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Nov 7, 2013

October Favourites from Priti, Pur Minerals, BodyShop, Neals Yard Remedies, Weleda & Real Techniques

October Favourites from Priti, Pur Minerals, BodyShop, Neals Yard Remedies, Weleda & Real Techniques

October Favourites from Priti, Pur Minerals, BodyShop, Neals Yard Remedies, Weleda & Real Techniques

Completely natural nail varnish remover that removers all nail varnish and smells of orange oil. The only ingredients are Soy & Corn ester, orange oil and vegetable Glycerin. My mum got this for me recently on sale and they have since updated both the packaging and ingredient list. Check my review here.

I got this when I went to the Pur Minerals event recently and I really love it. I was super happy to get to try it out as my old mascara had just finished. It contains Argan Oil and it doesn't contain any alcohol at all. It has the plastic type of wand and is pretty big, so it is easy to cover all lashes when you're applying it. 

This is another product I got at the Pur Minerals Event. I am positive you can tell how much I like this- since I've already hit pan! This is a little too light for me so I apply the Pur Minerals bronzer on top of it to correct the shade (see this in my everyday makeup routine video here). I've personally been using this as a foundation, applying it with a dense brush and it gives amazing coverage, I am so impressed with this. The coverage definitely lasts all day. If you are wondering why it looks so small it's because it is the smaller version which came with their starter kit. 

Been loving this shade lately, it is baby pink so it is definitely very very light. Every time I wear this (on Instagram etc.) people ask what shade it is! Check it out in my Youtube tutorial here. Earthnicity is a natural makeup brand and I've previously reviewed their eyeshadows here. I am so impressed with this as the product is genuinely fully natural with ingredients like Castor Oil and more and is extremely pigmented. Stay tuned for a full review of this. 

There isn't much to say about this, only because I am sure everyone has tried it. Why it is in my favourites is because I love Bodyshop body butters but I never ever tend to go for floral scents. This is highly fragranced of Moringa (which I assume is a flower lol), a smell which never caught my attention before- but I love using it now! I got this at the Bodyshop showcasing event which you can check out here

This has actually run out since I took the picture, but only because I've been using it so much. I got it in the In Style magazine (I think that's the name) which is amazing for such a great full size product. I love Neal's Yard Remedies and the ingredients are amazing as usual. Despite it containing loads of natural oils it is exactly what is says it is- a super moisturising face cream which is not heavy at all. Check out my other blog posts on their products here

I think this says something about being a protective baby cream but from what I can remember the ingredient list was that of a pretty basic ointment with mainly Lanolin and some natural oils. I got it at the Handpicked Media event and I've been loving it lately to use for my cuticles and hands. Dry cuticles is such a bad look and I've been applying this religiously to fight this winter weather we've got going on in London right now. 

Last but not least, the two newest additions to my Real Techniques brush collection lol! That made it seem like I've got loads, but to be honest- I kind of do. I've got the started set , the travel essentials and the blush brush and shading brush (click the links for my reviews). I am sure you are all tired of hearing about these brushes as the hype has sort of passed over a year ago- but despite having that many Real Techniques brushes already, I was still really impressed with the quality and how soft they are.

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned in this post?

& What's your favourite Real Techniques brush?


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  1. I love the real techniques brushes and I only get some this year. I want to get the travel essentials next. lovely post x

  2. Great selection of favourites I use the Weleda ointment on my little one and I love the real techniques brushes, couldn't live without them x

  3. I like the contour brush from RT to highlight sometimes :)

  4. I've recently purchased a few Real Techniques brushes and boy I'm in love. The stippling brush in particular is amazing!



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