes on like a light pink nudish colour. 

The formulation is like a very creamy lip stick or a very pigmented lip gloss. It's moisturising on the lips and it doesn't make them feel dry.

Here are some pictures in different lights, of the results..

 What do you think? Have you tried ELF lipglosses, or palettes?


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♥ M&S Makeup Xmas Wishlist

Marks & Spencers Makeup & Beauty Xmas/Autumn Wishlist :) 

I had a browse on the M&S website and oh my, they've got some real makeup goodies! 
Since I really liked a lot of stuff I decided to put together this Wishlist (Check out my Neal's Yard & remedies wish list here).

Autograph Quick Dry Eyeliner Pen £7.50- "High impact liquid eyeliner in an easy to use pen defines your eyes"- Text from & get it here.

Pure Anti-Ageing Super Active Overnight Oil 12ml £6.00-"This
overnight oil softens, nourishes and restores tired skin to help protect against the visible effects of ageing." This looks amazing and it doesn't contains any mineral oils, parabens & silicones. Text from & get it here.

Autograph Ultimate Shine Lipstick £8.50- "High shine lipstick combines the colour of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss." Text from & get it here.

Pür Minerals All That Pops Lip Gloss Stick Collection £24.00-"Featuring four stage-worthy shades for day and night, these lip-conditioning gloss sticks drench your pout in pure liquid colour, without the liquid mess. Now, you can get the same ultra-bold lip look that's making waves, with the application ease of a jumbo pencil" What a great Clinique chubby stick dupe right? Text from & get it here. 

Autograph Baked Quad Eyeshadow £12.00-"Easy to blend baked powders in 4 beautiful shades offer crease-resistant, long lasting colour" Text from & get it here.

What's your favourite in this collage? 

Do you buy cosmetics at M&S? 


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Oct 25, 2012

♥ The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Milk

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Milk

View it here: || Buy it here:

Description: "This lightweight spray-on body moisturiser has the scent of fresh roses || Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother || Rose scent" . I bought this because I've been dying for a spray body lotion because I thought it would be great for every day use. The fact that it has a means it's super quick to use daily after showering and best of all, it's really easy to distribute evenly on the skin- reaching places we tend to neglect like our backs.

Ingredient check (view Full list here): 

Silicones √ 
Mineral Oil / 
Parabens √ 
Butylene/Propylene Glycol /
Sulfates /

Result: This actually surprised me positively. After having a look at the ingredient list I gathered that due to a lot of silicones, the main use for this would probably be to smooth the skin for daily use, as opposed to nourish it. After using it after showering everyday since I bought it, I've been proven wrong. Every morning before showering (at this point i showered 24h ago) I've checked the state of my skin, not dry at all. Not even my legs!

Conclusion: Perfect for every day use or for non dry skin. Won't leave your skin feeling dry in between uses and is super handy to bring for travelling, or even to spray on wet skin after showering to lock in moisture. 

Have you tried this? Have you tried the Moroccan Rose Products?

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♥ Leopard Print & Blusher

FOTD,Leopard Print & Blusher

Yesterday I reviewed my favourite blusher from Elf (link). This is the FOTD to go with it, again I'm trying to switch up my makeup a bit, hence the sudden love for blusher and not my usual bronzer. My biggest problem is hair, due to transitioning I can't really do a lot with it.

The usual curly fringy.. ah I'm so tired of it. For winter I might do braids or a full weave, but only keep it in for a few weeks. I've been weave less for over a year now I think, or more because I can't even remember the last time I wore it.

What did I use for this look:

  • Foundation: UNE
  • Eyeshadows: INGLOT
  • Lipgloss/lipstick: ELF
  • Blusher: ELF
  • Mascara: Loreal Telescopic

What do you think of this look?
What do u prefer, blusher or bronzer?


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♥ My most used makeup brushes

My most frequently used Makeup Brushes- Real Techniques and Boots N7

Real Techniques Blush Brush: "Contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high-definition results:" Except for my favourite blusher in the previous post, I don't really use blusher that often. However, I do use a shimmery bronzer As a blusher, and this brush is perfectnfor applying it. The synthetic bristles are incredibly soft and makes it super easy to work in or build up product. None of the RT brushes shed at all.

Real Techniques Shading Brush: "From subtle to dramatic, this brush is ideal for creating flawless high-definition results" - This is the only brush I have suitable for  applying above the crease, before blending it. I also use it to put shadow in the outer corner of my eye. Love it!

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (Comes in the Starter Set only): "Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color" Even though I do use it for applying a base of shadow, usually just a bright base on the eyeshadow primer- I mainly use it for "soft" blending. What I mean by that is I use it when I want to blend, or smudge my shadows. Rather than harshly blending. 

Boots N7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour: "The No7 contour brush is great for shading the socket line area and general blending"- This blending brush is the one I use for blending out really harsh lines. It has hardly shed at all after several washes. Despite its white colour, it always goes back to white after every wash and there is no staining. They have now changed the brush in Boots and it is all black instead of the light metallic part on the brush.
Tips: By this for £2.75 when you have a N7 voucher.


What's your favourite makeup brush & have you done a post like this?


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Oct 24, 2012

♥ ELF Palette Blusher Review

Elf Palette Blusher Review

I have been mentioning my elf palette quite often lately, thats because I've really enjoyed using it. When I bought it, I wasn't overly excited or anything but after trying it out properly I really love it.

Anyway, my newest favourite from the palette is the blusher. It's AMAZING. I love anything with gold in it, especially rose gold colours.. it's so pretty.

TWO IN ONE, HIGHLIGHTER But to me the most amazing thing is how the golden shimmers sort of come out as a highlighter.. look at this picture..No flash! No added brightness, no highligher and look at that glow!! I love it :)

SWATCHES Three pictures because I struggle to take a colour accurate picture. I'd say the first one taken with flash shows the colour the most accurate. And in all of them you can see the golden shimmers which causes the highlighting effect.

STAYING POWER: I've been using this the last few days, but I've set it with a setting spray (review will be up soon). It seems as though the red colour of the blusher will fade quite a lot, after a whole day of wearing it- but the highlighting golden shimmers are still visible. Which is fine with me!

Do you have any ELF palettes & what's your favourite product of theirs?


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♥ Garnier Respons Shampoo Avocado Oil & Shea Butter Review

Garnier Respons Shampoo Avocado Oil & Shea Butter Review

I mentioned in this empties post featuring the conditioner that I bought these when I was in Sweden, because I travelled with hand luggage only and couldn't bring anything else. They are both silicone and paraben free which is great, however the shampoo does contain Sulfates.

Shampoo- It is quite fragranced and lathers up quite a lot. If it dries my hair or not I can't really say because I always do a hot oil treatment before shampooing, especially if I for some reason use a Sulfate one. However after coming back from Sweden my scalp was quite itchy so it could well be from using a harsh shampoo. For someone who uses Sulfate shampoos and don't have a sensitive scalp, I'd say go for it. I will still use this for when I need sulfate shampoo though.
CONCLUSION: Use this once a month or so to remove hair product buildup or when you've used products containing silicones.

Conditioner- To start with, a ridiculously small bottle for a conditioner. You afro haired girls know that one wash requires the equivalent of this bottle lol. I guess for people with straight hair it's okey. Anyway the formula is a bit hard, by hard I mean it feels similar to when you put a protein treatment in your head. Not sure why since it doesn't contain any proteins. The ingredients are pretty decent and it contains Stearamido-Propyl Dimethylamine which is an antistatic agent that can also be used as a mild cleanser.
CONCLUSION: Great if you are a co-washer (a person who uses conditioner to wash their hair)! It contains nourishing oils at the top and a few gentle cleansing agents at the bottom of the ingredient list.

Have you seen Garnier's Shea Butter & Avocado Oil products? I've only seen them in Sweden.


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♥ Neal's Yard & Remedies Face Wishlist

Neal's Yard & Remedies Face Pamper Wish List

Neal's Yard & Remedies Organic Face Wipes (get them here)- I was so excited to see these on NYR Facebook page yesterday, that I just had to make this little collage straight away. Made with organic cotton and a ton of calming ingredients like Aloe Vera, Camomille, Lavender and more. Personally I wouldn't have mind if they put some more oils in there since oils clean makeup the best. But they probably didn't because some people seem to mind oil in their face.

Neal's Yard & Remedies Kabuki Brush (get it here)- Well in my dream world I'll buy this too to use with the foundation I DONT actually have, lol. Synthetic animal free bristles (love synthetic brushes since trying Real Techniques brushes), bamboo handles & super fine for a professional finish.

Neal's Yard & Remedies Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask (get it here)- A puryifying clay mask containing Raspberry extract, Hemp Oil, Aloe Vera powder and many more great ingredients.

Neal's Yard & Remedies Dark Cool Mineral Foundation (get it here)- A mineral foundation like no other I'd like to say. Not only is it a mineral foundation but it is filled with nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter & Almond Oil. I haven't tried it because it's a bit pricey. However I have the bronzer and I love that so next time I decide to splurge, I'll get it.

What's your favourite organic brand? I love NYR especially now that they do makeup too :)


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Oct 23, 2012

♥ Natural Shades FOTD

Pink Shades.. FOTD

When I did this makeup I was still trying to go for something I don't usually go for makeup wise. I chose to use pink and bronze shades. However I wasn't too happy with the eyeshadows, therefor no close up. 

My lipstick is from my ELF palette, I discovered how nice this is a few days ago.. I hadn't actually tried it before despite having the palette for about a year now.

What I used for this look:

  • Eyeshadows: ELF palette
  • Mascara: Loreal Telescopic
  • Foundation: Maybelline 24 hr matte
  • Bronzer: Isadora
  • Highlighter: NYR eyeshadow hibiscus (mentioned here)
  • Liquid eyeliner: Company Magazine (review here)

What do you think of this look?

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♥ Abalico Deep Purple Shade 17

Abalico Deep Purple NOTD

Here is today's NOTD. It's from the brand Abalico and the shade just has a number, 17. I would sat that it's a dark purple with hardly visible blue shimmers in it. A little similar to OPI "Grape Set Match" (link) nail varnish, even though that shade is a bit more cold.

This is the only picture without flash, colour wise it is more accurate. But the flash picture show the details in the shade better.

What do you think of this & what's your favourite autumn nail varnish shade?

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Oct 22, 2012

♥ Review Collection (2000) Shade 5, Passionfruit

Review Collection (2000) Shade 5, Passionfruit (£2.99)

This is the lipstick I used on my most recent fotd, I bought it a while a go searching for a coral coloured lipstick. I only wore it once or twice and then stopped using it because I didn't like the formula. Yesterday I decided to try it again, and I quite like it. 

As you can see above and in the swatch below it has golden flicks in it. I wouldn't say that they are visible when you wear it, but it still gives a nice effect.

This is what it looks like on, it looks a tad "flaky" I suppose in the pictures, but they are close ups. The formula is very creamy and super pigmented.

What do you think of this?


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♥ Major Bargain Alert

Major BodyShop Bargain Alert Guys

Since like every other of my posts contain a the Body Shop product, you've probably realised that I am a big fan. Today I went on to their website (which is amazing, yay for full ingredient lists) and as a true bargain hunter I was immediately drawn to the "Sale, under £3" section link.

I'm out of face wash and I haven't used a toner in a long while, so it's fair to say I'm in need of one. That's why I was super happy to find the Cucumber Cleansing Milk AND the matching toner.

So I placed my first online Body Shop order and it came up to £8 for:
Cucumber Cleansing Milk, Cucumber Water ( the toner), Deodry Fresh & Zesty & Watermelon Body lotion.

These are my picks, they are all 50%, and under £3 (click on the picture to get to view the item on

The downside is this sale is online only, and they only ship to the uk. I have two voucher codes for you guys:

  • Code: EXTRA || 40% Off. (does Not work on sales items) (Valid: 29th October)
  • Code: Vouchercodes (click on it) || 30% off, Does include sales items (Valid: 28th October)
I used the voucher code one. It's my first time using them and I just found it through google. It worked wonders and I'm so glad I found it since I was slightly dissappointed by the £3 shipping. With my order, after the 30% voucher codes discount it turned out to be almost the same price as with no shipping. Enjoy guys!.. xx

Do you shop at the Body Shop?
What's your favourite product from them?


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