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Nov 28, 2013

Barry M Lip Paint "Punky Pink" Shade 145 Review

Barry M Lip Paint "Punky Pink" Shade 145 Review

So this Barry M Lip Paint "Punky Pink" Shade 145 was a pretty random purchase a few weeks ago with my friend from Uni. I study Cosmetic Science in central London and when you are based in Oxford Circus, those 3 hour breaks are dangerous! Now I just go straight home because otherwise I'll be temped to go into the shops. 

Barry M Lip Paint "Punky Pink" Shade 145 Review and Ingredient list
So I used this in my recent FOTD post, see here. The first thing I noticed now as I am writing the review is that it is really really similar to the MUA shade 3 which I reviewed here a long while back. Anyway I got this lipstick from Topshop for £4.49 which I do think is a little over priced for this type of lipstick. I would say the staying power is better than the MUA one but it has a similar, pretty basic ingredient list with Mineral Oil topping the list. A few years back I refused to use anything containing Mineral Oil but these days I am more okay with them in lipsticks, as the main purpose of those are not to moisturise or make your lips softer.

Barry M Lip Paint "Punky Pink" Shade 145 Review and Ingredient list

The formula is, as you can probably see very pigmented but it is definitely on the creamy side and contrary to matte lipsticks, the staying powder of this type of lipstick is not that good. It does stay on pretty well for a few hours though. I actually love the fact that it is so creamy and I am definitely pleased with this over all :)

Ingredient Check:
  • Silicones (/) 
  • Mineral Oil (√)
  • Propylene/Butylene glycol (√)
  • Parabens (/)
Find the full ingredient list here on the Barry M website by clicking "Product Ingredients" in the lower right corner

Have you tried the Barry M Lip Paints (Lipsticks).
What do you think of this one?


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  1. Too bad it doesn't stay long because the shade is amazing!

  2. i don´t know this brand but it looks gorgeous!

  3. love this shade!!

    hope you'll join in on our natural hair challenge!

  4. I have never tried this brand of lip color but i have seen them in shops. I think i love it on you, it looks moist and the color is so nice.

  5. wow the color is amazing!! love it!!

  6. This pink is very pretty! Sadly, I haven't had the chance to try Barry M anything yet. But I'd be tempted by those shops, too! I used to work in a mall and my co-workers would make fun of me for coming back from my breaks with shopping bags lol


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