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Jun 29, 2012

♥ NYC Everyday Palette My Eyeshadow Palette

I have shown this eye shadow quartet before , here, but I didn't do a thorough review and I didn't show a lot of pictures. After that I discovered how great the dark shade was for filling in my eyebrows with my Real Techniques eye brow brush (link)

NYC New York Color 815A "The Best Of Broadway" Metro Quartet Eye Shadow Review

The packaging is tiny, which I love. It really is a travel essential, especially for me since I can use the dark shade for my eyebrows. 

This is my every day smokey eye look using the first and second shadow (more pics of the shades below) The colours are pigmented and easy to blend, and they definitely last for a long time!

I've only used my Real Techniques eyebrow brush and the dark shade to do my eyebrows in these pictures, great results right?

Here is a pic with no flash, I'd say the colours look more like in this picture.

 These are all the shades, as you can see the ones to the left are more used. For some reason I don't really like the brown one, and the yellow one is just a highlighter so I don't use a lot at once.

I also like that it comes with "instructions", although for this look I didn't do it that way.

Here is a look at the ingredients.

(X) Mineral Oil Free
(/ ) Silicone Free
(/ ) Paraben Free

Have you tried these quartets? I believe the American versions come with an eyelid primer as well, which is great, has anyone tried those?


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Jun 27, 2012

♥ 6 Looks One Post

I had a few looks in my iPhoto library that I never got around posting. The newest one us the one at the top, which I wore yesterday. Some of them I didn't wear out, some I did.

Which one is your favourite and why?


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Jun 26, 2012

♥ Super glossy Ciate Freebie

We have all seen this brand get a lot of hype because of their Caviar Nails. I believe it is £9-£10 to buy,  so it's not a brand I would even want to try due to the price. However, in this months Marie Claire (which I don't usually read) they are giving away free full size polishes in three different shade. In addition to the one I got there's a lavender/lilac pastel shade and a grey/beige one.

The magasine was £.3.7 which is quite pricey. But for a polish and a magasine I'd say it's alright.

I was really impressed with the results! See how glossy it is?

Application: It has a wide perfect sized brush and applies well, not streaky. One coat is not super see through but you will still need two coats. 
Drying time: I'd like to think it dries quickly! I don't pay too much attention to it, but it definitely did not   take long.
Price: I believe it's £9 which is way too pricey for me. I'm really pleased with it but won't buy any polish for that price. However, I think you get what you pay for since the quality is great.

Have you tried their polishes?
What do you think of my results?

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Jun 23, 2012

♥ Bargain Wish List

I think it might be time to place my first ELF, Eyes Lips and Face order soon! I have been meaning to order their brushes for quite a while, but when I finally decided to do so, the brushes were out of stock and since then I haven't thought of it. However, I've found a few more things I'd like to try out and I put together a little collage.

Also, as you might have read in my previous post (the intense eye liner makeup), I'm in serious need of a matte brown eyeshadow, and other neutrals. Bargain hunter as I am I've got my eyes on these ones from MUA.

Have you got any of these & what do you think of these two bargain brands?
Any other suggestions..?

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Jun 22, 2012

♥ Intense Eye Liner Inspired Look

Morning Everyone!

I've been off the blog for about two days, only because I work all day literally. But tomorrow I'm off so I'll have plently of time to catch up. However, I created this look on wednesday after I say Maryam Maquillage's amazing look HERE.

So this look was inspired by her- by inspired I mean an attempt to create something similar. Unfortunately I don't have the talent nor the same eyeshadows or brushes to create a look anywhere near as nice as hers. Anyway definitely check her look out and if you aren't already, follow her if your interested in make up since she always created flawless look.

Also, the orangy "shadow" (it's actually my bronzer, didn't have a brown matte shadow :| ) is way too orange, but yeah I didn't have  a brown one. I reckon this look would have been a lot nicer if I had the right colour.

What do you think? :)
Any tips?


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Jun 21, 2012

♥ Recent Shopping :) Make up+ Clothes

I just wanted to share my most recent buys with you. They were bought at four different occasions and they're all bought within a bit over a month.

These bright pink studded slippers from a shoe shop at Westfield Stratford which I believe is called Linzi. It's close to Forever21 at the entrence and they have tons of studded slippers, Lolita dupes and other "trendy" shoes. They were £25.

I bought these to wear for my graduation. Didn't want to spend a lot of money or dress up too much so I wanted to look for a pair of cheap, low heels- so I went to Primark. These were £12 I think.

We've all seen and bought these, sheer sleveless bright pink top from New Look. £15.

Floral print Bustier from New Look (Kids department, I believe), I can't remember the price.

These were bought at another time in my local hair shop, just two oils I did not already have, and hadn't  tried. Im sure you can see the price tags on them lol.

From the same hair shop I picked up this lip gloss, this really was just a spontaneous buy because I haven't bought a lip gloss in a long while, it was £1.5 and the ingredients were quite impressive with no Mineral oil but instead Jojoba Oil. 

These are my most recent buys from Monday. I don't use foundation, maybe once a month or less but I like to have one in case I feel I need it. So I decided to try this one from the natural brand UNE, there are no parabens, silicones or petrochemicals in these. Ingredients can be found on the website.£12, for this tiny tube.

My tea tree oil from Holland & Barett had run out and  I realised Superdrug randomly sells one essential oil, this one, for a really cheap price. I think it was £3 and I've never seen tea tree oil cheaper than £5 before.

I got obsessed with some vision I got into my head of baby pink see through glossy nail polish, I know Im crazy. Well so I had to get this.

I had to buy a watch for work since we're not allowed to carry a phone with us. I've been wanting this watch for long so I went and bought it. From Casio £35.

What do you think of my buys? :)
Do you have any of these?


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Jun 19, 2012

♥ FOTD- My Make up Palettes Pt. 4

This is my make up of today :) A while ago I started a series called "My Make Up Palettes", which simply is creating a look with one of my many eye shadow palettes.

This is the eye shadow palette I used. I got it a long while ago and I don't know a lot about the brand (Victoria Jackson). All I know is it's a bit dodgy, because it's not sold in any shops- instead they usually have people approaching people at colleges, universities, beauty salons etc. explaining how this brand is used by Hollywood starts etc.

I got this palette which has 3 eyeshadows, 2 lip colours, 1 blusher and 1 bronzer. You also got another one with different colours, plus a kabuki brush and a mascara. All of this was £20 and I have to say however dodgy it might seem- I love them. As you can see I've almost finished two of the eyeshadows.

For this look I'm also wearing my Calvin Klein Nude Lip Stick.

This Picture shows off the true colour a bit better!

So back to the palette.

Quality: There is no fall out when I use this, it's easy to blend and goes on smoothly. 
Lasting Power: From what I can remember this last all day.
Would I buy again: Not the whole palette, since I only use the eye shadows. Another issue is that I can't find the ingredients of this anywhere. So it could be that it contains Mineral Oil and other nasties, but I wouldn't know.

What do you think of this look?
Do you know anything about this brand?


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Jun 14, 2012

♥ Products I regret buying!

These are a bunch of products I've been wanting to share with you for really long, because I would not buy them again. 

I know a lot of people have done similar posts and there's sometimes some confusion on these when people say stuff like "I regret buying it because I bought the wrong colour". Personally, I agree that that's a bit misleading, why would you Not recommend a product because You chose the wrong colour?
Anyway I understand the people that do that, they're just a different kind of post. So I have different reasons for not liking these particular products and I will mention them below every pic :)

If you have done a post like this, please link it to me in the comment box!

1. Isadora Bronzing Powder in 44 Highlight Bronze (the one to the right!)

Why do I regret buying it? 
It contains Mineral Oil quite far up in the ingredient list. For a product that costs around £17, I don't see a reason for it to be in there except that they want to be greedy and fill up the product with cheap stuff. The though of putting mineral oil on my skin every day is not very appealing. Sadly I did for really long without realising. 

What to use instead?
The closest match to this I've found is this the Body Shop bronzer. It's £13, which is also pricey, but there is no mineral oil in it and Vitamin E is higher up in the ingredient list than in the Isadora one.

Use the Body Shop bronzer instead, if you like shimmery bronzers (I know a lot of people dont, I dont understand why haha :) ). As you can see I've used a lot of this mineral oil filled product.

 2. 17 Miracle Matte foundation SPF 15

To start of, let me just explain that I hardly ever wear foundation any more. I went through the phase of heavy make up (yeah I think foundation is heavy make up) when I was around 16 and back then I used a GOSH mousse foundation and after that Mac foundation.
I bought this 17 foundation because I like to have one at home, even though I don't always use it. As many others I struggle to find high street foundations I like, and after this disaster I seriously think next time I decide to buy one, it will be Mac or Lancome.

Why do I regret buying this?
It's AWFUL. If you've read my previous reviews you'd know I don't really have strong opinions on any products, I just break down ingredients and such. But this is horrible, terrible, disgusting- every bad word I can think of. It seems fine when you blend it on your hand. But when you apply it to your face and attempt to blend it, thats when the problem starts. It just sits on the skin and doesn't sink in. After a couple of seconds of blending, it starts "flaking". You know when the product starts to crumble and doesn't go into your skin. I've never used this and never will. Oh, and it doesn't make your face matte.

What to buy instead?

Well the only other drug store foundation I've tried (and have, but in the wrong shade) except for this one is the Maybelline forever stay 24 hours. And I say this because this is also under £10 and is a matte formula.

 These are the ingredients. The bottle is so pretty so it really is a shame that it's rubbish.

3. Collection 2000 Blush. (I think this is around £2-3)

I never use a blusher, but I had this as my only blusher, and still do. The shade is nice, it's small and it is cheap.

Why do I regret buying this?
Because it has Petroleum (mineral oil) in the ingredient list. I don't use anything containing mineral oil and would especially not use it in my face.

What to use instead?
Well I've only ever used one other blusher which is the Maxfactor flawless perfection natural glow blusher, this was way back in the days. I'd say it has a similar shade, and it's mineral oil free.

I know you can hardly see half of the ingredient, but in the middle-middle of the list you can still see the letters "Petrl" which is petroleum.

 4. MUA Liquid Eyeliner & Collection 2000 liquid eye liner

Why do I regret buying these?

Well the "brush" (what is it called? The tip?), on both of them is to me really useless. They don't have the same shape, but they are equally bad (actaully the MUA is a bit worse) and the formula kind of stings. 

What to buy instead?

The 2True Liquid eyelienr for £2. It's so cheap and it's great! Or the Rimmel Liquid eye liner for £6-7.

For close ups and what these all look like on, view one of my first reviews  here.

5. Models Own Copper Pot NP134

Why do I regret buying it?

As you can see in the picture below, there are like three different colours in this polish. The main colour being copper, then yellow and green/blue. Kind of like Chanel Peridot. So this is what I wanted when I bought it. However, these colours don't show At all when you wear the polish. It looks like in the second pic, plain copper.

What to buy instead?

Well I later found a Chanel Peridot dupe which I think was really similar. Click here to view it.

6 Sleek "Hide it concealer" SPF 15

Why do I regret buying it?
It contains Mineral Oil. And I'm not impressed with the results, it's like those concealers I used to get in magazines when I was younger lol.

What to buy instead?
Well I think the Collection 2000 concealer is really good. I've used it for over a year and it's really cheap, cheaper than this Sleek one.

I hope you enjoyed and that the "what to buy instead" was useful. :)
Have you tried any of these products?


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Jun 11, 2012

♥ Major Hair Care Post! Regimen & Hair Care Journey

If you have liked my facebook page (here) you might have seen me mentioning that I wanted to post a hair care/hair journey post.  I took and edited these pictures a few days back, so I thought it was time to write the post now.

I will start of with my hair care regimen. Since I'm trying to figure out what works best for my hair, whether to use silicones or not, organic or not and so on- I have a few products!

Miessence- Dessert Flower Shampoo. 

General info:
This is an almost fully organic shampoo. In the top right corner you can see that the cleanser in this is "coco glucoside" which is a really gentle cleanser. I'd say the most impressive about this is that Aloe Vera is the first ingredient!

My thoughts on this: For an organic/natural shampoo, this is really impressive. I think I read on the website that it doesn't lather the first few times you use it, but will eventually start to do so. I found this really strange but it's actually true. For me, it definitely lathers when I wash it, and it even washed out all the oils when I've done a hot oil treatment (I do this every time before I wash my hair, so I need the shampoo to wash the oils out)

When do I use this: Since it doesn't contain any sulfates, it doesn't wash out silicones. At least, I dont think so. If anyone knows if Coco Glucoside washes out silicones, please leave a comment. If I haven't used my Aphoogee Green Tea Reconstructurizer (in the picture at the bottom) I will use this. 

Get it from: , it's £18- very pricey! 

Curls- Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream.

General info:
I should probably start of with some info about this brand, their products are not organic, but they contain loads of butters and oils. None of their products contain mineral oil, silicones, sulfates or parabens, read more here. This is a cleansing cream, which means it's made to be gentle enough to use as often as you want- usually sulfate free. The formula is very creamy and just like the conditioner it smells of caramel.

My thoughts on this: It smells a-mazing! It really does, and it doesn't feel harsh at all. I feel that this gets my hair clean, but since I do hot oil treatments every week (I drench my hair in oils over night before washing it) I haven't used it lately because this really doesn't wash all the oils out.

When do I use this: If I haven't done a hot oil treatment prior to washing my hair, at the moment though, that is never.

Get it from:

V05- Revive Me Daily

General info:
This is my newest shampoo, I've only had it for a couple of weeks. I hadn't used Sulfates in my hair for over a year or so when I got this, but in order to grow longer hair it really is important to cleanse your scalp and hair properly to avoid build up. What made me buy this was the ingredient list. To start with- the second ingredient is Cocamidopropyl betaine which is a cleanser derived from Coconut and it's a lot more gentle than a sulfate. 

My thoughts on this: Of course, I was very hesitant to use sulfates on my hair again. Especially since I had a major reaction on my scalp over a year ago. But I figured the oil treatment will prevent it from irritating my scalp, and I massage jojoba or coconut oil into my scalp after washing my hair as well. If you use sulfate shampoos- get this! The rest of the ingredients are just loads of great oils such as Argain Oil and it smells great too.

When do I use this: Right now, every other wash (every other week in other words), after I've used the Aphoogee spray, which contains silicones.

Get it from: Poundland for £1 (duh) Or any supermarket for £2-3

General info & thoughts
This conditioner has the same smells as the cleansing cream, it has a very none artificial caramel scent. This is definitely a keeper, it leaves my hair feeling very soft, kind of like a nourish coating. It's silicone, paraben and mineal oil free. Chamomile, white tea and coconut oil are some of the ingredients.

When do I use this: This is my only conditioner so I use it every week when I wash my hair.

Hot Oil Treatment: A third of Castor Oil mixed with any other oil. This is to strengthen my hair and promote hair growth, as well as protecting my hair before shampooing it. The bottle is from Primark.

Jojoba Oil- My most expensive oil, I just discovered that this is great for blow drying.

West Indian Castor Oil- For growth- in my hot oil treatment.

Argan Oil (blended with Almond Oil)- I use a tiny bit of this on my ends morning and night, sometimes.

Coconut Oil- I use this everyday since it's the cheapest oil I own, I love the results and it's meant to get absorbed by the hair and scalp easily.

Tea Tree Oil- Antiseptic, when I do my scalp massage, if I'm in between washes I use a bit of this to freshen up my hair and scalp.

Peppermint Oil- I use this in my scalp if it's itchy or sore.

Rosemary Oil- Meant to promote hair growth, I do a scalp massage mixing this and Coconut Oil every night before I wrap my hair.

Shea Butter- This is pure Shea Butter and in addition to using this on my body I use it as a/instead of a hair gel if I want to smooth my edges. I sometimes use it in my ends too.

Curls- Curl Souffle- This is just finished, but since it's water based I sometimes used it to wrap my hair. If I wanted it straighter I applied this generously so it could dry straight. More info from here

ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer- I really like this for blow drying my hair. It's a PH balanced protein leave in, enriched with Green Tea. I use it 2x month.

I wash my hair once a week, this is an example of the products I use.

Regime 1 (Week 1): Hair is washed with a gentle organic shampoo. I blow dry my hair with ApHogee protein treatment and Jojoba Oil.

Regime 2 (Week 2): To wash out the silicones in the ApHogee treatment I use this V05 sulfate shampoo. After I'm finished I massage some Coconut Oil into my hair and Air Dry.

Hope you enjoyed this, do you use any of these products? 
Whats your hair care regimen, leave the link please!

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Jun 9, 2012

♥ Summery mint

Currently loving this gorgeous and cheap mint pastel polish :)
It's £1 and if you live in London/England you can find it at most afro hair care shops.

I used a base coat, two coats, and a top coat of Seche Vite.

Here it is in a different light, it's less blue than in looks in this picture.

This is the polish I own that has lasted the longest with no chips! So impressed.

Have you tried Gabrini polishes?
What's your favourite mint polish, links?

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