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Sep 18, 2012

♥ Benefits of SHEA BUTTER :)


What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter is a naturally rich butter extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree. It's widely grown in Ghana but can also be found in other Western, Central and Eastern African countries.

Yellow Vs. White Shea Butter?

This had me confused for so long, what is the difference between yellow and white Shea butter?The first Shea Butter I tried was bright yellow. I bought this from a man sellin natural products at Camden Market. He seemed very knowledgeable so I decided to ask him. According to him there is no yellow Shea Butter and the only ways it could look yellow is if it has been artificially dyed- to satisfy the request for "real" yellow Shea Butter. The other way is if it has been mixed with Buruburu butter which is actually bright yellow.

So how do I find raw 100% unrefined Shea Butter?

I would look for Shea Butter that looks similar to my one in the picture. It could also help to visit shops that focus on natural and organic skin care since they tend to have genuine natural products.  A site I really recommend is I've ordered from there before. In addition to that I've been told that a site called Akuawood sells great Shea Butter too. If you get the chance to buy  it from a store rather than online- smell it! The smell is slightly nutty and fairly strong.

What are the benefits for SKIN?
  • Great from extremely dry skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Good for sensitive skin since it is 100% pure with no additives or fragrances
  • Can nourish and improve the look of your skin since it contains Vitamin E, F & A

What are the benefits from hair?
  • It is very thick and can prevent frizz
  • It can nourish dry ends and you can use it to seal in moisture
  • Mix with Aloe Vera gel or any oil for a medium hold when slicking your hair back
Benefits for both hair and Skin?
  • It is a natural sun protectant (that is not to say it should replace your spf)
  • Make whipped Shea Butter and use as a body/hair lotion or cuticle cream. Instructions here: DIY rich whipped body/hair cream

This post was requested guys, hope you enjoyed it :) 
Do you use Shea Butter, if so- for what?



  1. I adored this post. Do you think it would be a good overnight treatment for hair?!
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. Fantastic post, I use shea butter products for my hair and body mostly, am eyeing some face cream w shea butter for winter

  3. I don't use Shea Butter, but I do get very dry skin so I may try it x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. Great post!I love shea butter!

  5. I used this back when I was in Nigeria for my natural hair and it was amazing!
    I can't find it unfortunately here in Greece.

  6. love it i am following. thnks for sharing!

  7. i love shea butter.
    following u, thanks for sharing!

  8. Great post love to eat Shea butter!! sometimes my pet also like it very much!! Dry Eye Syndrome

  9. Thanks for the commenting on my blog.. love yours as well :)

    I love this post, I actually wrote a similar one (here and came to a similar conclusion :) xx very helpful!

  10. A great blog with good information. shea butter is naturally high in nutrients which are good for the skin, it is becoming increasingly popular as an ingredient in cosmetics; however, not all types of shea butter are the same. you will need to learn the difference between raw, unrefined, and ultra-refined shea butter.
    Shea butter has been used for generations in Africa to keep skin young and healthy, remove stretch marks.
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  11. Thanks for sharing beautiful information. shea butter contains moisturizing fatty acids and is rich in vitamins A, E, and F. It also contains cinnamic acid which provides a small amount of UV protection (the equivalent of an SPF6).

    The combination of all of these factors make shea butter very useful for treating skin conditions ranging from dry skin to eczema to stretch marks.
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