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Dec 26, 2013

Furr Cardigan and Leather Trouser Autumn Outfit Post

Furr Cardigan and Leather Trouser Autumn Outfit Post

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice Christmas. I just wanted to share a little outfit post with some pictures that me and my friend took a while back. Nothing special we were both wearing pretty casual autumn outfits and didn't plan to take pics before hands, but my friend happened to have a great spot to take pics so my visit to hers turned into a little photo session haha.
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Yes, I am aware that my eyes are closed in this picture but I am the kind of person who, if I am trying to not close my eyes- I will. Lol we asked some girl to take this picture and she literally took over 5 pictures, for all of which I tried (and failed) to not close my eyes. As this is the only pic of me and my friend, this will do anyway.

|| Zara: Furr Collar Cardigan || Bershka: Leather Trousers || New Look: Black Golden Zip Boots || Zara: Beige Shopper Bag ||

I believe my friend's leather trousers are from Zara, and she is wearing those trainer wedges from Nike (no we did not plan to wear almost the same trousers lol). Check out my friend's food blog here.

Do you like or dislike outfit posts in my blog? 
When I started off I actually mainly put up outfit posts, and not so much beauty posts.


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  1. I love outfit post on your blog,You look stunning,I got similar sweater in black.I WANNA SEE MORE.
    Happy holidays babes.

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  3. Your sweater cardi is the most adorable piece ever! you look fantastic girl!

  4. I love your boots and you both look great to me
    She Has The Eye

  5. I like that Zara cardigan! You guys look cute and I like your outfit posts :)

  6. I love your boots. Continue with the outfit posts. You look amazing

  7. Riktigt snygg och mysig kofta :)

  8. Nice outfit, looks very cozy )

  9. Nice outfit, looks very cozy! welcome

  10. Those boots are uh-mazing!


  11. LOL....a close friend of mine closes her eyes on every picture too!

    Love the fur collar on your cardigan. And those boots are fab!

  12. Your hair puff is so perfect! Can't wait till mine can do that! x


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