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Nov 27, 2013

Hair Care: Ecoco Inc Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel Vs. Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel, Comparison & Review

Hair Care: Ecoco Inc Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel Vs. Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel 
Comparison & Review

Ecoco Inc Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel Vs. Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel, Comparison & Review

Ecoco Inc Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel

"Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel contains 100% Pure Olive Oil for deep down conditioning while maintaining maximum hold. Contains UV Protection and helps your scalp regulate its natural moisture system. For all hair types. Used by professionals."-

So this is the first of the Eco Styler gels that I tried out. I had just done my "big chop" (read about it here) and I bought it to use on my edges. Now this is suppose to have a 10/10 hold, and I definitely do not agree with that. It's more of a 7/ 8 as it does keep your edge in place, but they don't stay as neat all day and it doesn't leave that crunchy feeling on your head. I personally do not want a stronger hold so this product work fine for me! I think it gives a natural looking result which is perfect if you don't want that slicked/greasy edges look- I know I don't lol! 

Ecoco Inc Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel

"Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel is formulated with rare oils extracted from kernels of the Argan tree in Morocco. The formula conditions and revitalizes the hair while adding a brilliant shine. Moisturizes providing hydration and elasticity to hair."-

  • When my Olive Oil Eco Styler gel finished I decided to give this a try. Looking at the ingredient list below they are practically the same except for this product the Olive Oil is swapped with Argan Oil. Again, this product is claimed to have a 10/10 which I still don't agree with. I think this product feels slightly "oiler" than the Olive Oil one and has less hold, maybe like a 5. It doesn't keep my edges looking as neat as they do with the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel, but I am usually not going for the perfectly laid edges look so for me that isn't really an issue. 


  •  I really like both of these products but I don't think neither of them give the promised 10/10 hold. For me, the Eco Styler Argan Oil had a little less hold so I would recommend it to use for a more natural look, or to use when styling your hair in a braid out, twist out or flat twist out. I never got any build up or a crunchy feel with either of these products the way I used them. If I had to pick a favourite I will probably have to go with the Olive Oil one as it did keep my edges looking a bit more neat than the Eco Styler Argan Oil did.

Ingredient Check:
  • Silicones (/)
  • Mineral Oil (/)
  • Propylene/Butylene Glycol (/)
  • Glycerin (√)
  • Parabens (/)
  • ! It contains Wheat Protein so it is to be avoided if you are allergic to Gluten.

Have you tried either of these products, which one did you prefer?
And if not, what is your favourite gel and how do you use it?


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  1. Never tried the argan oil one, I've been using the olive oil one since I started my journey and I really like how it defines the natural curls! I mostly use it to add more definition to my twist-outs. I agree with you, it doesn't have a 10/10 hold, and it's not a problem for me either!

  2. Snap! I did a review on the eco styler agran oil gel lol. I'm itching to try the olive oil gel now after this post.

  3. I got this oil about a month ago and have nothing but amazing things to say about it! I got the light version to try as a first timer but have absolutely loved it! Www.PuraDorOil.Com

  4. That’s so interesting. Do you find that most argan oils on the market have a strong scent? The only time I bought argan oil that I could smell was when it was raw. I knew then that the rest of the argan oils must use different extraction methods that change the nature of the oil. I much prefer a pure, raw oil that maintains its original nutrients and scent rather than one that may be processed. Lucky for your husband, there are many wonderful blends that smell great. As always, love finding you here :-) xo Gray Hair Treatment with Argan Oil

  5. I keep meaning to buy this as I normally use aloe vera gel for my edges but at nearly £7 a bottle it's not ideal. I've heard this gives a nice hold and nobody wants the build up or crunchy hair - fab review xo

  6. Brilliant review, It's funny how both products cannot achieve a 10/10. Well at least the Olive oil was great at edges and looking nice when styled. I have never tried product,so when buying i know which one to go for.

  7. I haven't tried the argan oil version, I always just use the regular. But I'd like to try the olive oil one :) My hubby hates the slick edges look LOL So I love this stuff.


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