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Mar 11, 2013

♥ 30 Day Shred Update No. 2

30 Day Shred Update No. 2 (Click for No.1)

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 So as Promised I am writing update number two on the 30 Day Shred work out, as I have just started Level 2 (which you start after doing 10 days of Level 1). See all the information about this work out video here. I have also done almost daily updates with a belly snap lol on my Instagram, which you can view online here. Today is my 12th day so I have done 2 days of Level 2 already.

In this post I just wanted to update you on how it is going, what's been easy and what's been tough, and whether I've seen any results so far.

How did Level 1 go?
As expected, in addition to not being that tough, Level 1 was very easy to get used to and after about 5 days I found myself getting used to it. It was still "hard" but time sort of flied when I did the work out and it felt more like 10 minutes as opposed to 20. As I explained in the first post, I was using 4 kg dumbbells when the heaviest your were meant to use was 3 kg. Please note that my arms are my weakest post lol so it was pretty tough. But then again, as Level 1 wasn't very intese, I feel like heavier dumbbells seems pretty logical.

How is Level 2 going?
Well let me start of by saying that I was meant to start Level 2 (my 11th day) on Friday, which was also my 20th birthday. Due to not being home all day, and not being able to work out without disturbing other people when I got home- I had to skip that day. I wasn't happy about that but oh well. So today I've done my second day of Level 2 and it is pretty tough!

I thought I'd show you the toughest work outs according to me:

1. -Well the first pic at the top of the post, "jump rope" double jumps. They are surprisingly tough when you are already out of breath from previous work outs.

 2. Planking with jumps. I've tried to take screen shots so that you can actually understand the move. You start of in planking position, then jump (feet landing near your arms), then jump back into position again. Hurts your legs as h*ll!
 3. Static Lunges with arms. The arms are definitely not the tough part here. I would have never guessed that static lunges were so tough (static meaning you don't move, you stay in the positin all along, but moving your arms).
 4. Jumping oblique twists. Looks a little like the exercise in this video, but arms are moving the way you can see in the pic. Again, in conjunction with other leg exercises this hurts my legs as crazy after a while!
5. Sitting down as pictured while lifting the weights up as pictured. When you stand up again, you bring the weights down. This really makes my arms hurt!
6. The "Skater Exercises". Again, hope you can understand from the picture what the exercise is. If you look at Jillian (middle), after you've done what she does on the picture, you take a jump, but towards the other side, thereby switching leg. Sorry about the bad explanation lol.

To see my "belly snaps" on Instagram, with almost daily progress pictures. Follow me "Yolandaas" or click here.

Have u done this or any similar challenge?

What's your best exercise tip?



  1. Oh God...plank jumps...every time I see those mentioned online or in a magazine my legs start to hurt at the thought! But kudos to you for sticking with it!! I need to get back on a daily workout schedule. I really want to strengthen my arms because I feel like they're so weak.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I'm so interested in trying this but I know I'd be rubbish at keeping up with it. The planking with jumps looks painful!

  3. I've seen so many posts about how good it is I am tempted! That's probably a good idea sharing it on instagram, it helps you stay committed. I don't see why I couldn't do 20 minutes thinking about it! Where did you find the videos for the shred?
    If they're painful you know it's working ;)
    Please do! I don't experiment really so love seeing your eye looks :)

  4. I have a copy of the 30 day shred but I have yet to try it. I really need to start doing some exercise ready for the summer!
    Sarah xoxo | Beeauty Geek

  5. Thanks for the update and the screen shots. I have this same dvd and never used it. I totally love being in the gym. Why don't you do makeup tutorials.

  6. Check out this website:

  7. i never made it past the 2nd level. lol now its just collecting dust.


  8. I'm currently doing this! I started a week ago but found it hard to do every day so I have had to re-start it - I think that is my biggest weakness - committing to it for 30 days but posts like these defo keep me motivated to keep at it! I'm still on level one and after the second day Ifound it to be alright - although time did drag when I was doing it haha!
    Saadiya x

    Also; sorry I'm only getting round to replying to your comment on my blog! I don't have any hair posts up :( although I think I might do one in the future! :)

  9. Hei Yolanda. i just posted your site on my facebook like side, though i shcould let you know. am a make up artist and i dont take credit for things that are not mine. so if you dislike it, i can delete it. just though to give natural black sister more advantage of staying natural. Ps this is my link

  10. No 5!! was always a killer for me.. That lift was like noooooo but I may do this again, I miss it now I am reading this post.


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