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Jun 25, 2013

Oufit- Aztec Print Crop Top & Black Midi Skirt

Oufit- Aztec Print Crop Top & Black Midi Skirt

Long time no see outfit posts! This is a few weeks back to be honest when it was sunny in London. Didn't get around to posting it until now because I was busy moving and working!

I just realised everything I am wearing here is from New Look, omg. That's a bit weird. Okay I like New Look's summer clothes.

What do you think of this outfit & what's your favourite summer look? :)


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  1. Love this look! I'm obsessed with buying dresses this summer lol

  2. Cute look, it's really nice on you! ♥

  3. You look lovely I'm loving new looks summer range also :)

    Love Lucy xoxox

  4. This is cute! I love New Look :) x


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