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Dec 14, 2013

X-Mas Gift Idea: Pür Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit

X-Mas Gift Idea: Pür Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit 

Pür Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit from M&S Review

Hi everyone! So I've had this Pür Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit (*) for quite some time now, and I only just got around to posting it. Thought it would be a pretty good time to publish it now that we are getting closer to Christmas- I really enjoyed this kit and it would make a great Christmas present for someone. Here are the directions for this kit:

"Directions:  Step 1: Smooth neutral primer onto clean, moisturised skin and allow to dry Step 2: Using the chisel brush, apply 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup in circular motions to achieve an even and flawless finish. Layer as needed for desired coverage. Step 3: Using a powder brush or the chisel brush, sweep mineral glow over your face and neck for a healthy glow. Step 4: Complete the look with impact+ mascara. Comb wand through upper and lower lashes with slow, delicate, repeated strokes"- Marks & Spencers website.

Pür Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit from M&S Review Pressed Mineral Makeup and Bronzer

Pür Minerals Minerals Glow Bronzer: This is a gorgeous shimmery bronze and exactly the shade I love using! I tend to use shimmery bronzers more like blushers, especially in the summers when I am already tanned. When I still had some left of the Pür Minerals Mineral Pressed Mineral Makeup I used a thin layer of the bronzer all of my face to correct the shade as the powder is a little too light for me.

Pür Minerals Minerals Pressed Mineral Makeup: Okay so I absolutely LOVE this, I featured it in my most recent favourites post and you can see in that pictures that I had already hit pan. I used it instead of foundation, even when my skin was pretty bad and the coverage was amazing. As I mentioned above, the shade was a little too light so I used a layer of bronzer on top of it. When I only had a small amount left, I used a Real Techniques eyeshadow brushed to get the product out and used it as a concealer under my eyes- it worked really well! 

Pür Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit from M&S Review Primer, Mascara and Makeup Brush

Pür Minerals Minerals Chisel Brush: I think this was good for applying the Pür Minerals Mineral Pressed Mineral Makeup but it did shed quite a bit. Also, it is pretty hard on your skin, especially for a brush that you use to sort of work in the products. You get great coverage using this though!

Pür Minerals Minerals Pressed Impact+ Mascara: This is a great every day mascara and it has quite a tiny wand that reaches all of your lashes. I do have some results pictures for this mascara but I might do a separate post on that. 

Pür Minerals Minerals Correcting Primer: This is like the typical silicone based primer with amazing slips, but the formula looks and feels a little like a normal face moisturiser as opposed to the typical clear primer. If you have normal skin you could use this instead of your normal moisturiser.

Overall, I am very pleased with this kit and all the products are great quality. I'd recommend this as a gift set, literally a started set if you want to try out some products before buying the full size or just an extra set to have when travelling or staying over at someone else's. I actually brought them last time I wen't to Sweden and the sizes of them are perfect!

Have you tried this brand or any of these products?


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  1. Pretty!! The bronzer looks like such a gorgeous color. Looking forward to the mascara post!

  2. This reminds me a lot of Bareminerals, but it's nice to have a different alternative. This set, as you mentioned, look great in quality :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  3. I need a mascara wand that literally gets every lash! I think I would like to try this one out...

  4. i like the bronzer :) Lovely blog Girl !! xx

  5. I don't think I've ever tried Pur Minerals, but I look forward to seeing any reviews you do! :)


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