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Jun 18, 2013

Kiko Dark Pink Nail Polish

This is a nail polish that I first showed in an INGLOT nail polish haul. I never really got around to using this nail polish, probably because I already had one pretty similar shade already. 

However, I wore it last week (yes week!), and it lasted chip free for 3 days plus. This never happens to me. I think it was a mix between good staying power, the top coat I used and me applying a layer of top coat every day!

It was really hard to catch this shade on picture, it is more of a cool shade rather than warm. Either it's definitely a new favourite as I was able to enjoy a prrfect mani for almost a whole working week :)

Also, this week I am starting to blog properly again with one post scheduled for every day of the week!

What do you think of this shade, and have you tried KIKO nail polishes? 


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