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May 4, 2012

♥ Prom/Spring Make up Look Collab (My Make up Palettes Pt.3)

My Make up Palettes Pt.3 / Prom (Spring) Make up Look collab

So Carolin from "My Boudoir" suggested that we could do a Prom look together, and I though why not! It's quite a topical look since a lot of people are graduating (including me) and going to prom.

She is very talented at doing make up and she's the blogger who inspired me to do this look, Roberto Cavalli- Peacock Eyes.

As you might know I've done a make up series called My Make up Palettes (view previous ones here) recently so this will also be a part of that.

Isadora Outlet Collection Palette in the shades "12 Heather Moore".

-I used the yellow shade (on the far left) on my lid
-I used the green shadow in the middle above my crease
-I used the purple/brown shadow in my crease and on my lower lash line 
-I used the yellow one in my tear duct and corner of my upper lash line
-I used the light pink colour on the right underneath my brow

I noticed that a couple of people were actually interested in eyeshadow ingredients. This one does not contain mineral oil, but contains quite a lot of parabens, and also Lanolin which some people mind (I don't)

I only used these three brushes. Two of them are from the Real Techniques Starter (link) set and the shading brush (the middle one) was bought individually. If you have the eyebrow brush, omg, try using it for "harder" lines or on your lower lash line. It's perfect!!

I used MUA jet black eyeliner (mentioned here), Clarin's Mascara (Reviewed here), and Rimmel's eyebrow pencil (mentioned here)

For my slightly winged eye liner I used Maybelline Gel Liner (Reviewed here) and applied it with my Fake Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Brush

Link to my Bobbi Brown Brushes
Link to the explanation about them being fake 

Sneak Peek of Carolin's Look.

Click HERE to view her post, she's really talented!

What do you think of this (these) looks?
Have you tried Isadora Eyeshadows?


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  1. I love this look it is very nice :) ❤❤

  2. yeah I've tried Isadora eyeshadows and I don't like them but I love Isadora brush cleanser :D

    oh my I'm speechless! this makeup is fabulous!

  3. Hey dear! You've been tagged! Check out my blog for more details! :)

    I can see you love the rimmel eyebrow pencil just as much as I do. Nice post.xx

  4. gorgeous,love them<3 have a great weekend hun!

  5. gorgeous make-up!
    love your blog:)


  6. [REPLY] Thank you so much, so glad you liked my makeup look :)
    Also thank you for following, I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog ^^

    This is a really nice look, the colors are so sweet:) loving the purple and yellowish shade together:)

  7. This look is beautiful. I havent tried Isadora eyeshadows but they look great.

  8. Havent tried these eyeshadows but this is a great look! :)

  9. I love it! I can never get my eyes to look this good..

  10. Jättesnyggt! :) Vill prova dom där borstarna :)

  11. I really love this look! & we use the same eyebrow pencil :) lol

    Please follow me back?


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