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Jun 23, 2013

Fragrance Candles, Vanilla, Strawberry Skittles, Rainbow airfreshener,Orchid and sweet coconut, Organic Neal's Yard Remedies

Fragrance Candles, Vanilla, Strawberry Skittles, Rainbow airfreshener, Orchid and sweet coconut, 
Organic Neal's Yard Remedies

It has definitely been long since I last wrote an interior related post. In the beginning when I first started my blog, I have definitely blogged about my love for fragranced candles a few times. But then candles just got really hyped in the blogger community with those Yankee candles, and I am not one to jump on a hype! Anyway, here are my current candles.

|| Strawberry Skittles candle from Poundland £1 || Air Freshener Candle, Poundland £1 || Orchid & Sweet Coconut £2 (half price)- Sainsbury's || Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Candle || Vanilla Candle- Poundland, £1 ||

What candles have you currently got?
What's your favourite place to get them from? :)


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