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Feb 4, 2014

Outfit Of Today: Parental Advisory Jumper

Outfit Of Today: Parental Advisory Jumper

If you follow me on my Instagram you've probably already seen this (these) pictures, and if you don't- go and follow me here. I am definitely going to start posting more outfit pictures as I am living in a different place where I've got someone close to me who can take my pictures, so stay tuned for at least weekly outfits starting with this one. :)

This is what I was wearing one day but the pics are clearly just from the fitting room, I just had to get this Parental Advisory jumper from Primark after seeing it on pretty Stephs blog.

|| Parental Advisory Print Jumper- Primark || Leather Trousers- Bershka || Boots- Amazon (I think) ||

What do you think of more outfit posts, yes or no? 


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