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Jun 14, 2012

♥ Products I regret buying!

These are a bunch of products I've been wanting to share with you for really long, because I would not buy them again. 

I know a lot of people have done similar posts and there's sometimes some confusion on these when people say stuff like "I regret buying it because I bought the wrong colour". Personally, I agree that that's a bit misleading, why would you Not recommend a product because You chose the wrong colour?
Anyway I understand the people that do that, they're just a different kind of post. So I have different reasons for not liking these particular products and I will mention them below every pic :)

If you have done a post like this, please link it to me in the comment box!

1. Isadora Bronzing Powder in 44 Highlight Bronze (the one to the right!)

Why do I regret buying it? 
It contains Mineral Oil quite far up in the ingredient list. For a product that costs around £17, I don't see a reason for it to be in there except that they want to be greedy and fill up the product with cheap stuff. The though of putting mineral oil on my skin every day is not very appealing. Sadly I did for really long without realising. 

What to use instead?
The closest match to this I've found is this the Body Shop bronzer. It's £13, which is also pricey, but there is no mineral oil in it and Vitamin E is higher up in the ingredient list than in the Isadora one.

Use the Body Shop bronzer instead, if you like shimmery bronzers (I know a lot of people dont, I dont understand why haha :) ). As you can see I've used a lot of this mineral oil filled product.

 2. 17 Miracle Matte foundation SPF 15

To start of, let me just explain that I hardly ever wear foundation any more. I went through the phase of heavy make up (yeah I think foundation is heavy make up) when I was around 16 and back then I used a GOSH mousse foundation and after that Mac foundation.
I bought this 17 foundation because I like to have one at home, even though I don't always use it. As many others I struggle to find high street foundations I like, and after this disaster I seriously think next time I decide to buy one, it will be Mac or Lancome.

Why do I regret buying this?
It's AWFUL. If you've read my previous reviews you'd know I don't really have strong opinions on any products, I just break down ingredients and such. But this is horrible, terrible, disgusting- every bad word I can think of. It seems fine when you blend it on your hand. But when you apply it to your face and attempt to blend it, thats when the problem starts. It just sits on the skin and doesn't sink in. After a couple of seconds of blending, it starts "flaking". You know when the product starts to crumble and doesn't go into your skin. I've never used this and never will. Oh, and it doesn't make your face matte.

What to buy instead?

Well the only other drug store foundation I've tried (and have, but in the wrong shade) except for this one is the Maybelline forever stay 24 hours. And I say this because this is also under £10 and is a matte formula.

 These are the ingredients. The bottle is so pretty so it really is a shame that it's rubbish.

3. Collection 2000 Blush. (I think this is around £2-3)

I never use a blusher, but I had this as my only blusher, and still do. The shade is nice, it's small and it is cheap.

Why do I regret buying this?
Because it has Petroleum (mineral oil) in the ingredient list. I don't use anything containing mineral oil and would especially not use it in my face.

What to use instead?
Well I've only ever used one other blusher which is the Maxfactor flawless perfection natural glow blusher, this was way back in the days. I'd say it has a similar shade, and it's mineral oil free.

I know you can hardly see half of the ingredient, but in the middle-middle of the list you can still see the letters "Petrl" which is petroleum.

 4. MUA Liquid Eyeliner & Collection 2000 liquid eye liner

Why do I regret buying these?

Well the "brush" (what is it called? The tip?), on both of them is to me really useless. They don't have the same shape, but they are equally bad (actaully the MUA is a bit worse) and the formula kind of stings. 

What to buy instead?

The 2True Liquid eyelienr for £2. It's so cheap and it's great! Or the Rimmel Liquid eye liner for £6-7.

For close ups and what these all look like on, view one of my first reviews  here.

5. Models Own Copper Pot NP134

Why do I regret buying it?

As you can see in the picture below, there are like three different colours in this polish. The main colour being copper, then yellow and green/blue. Kind of like Chanel Peridot. So this is what I wanted when I bought it. However, these colours don't show At all when you wear the polish. It looks like in the second pic, plain copper.

What to buy instead?

Well I later found a Chanel Peridot dupe which I think was really similar. Click here to view it.

6 Sleek "Hide it concealer" SPF 15

Why do I regret buying it?
It contains Mineral Oil. And I'm not impressed with the results, it's like those concealers I used to get in magazines when I was younger lol.

What to buy instead?
Well I think the Collection 2000 concealer is really good. I've used it for over a year and it's really cheap, cheaper than this Sleek one.

I hope you enjoyed and that the "what to buy instead" was useful. :)
Have you tried any of these products?


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  1. Great review, really detailed. I don't know why people would but un-shimmery bronzers lol

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. This is a great kind of post, really enjoyed reading it and it actually makes you think twice about some things you use.. xx

  3. Amazing post and thanks for sharing this dear!!!

  4. I've been using The Body Shop bronzer for years!!!!

  5. I love these posts - its interesting to see what people dont like as well as like.. I can see what you mean about copper pot! Was going to buy it for my jollys but ill save my fiver and spend it on the peridot dupe you found if i manage to hunt it down xx :)

  6. I have tonssssss of products I also regret buying!

  7. great post hun&very useful. only tried the sleek concealer but i lost it lol ..have a great weekend x

  8. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with these!


  9. MUA eyeliner is literally my favourite one ever, can't believe you put it in this list haha! I am definitely avoiding the others though, I want to do a post like this soon :) x

  10. great post hun - always interesting to know this stuff x

  11. det solpudret använder jag också! :)

  12. Ugghh I also hate it to buy products that I ended up regreting it.. :( Thanks for posting this, hun!

  13. Yolli, vet du nån annan concealer som är bra? Tror inte vi har Collection 2000 här... Och jag kanske är blind och har missat det men varför är Petroleum dåligt? Och vad är skillnaden mellan concealer och highlighter? Haha, förlåt för frågorna.. Miss you xx

  14. If you're not into foundation, why don't you try a BB cream? I just bought one for myself and it's pretty cool!
    As for concealers, now that I have tried MAC, I would never use anything other, their products are pricey but they're definitely worth it

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