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Jul 6, 2012

♥ FOTD- Only Make Up Academy

Well this was my face of yesterday, when I went to work. A bit heavy for retail work lol but oh well. I had an extra 10 mins before I had to leave and for some reason I just felt like using this blue shadow.

I primed my lid with MUA eye lid primer and I only used MUA Glitterbomb Palette- and I used three different shades, blue, black and brown.

To make the blue colour stand out more I sprayed my brush with a face mist and it worked really well!
I started work at 1 pm and finished at 10 pm. So after 9 hours make up was still on and as bright as it was from the start!

As I said, I had 10 mins extra in the morning, hence the quick look, didn't do my eyebrows or eyeliner and I also didn't have time to take any "proper" pictures".

I took these pics using photobooth but I think photobooth always catches make up looks really well, only thing is that the make up looks a bit more "glittery".

What do you think of this look? 


What's your favourite MUA eyeshadow palette?

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  1. Very pretty look. I love how cheap MUA is. Its great value for money x

  2. That looks really nice, when i went to superdrug last time most of the mua make-up was sold out, hopefully try again and if their is none left i might buy it online. x

  3. Really lovely look on you and I like your natural brows.

    I love that MUA eyelid primer!!!

  4. Really suits you, looks great :)

  5. gorgeous look hun,u r so pretty hav a nice wknd

  6. Very pretty look hun! I love the subtle smokiness

    Stop by and say HI!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  7. stunning. love the eyes and you have such amazing skin! great post. hope you will check me out soon doll.


    Fashion Steele NYC


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