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Sep 8, 2012

♥ BooHoo Outfit Blogger Challenge


Usually I am not one to join competitions, giveaways or anything like that. But when I received an email with information on 's Boohoo blogger challenge I though- why not?

For those who don't know Fashionvouchers is a website where you can browse for vouchers and discounts for fashion and beauty stores. Boohoo is an UK online shop that sells clothes for bargain prices . I am yet to place an order there but I have a lot of friends who order from there regularly.

Guidelines: Create an outfit with clothes from for a maximum of £50. The best four outfits will be rewarded with a £50 voucher each.

This is my outfit, it costs exactly £50 (they are all linked) :

|| Macy Tie Front Jersey Tee £2Xanthe Spiked Bracelet £8Tammy Structured Clip Clasp Box Briefcase £15Rea sateen stretch roll hem cropped Jeans (colour mint) £10Anastasia Black Suedette Slipper Shoe £15 ||

You can read the information on the blogger challenge here

What do you think of this outfit? :) 
Joing the challenge - it's harder than it looks though.
(if you join, send me the link to your outfit)

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  1. Hi! I did this challenge and it was harder than it looked. I love the bag :)

  2. Nice outfit! i'm definitely gonna enter! or is it just for the UK?

  3. I love that outfit! Fingers are crossed for you! X

  4. Great blog and loved the outfit :D
    Super fun way to get bloggers in a challenge.

  5. Loved the outfit you created.
    Glad you liked mine !
    Good luck in the challenge :)


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