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Aug 11, 2012

♥ Transitioning Diaries Pt.2 Trim & Protein

As I shared with you roughly a week back, I am transitioning from my relaxed (chemically straightened afro hair) to my natura hair. (post about it here) I am really excited and I thought that I would start documenting my progress and everything through a new series called "Transitioning Diaries".

This first one will tell you what I will do 4 times a year- every 3 months. I have shared the recipe before and it's my DIY protein hair treatment. (post here with instructions).

Every Three Months- Protein Treatment and trimming of ends

1. Pre Shampoo Castor Oil Treatment

Before I wash my hair I always do a pre shampoo treatment using Castor Oil. Castor Oil is to promote hair growth and make new growth thicker, stronger and nourished. As you might know Castor Oil has got a really thick consistency and it's a good idea to mix it with another carrier oil.
As you can see I've now stocked up on these oils for my pre shampoo treatments. My Castor Oil is from the brand "now solutions" and is 473 ml (16oz), the KTC Almond Oil is 500 ml.

In addition to that I bought this oil applicator bottle- this was long over due! It was only 99p and it works really well!

2. DIY Avocado Hair Protein Treatment (INSTRUCTIONS)

When washing this treatment out my hair felt extremely hard (protein can make your hair feel hard) and when shampooing it was so dry that I could hardly move my hands through my hair when applying it. However, after using conditioner it went back to normal and it felt as if it had gone stronger!

3. Trimming My Ends 

 This is my hair air dried, as you can see the ends are a lot thinner than my new growth, I basically cut the whole section I am showing in the picture.

Yes, I was way over due in cutting my hair! Look at those ends, I literally felt when I was doing braid outs that when I got to the end of my hair I was plaiting three hairs, haha!

Again, any transitioning tips/inspo/post, link them to me :)
Do you do protein treatments to your hair?

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  1. go ahead girl! more power to you cause if i tried to cut my own hair -_____- lol. i love people that have that do it yourself talent.

    im going to make this protein treatment. im going to use on my indian weave hair :-) and my regular natural hair

  2. Have you seen naptural85's video about transitioning?
    Hope it's helpful!

  3. Perfect for hair ^^

  4. Congrats on transitioning :) and that protein treatment looks awesome!

  5. Hey, you might want to try using clip in hair extensions to add volume and make it gorgeous. Just a thought! xoxo


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