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Sep 1, 2014

My Protein Review: Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix, Pure Energy Tropical Fruits Energy Bar, High Protein Bites/Snack & MP MAX Elle Aqua Slim

My Protein Review: Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix, Pure Energy Tropical Fruits Energy Bar, High Protein Bites/Snack & MP MAX Elle Aqua Slim

My Protein Review: Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix, Pure Energy Tropical Fruits Energy Bar, High Protein Bites/Snack & MP MAX Elle Aqua Slim

Today I will be reviewing these products from MyProtein, they are all from an online store called The Hut Group, they sell products from well known brands like Apple, Nike, Nikon, Playstation, Loreal, Garnier, Kardashian Beauty and a ton more. Check out all of the different brands they sell here

But today I am specifically reviewing products from MyProtein which is one of the leading fitness supplement companies in the UK. I have previously reviewed their Oats & Whey Flapjack protein bar, MyProtein Pulse V4 Tropical Storm Pre Workout Formula and MyProtein ENER:GEL Energy Gel, check out that review here if you are interested. 

MyProtein Pure Energy Tropical Fruits Energy Bar, £15.99 (for a big pack as seen above), "With over 25g of carbohydrate per 60g bar, Pure ENER:GY combines an optimal blend of fast and slow acting carbohydrates to help fuel activity. The natural and healthy ingredients combine cereals, fruits, honey and coconut oil to give you the best nature can offer in one great tasting bar."

I've tried quite a few protein bars, including another one from MyProtein which I linked at the beginning of this blog post, and this is the only one which is a cereal bar instead of a chocolate bar. This one is in the flavour "Tropical Fruit" but it also comes in Forest Fruit. It contains dried fruits which usually aren't my favourite but I really enjoyed this bar. You can see how big the pack is and I have finished all of them (plus another box which was sent to me again by mistake)! These work well before or after gym or just as a snack in your hand bag to keep you from feeling hungry throughout the day.

 MyProtein Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix, £8.99 "Myprotein's pancake mix is a ready to make high protein, low GI, great tasting snack. It includes three types of protein (whey, milk and egg protein) which can help with the growth and maintenance of lean mass. These protein pancakes are Ideal for breakfast or as a nutritious snack in between meals and provide over 30g of protein per 50g serving."

I was so exited to try these. You have all probably seen that protein pancakes are pretty popular in the fitness community but I still hadn't tried making them. Now these are the easiest pancakes ever to make! The pack comes with a measuring cup of the correct size (!) so all you have to do is add a scoop or a little bit more into some water and mix. When you mix, I usually always get "clumps" and they don't go away when whisking more but they disappear as soon as you put the mix in the frying pan. Oh and the taste of them, I read some reviews saying they taste nothing like "normal" pancakes- well of course they don't because a). They are protein pan cakes b) they come in powder form and are mixed with water. So they don't taste bad but I would recommend adding fruit/honey/syrup (or see my recipe below) for added flavour.

Pros: Let me tell you, these will make the most perfect round pancakes on  no time! You know how it is hard to flip normal pancakes because they might fall apart? Not with these, perfect pancakes every time with hardly any effort!

Cons: They contain sweeteners and no real sugar, now for some this might be a plus, this is just my personal opinion- I don't think you need to completely avoid real sugar to maintain a nice diet. Also, both sweeteners and a lot of protein can give you a belly ache!

MyProtein Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix Recipe with Berries

Here is how I eat them:

-Fry them in Coconut Oil (will test yummy)
-Serve with Fage thick and creamy greek yoghurt (it's so nice trust me), some cinnamon and dark chocolate sprinkles (don't worry, to get as much chocolate as in my pic you need like a 8ths of a "square" of chocolate) and fresh berries.. yummy!

MyProtein  Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix
Inside of the pan cake mix bag- you get your own scoop! And I also wanted to show the easy instructions.

MyProtein Protein Bites (Protein Snack), £.6.99 (I believe this is for more than one pack) & MyProtein MP MAX ELLE AQUA SLIM, £7.29:

MyProtein Protein Bites (Protein Snack):"Available in 3 flavours, Protein Bites are a great tasting savoury snack which can be enjoyed as part of your Exante Diet. Low in carb and high in protein these are the perfect snack for low calorie week, working or simple solution and even a part of our Man Plan!"
Now I really loved these. I think snacks with protein is a great idea and this taste just as nice as normal crisps/snacks. Also they don't contain too many calories so they might be a good substitute for "normal" crisps if you are trying to maintain or lose weight, or just tone up and focus on eating protein!

MyProtein MP MAX ELLE AQUA SLIM: "With a light and refreshing taste, Aqua Slim is the ideal drink to quench your thirst. It has been designed to keep you hydrated throughout the day whilst boosting your performance during exercise."
So this is as you can read a drink which does not contain any sugar, instead it contains sweetener. It comes in two different flavours: Mixed Berries and Orange & Passion fruit, I tried the latter. It says that it is designed to help burn fat more effectively, and contains L Carnitine, Green Tea, Chromium & added vitamins.

Have you tried any fitness supplements or any from MyProtein?
What did you think and what are your favourites?


(*) These products were gifted to me to review


  1. This looks really yummy , haven't tried any protein mix before though . I'm drooling.



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