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Aug 17, 2012

♥ NYR Bee Lovely

Neal's Yard and Remedies is one of my favourite natural skin care brands, I haven't used loads of their skin care products but ever since their impressive organic make up range I've been more interested in their products- a big plus for being an English company as well.

So I am really excited about their new Bee Lovely products, I believe they are all new except the hand cream, at least that's what the website says. 

These products all contain Honey or Beeswax, or both. It is a shame that there are no hair products in this range since honey is a great humectant for hair too.

Find the products HERE

I love the packaging of all the products, and I am most excited about the Busy Bee Balm. It is what I usually call an "all round balm"- and NYR describe it on the website as "Bee-utifully scented and luxuriously softening, our 99% organic balm is a multi-purpose handbag must-have." 

Oh, also the scent is from what I understand Sweet Orange Essential oil which I couldn't be more excited about. You all know from my DIY's I LOVE orange essential oil.

However, this range does have a cause which is supporting their "Save the Bees Campaign". You can read more about it HERE, and sign their petition HERE.

What do you think of NYR? Will you try these out :)


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  1. I've never tried Neal's Yard but I'm tempted after this post! These products sound lovely, especially the balm xx

  2. awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    Come by soon hun xx

  3. Sounds like what I would like to buy!
    So definitely checking them out.
    Love the colours on the packaging too.

  4. I love the packaging for these products. It makes me want to buy them straight away! I haven't tried any Neal's Yard products yet, but I think I need to!

    Click here to get your daily buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

  5. postingan yang bagus tentang NYR Bee Lovely


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