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Jun 27, 2014

How to stretch/ do a heatless blow out for natural afro hair (3C/4A/4B/4C)

How to stretch/ do a heatless blow out for natural afro hair (3C/4A/4B/4C)

How to stretch/ do a heatless blow out for natural afro hair (3C/4A/4B/4C)

So today I have got a tutorial for you. It is how to achieve the heat less blow out for natural hair. You might want to try this still because you like the blown out hair look, or because you want stretched hair for the purpose of styling.

  • So after washing your hair, while it is still wet you want to braid it up as if you were doing a braid out (see the second video below). Then once it is fully dry, take it out. If it is still a little wet when you take it out, it's gonna be more frizzy and it is going to be harder to achieve the heatless blow out.
  • Now you can go straight to brushing your hair out at this stage (see video below), or- for better results, put it in a sleek bun and where it like that for one or two days (second video below).
  • Take out your bun, and divide your hair into four sections. I would use a leave in conditioner and a hair butter/oil.
  • Apply the leave in (not too much, just focusing on the ends) and start brushing your hair out, leaving your with no "curls"- this is what gives the blow dried effect. When you are done brushing. Apply the butter/oil to seal, again focusing on the ends. Repeat for each section.

Let me know if you decided to try this style and how you got on! :)


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  1. oh your hair is absolutly gorgeous ! I adore it <3

  2. You look gorgeous, love the videos x

  3. Too watching...missed reading ur blog.

  4. Thanks a MILLION for this tutorial chica! I'm almost a year post and I live for a good heatless way to stretch my roots!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands


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