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Sep 12, 2012

♥ Sweden Shopping: Nail Varnish Depend Shade 313

I am now in Sweden guys, for those who don't know I am half Swedish and I am actually born in Sweden. Right now I am here to visit for almost three weeks which is the longest I have been here for over three years. 

The place I go to in Sweden is outside the second biggest city (Gothenburg) and today I went to Gothenburg to buy a few things. Buying beauty stuff in Sweden is something I haven't done for years, but I decided this time to buy the things that I can't get hold of in England; i.e Swedish brands and so on.

DEPEND polishes are very common in Sweden and are usually £2.5 each. In a clothing store called CUBUS they usually have an offer of two for £4 so I got four nail varnishes for the equivalent of £8. 

This is the true shade of this polish, it's purple with green shimmer in it, but that doesn't show in all of the pictures down below.

I also used the DEPEND Number 182 All round polish (the one on the far left in the top pic) as a base coat and top coat. The formula was really light and went on smoothly. As you can see it's pretty glossy too.

Do you like this nail varnish, and have you tried DEPEND varnishes before?


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  1. Never heard of the brand, but the colours look great :)

  2. I love the purple shade! X

  3. They are so pretty! I love the glitter effect they have.

    And no I never heard of them before.

    Would love to try them someday.


  4. They look really nice on, love the blue. Hope you have a lovely time!

  5. Shoppat något mer? Kul att se vad vi har i Sverige som kan locka andra! Bor också utanför Göteborg :)

  6. Sverige har sina guldkorn hon med :) Jag shoppar faktiskt alltid en hel del när jag är där.

  7. I love nailpolish!!!!very ncie color :)
    Take a look on my blog and if you liek it,follow it!;)

  8. Love all e polishes u bought! Very pretty. Enjoy ur vacay in Sweden hun:D

  9. I think its a great idea buying brands not easily bought in England. Can't wait to see what else you have bought :)


  10. Primary colours and pink, I like!
    I really should get on the nail polish train. I have such short nails they are a shame (my excuse? As a professional makeup artist, I should not have long nails for hygiene purposes, lol).
    thank you for visiting my blog.

  11. Love the polish....great colors for fall!


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