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Jan 30, 2014

Dove Limited Edition Winter Care Nourishing Lotion, Hand Cream and Body Butter

Dove Limited Edition Winter Care Nourishing Lotion, Hand Cream and Body Butter (*)

Dove Limited Edition Winter Care Nourishing Lotion, Hand Cream and Body Butter

Today I am reviewing the Dove Limited Edition Winter Care Nourishing Lotion, Hand Cream and Body Butter, all of which are very much needed with this current weather we've got going on in London. They are all aimed at dry skin or for anyone who feels like they need an extra nourishing cream during the cold winter months. I like creams aimed at dry skin because I definitely think they are necessary after showering once or twice per day, and scrubbing daily as well. 

Dove Limited Edition Winter Care Nourishing Lotion: This contains pretty heavy ingredients like Shea Butter & Petroleum and also loads of nourishing and hydrating ingredients like Urea (found in your skin's own Natural Moisturising System) and Collagen Amino Acids. This is pretty heavy but definitely not heavy enough to use in the morning after you showered, as this is how I use it. If you use to much it can have a bit of a sticky feel, but it gets absorbed quickly and I haven't felt sticky or greasy when putting my clothes on after using this. 

Dove Limited Edition Winter Care Hand Cream: Just before I was sent these products, I had purchased a Dove hand cream and really liked it. Compared to that one, and most hand creams this is definitely the thick kind which I really like. A lot of hand creams make your hands super soft but I think you need a really thick one to stop your cuticles from going dry- dry cuticles is such a bad look lol! Since I already had the other Dove hand creams when I got this, I would use this Winter Care one in the morning and last thing in the evening. 

Dove Limited Edition Winter Care Body Butter: Obviously this is the butter version of the lotion mentioned above, so the key ingredients are fairly similar but the formula is thicker. If you have extremely dry skin you can use it daily, or if you have normal skin you can use it overnight or use it on dry areas like feet etc. 

Overall? So I really enjoyed using all of these and they've got some interesting ingredients like Urea, Amino Acids, Natural Oils and butters. I would recommend these for someone with dry skin and who does not mind using a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients as they also contain ingredients like mineral oil, silicones and parabens. And as with all Dove products, I really like the fragrance even though it is pretty subtle. 

Have you tried these products?
What's your favourite Dove skin care product?


(*) Products sent for review

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  1. My skin has been pretty dry lately. Especially hands and feet. This might be a better option than the old standby lotion/vaseline combo.

  2. I haven't seen this Dove winter edition would love to try because i have never tried any dove product. Great post babes..

  3. I love Dove products in general and will probably look for all of these. Right now, I use a Dove lotion's the Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion (for extra dry skin) ^_^


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