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Oct 18, 2013

Body Shop Showcasing event at Amber Bar

Body Shop Showcasing event at Amber Bar

Way over due with posting this post, but here you go. A while back I attended the Bodyshop Showcasing event at the Amber bar. Although I had to arrive pretty late and leave kind of early (due to work) I still had a good look at all the new products and got loads of informations from the Bodyshop representatives there. Unfortunately I only managed to get pictures on my iPhone so apologies for the not so amazing pictures!

The BodyShop Honeymania products

Fairly new limited edition (I believe) from the Bodyshop. These all smell super yummy and they contain fair trade honey. The range consists of a Body butter, Shower gel, soap, bath melt, lip balm, body scrub and a perfume. Find the Bodyshop honeymania range here. 

The Christmas Limited Edition products

This is the Christmas range for this year. I believe the different scents are Cranberry, Vanilla and Ginger Bread- the Ginger bread I am sure of, and it literally smells like Ginger Bread dough- so yummy. My second favourite has to be vanilla just because I like those kind of scents. The gift set contains the ginger bread products and comes in a really cute little gift box. I was saying to the Bodyshop lady how much I love their gift boxes, is it only me who always keeps the boxes for storage? I don't believe these are on the website yet, but I stand to be corrected. 

The Goodie Bag

I got this Bodyshop Moringa bodybutter and Bodyshop  Eu De Toilette Grapefruit perfume. God, I already love Grapefruit (eating) but this is Not a perfume I would choose to buy, just because I didn't know how much I liked it. I've been literally obsessed with this perfume, pairing it with the body butter, and it is just about finished now. Also, I was pleasantly surprised with the Moringa Body Butter I knew it smelled nice before because I've had friends wear it which made me ask what perfume they were wearing- because this is pretty fragrant! However, I don't usually go for flowerly scents so I love the fact I got to try this. We also got a Body scrubber thing :) 

What is your favourite Bodyshop product? 


I literally always have tons of their products and I've used so many. Check out all the Bodyshop products I've reviewed before here.

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  1. I'm very jealous, I adore The Body Shop. Anything from there in a coconut scent is a winner for me, although I love the look of the Honeymaina products!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. ha ha ha ha at recycling boxes, i do that too. To be honest , i dont have a favourite Body Shop product,i just love the ones i've used in the past, i 've used their Tea Tree scrub ,its actually green in colour,and its quite good.

  3. I really like Body Shop products, especially their Christmas lines. I picked up their Ginger Sparkle Bath Crystals last Crimbo and totally fell in love with them. Raspberrykiss xo

  4. This sounds like such a good event! I love their coconut products but I have the Honeymania lip balm and it's lovely :) xx

  5. coolio!! soo many goodies!! the grapefruit perfume sounds awesome! i loveee the smell of grapefruit!


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