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Mar 23, 2014

MDMFlow Lipstick Shake MilkShake Review

MDMFlow Lipstick Shake MilkShake Review 

So you may or may not have heard of hip hop influenced lipstick brand MDMFlow. It was created by Florence Adepoju who is actually a graduate of the course I am currently studying at University (Cosmetic Science at London College Of Fashion), so needless to say she is quite inspirational to me! Also, the lipsticks are handmade by herself. The range consists of 9 pigmented shades, some of which are blue, gold and black. You can order her lipsticks from the MDMFlow website here, or do what I did- visit her pop up store in Shoreditch any time before Sunday the 23rd (I believe). 

MDMflow, shade Milkshake, £18: So I went to the pop up store with my friend as I really wanted to have a proper look at the range, and swatch them. Also, contrary to what you might think seeing as I am a beauty blogger, I am not a hoarder and I would not like to buy a shade I already have. This light pink shade caught my eye, and it happened to be the one Florence was wearing in the store that day as well- I thought it was really nice! I chose it because it looks super pigmented but it is also very creamy and glossy- which I am sure you can see in the picture.

What's kind of different is that as you can see, the lipstick looks very light, baby pink before swatching it, but then when you actually swatch or wear it, it is more pink/purpleish. As I was in the store, I saw that and I liked the shade it turns into. But it is worth mentioning if you are ordering it on the website, thinking it will be really light. Also, it is pretty pricy at £18 and I am actually not a big spender, I own one Mac lipstick which was £12, and it took me like a week to decide to buy it (haha, yes I'm serious), the rest are a couple of cheap lipsticks. But I could tell this lipstick was of good quality, I LOVE the packaging and name, and of course- I am all for supporting independent businesses as opposed to mass produced ones. The staying power is decent, and pretty much what you'd except from a creamy lipstick, after 3-4 hours it still looks nice, the pigment is there but it's worn off if you look close.

What do you think of this lipstick and
this brand?


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  1. This is such an unusual shade, it looks lovely :) xx

  2. Such a beautiful colour, never heard of the brand before though!!

  3. I love it !!

  4. Nominated you for Shine On and Sunshine award

  5. very gorgeous color!! love it!

  6. Very attractive shade of lips. This is my favorite lipstick color.Hair courses melbourne

  7. This is a gorgeous colour and looks great on you. I've got nothing similar to this in my stash so I might have to do some cheeky shopping! :) xo

  8. First of all ,i love the cute name of this brand shade ''lipstick shake'' , and you know i'm such a sucker for pink shades. Love the colour on you.

  9. I love pink, it really looks great on you!

  10. This looks amazing on you and your photos and swatch photos look fab! Never heard of this brand but I would certainly like to test it out ! xxx


  11. I love the packaging and the way the lipstick changes colour

  12. Hi!
    Thank you for this review. This lipstick looks great.
    I can so relate on taking time to decide on MAC lipsticks, which I love.
    Going over to check these out ASAP.

    By the way, so glad I found your blog after following you on instagram :)


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