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Dec 12, 2013

House of Fraser Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Preview

House of Fraser Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Preview

I attend this a few weeks back and saw a lot of pieces that I liked. I did share quite a few pictures on my Instagram but I do understand that not everyone who follows my blog, follows my Instagram so I thought I'd share some picture in a blog post as well. For those who are not from the UK, House of Fraser is a department store who sells all kinds of things, but this was a preview of their coming fashion items.

Again, if you follow my Instagram you might have noticed my new found love for pattern trousers and I thought these were really cute. Of course I absolutely love Chunky necklaces and who doesn't love a nice leather jacket. I'd actually really love to buy one of these for spring, as I only own black leather jackets so far.

They had tons of pretty bag, mostly designer ones so definitely not in my usual price range lol! I am pretty sure you recognise the brand of the top one, and the two bottoms ones are from Biba- a brand I really like, my purse is from there and they've got really cute bags. As you most probably know as you are on my blog which is called "Pink and Leopard Prints", I do love a good leopard print and adore the Biba leopard print bag bottom left. 

I love the way they arranged the bags at the top, such pretty prints! 

This drink was soo nice, it was a non alcoholic cocktail and the mint made it taste so yummy :)

What are you favourites from the preview, out of these ones?


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  1. I'm in love with all the bags, especially the beige/orange/black and white, it looks a bit «native» with the print; which i like and is missing from my closet.

  2. i love all the bags, but the blue one and leopard one , are so Roar!!

  3. The yellow and the mint bags are so pretty.


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