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Mar 17, 2013

♥ Crazy Natural Inc Hair, Bath & Body Oil Review

Crazy Natural Inc Hair, Bath & Body Oil Review

I must say that now that I am transitioning to natural hair (read about that here), I spend a lot of time on Instagram searching for hashtags for inspiration, hair products & tips. Crazy Natural Inc is a brand I discovered on follow there and I love seeing her new products and also pics of her gorgeous hair. You might know I am very much into hair care DIY's so home made and natural hair products really interest me. Anyway, she was kind enough to send me some samples which I was very happy to try out.

Crazy Natural Inc Hair, Bath & Body Oil
I always like to have an "all round oil" that I use after showering, in my hair and scalp if it is light enough. So the timing was perfect for me to try this out. I love that it comes in an applicator bottle like this, and I am so re using it when it is finished. Top ingredient is Coconut Oil which is my favourite oil (read my post on it here), followed by oils such as Olive Oil and Vitamin E at the bottom. What really amazes me is that not only is the oil very light (I'd say lighter than Olive/Almond Oil), but a little heaver than Coconut/Jojoba Oil- which is probably due to the Coconut Oil in there. But despite Coconut Oil being at the top, the oil mix is completely liquid and even though it is super cold in my room, it has never gone cloudy or started to solidify.

For Hair & Scalp: A great every day sealant (to use after moisturising hair). Will get absorbed by your hair very well, as the top ingredient is Coconut Oil (which penetrates the hair cuticle). A big plus is that it is light enough to use on your scalp and I really recommend applying it to your scalp a few times per week and giving your self a scalp massage to promote growth. Coconut Oil is amazing to maintain and healthy scalp, and Vitamin E is great if your scalp is dry, or itchy as it can help heal it.

For body: I've mainly used this oil for my body, every day after I showered, I just apply it while my skin is wet. The applicator bottles is a big plus when doing so and by the time I am out of the shower, and brush my teeth- the oil has been absorbed into my skin. For parts of my body that are more prone to getting dry like knees, feet and elbows, I use the Crazy Natural Inc Shea Body Butter which you can see below.

Crazy Natural Inc: Online Store | Twitter | Instagram

Look out for my review on the items above! :) 

Will you try this brand, and do you prefer all natural brands?


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  1. Great review, im always scared by the idea of putting oil on my skin for some reason, did you have adverse effects at all?

  2. You have one cool blog ! I was hoping if you would like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect and other social sites.- Chic Out of Town Blog

  3. Yeaah I finally decided to do one lol! Yeah you can get the Beautiful textures product from the UK! I live in Nottingham and just got it from my local afro/caribbean hair shop - I read a review on it and thought I'd try it out :)
    Your welcome! I do love you blog and channel so far - it would be so good to see more videos/tutorials and loool balancing on four boxes haha!

  4. Sounds like a good brand, would love to try it!

  5. I always avoid any type of oil for my skin and hair as I worry it will make me either break out or look like I washed my hair in chip fat! I might have to give this a try though, I like the sound of it for hair! x

  6. This sounds quite neat. I love using natural products too, I love products by Saje.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  7. Great review and I will like to check her out!


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