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Nov 16, 2011

♥ Long natural nails

I have done a post like this before.. but I realy miss painting my nails and posting nails tips etc. I'm going to stop painting my nails, again, to leave them to grow.

I tried so hard to grow out my nails and I got to this point .. but recently in like 3 weeks.. over half of them broke lol :(



As you can see, the pinky finger and ring finger were (are still) over TWICE as long as before.. 

Are your nails natural or do you use artificial nails? 
Or are you trying to grow natural long nails like me?


  1. As soon as my nails start to get longer they just start to break and get really weak, theyre awful so i just leave them short :/

    I love the nail polish shades youre wearing!

  2. my nails are soo strong until i put polish on them and they crack off, its sooo frustrating!! love your blog (: x

  3. Thanks cutie :)! Hope you have a nice day!

    BTW.. I think your nails look great!

  4. That's nice! And I like the pink nailpolish! <3

  5. Love the colour on your long nails photo.
    My nails are usually short but lately they have grown quite abit and are pretty long now. Too much cleaning and washing up without gloves on is ruining them though :-(

    Holli x

  6. Wow! You grew them long!!! My nails break if I even attempt to grow them half the length yours are! LOL! I like my nails short, so it all works out :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I am following you too!!!

  7. nice long nails, love the pink polish :) i have a problem too, my index nail always chip.. dunno why.. :/
    oh by the way thanks for visiting my blog :D

  8. I keep my nails medium long, shorter than your long nails, but longer than your short nails :D They don't break very often but when they do break, it happens mostly on my right hand.

  9. Loving those they look amazing <3 x

  10. My beautiful friend, those colors rock, I love the short one better but the colors just pop


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