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Jul 29, 2013

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo Review

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo Review

Being through the process of transitioning to natural hair, and now being fully natural with a head of super curly and kinky hair- I totally love trying out new products. I wrote a first thoughts post a while back on these three John Frieda products, read it here.

Description of this shampoo from the John Frieda website: "Re-awakens and invigorates your natural curl patterns for shapely styling results. Specially developed with a curl-enhancing complex, targeted moisturizers and frizz-fighting silicone. Features a nourishing formula that's the first step toward creating gorgeous, salon-style spirals. Moisturises and smoothes the hair cuticle. Gentle enough for everyday use."

My thoughts on this shampoo? To my surprise, this shampoo is my favourite out of the three products so I decided to review this first. Looking at the ingredient list, I would definitely say this is a clarifying shampoo which usually means quite drying. I don't particularly mind sulfate shampoo's- I avoided them before but now that I use gel and products containing silicones- it is definitely necessary. When I washed my hair with this it left my hair super soft- like ridiculously soft. Initially I thought that it might have been because I had a lot of product in my hair or something that sort of worked as a shield from the shampoo- but now that I've had it for quite long I've tried it enough to say it is definitely the shampoo! Not sure what is the cause of that but it does contain two strengthening/softening ingredients: Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil.

Ingredient Check (Ingredient list here):

Mineral Oil (/)
Sulfates (√)
Silicones (√)
Propylene/Butylene Glycol (/)
Parabens (/)
Alcohol (√)
Have you tried John Frieda hair products?


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  1. I love John Frieda's Full Repair range but I've always wanted to try this one :) xx

  2. I love everything by John Frieda, their full repair range is my favourite!x

  3. there is no this one here! it seems good! hope your hair is fine :) kiss

  4. I have been reading about them everywhere. Will totally try them out soon!

  5. I love john Frieda products, especially the Frizz ease Shampoo and Conditioner

  6. NOW this I would be interested to try, I'm currently loving the Paul Mitchell's curl range (costly) and Naked for my 2x a week wash but I do love the John Frieda range it helped my hair during and after my bleaching period xo

  7. Hi, you have a cute blog. :) However, it would have been more helpful if you talked more about how the shampoo affected your hair and curls and if you felt a difference to others or what made you stick to it.


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