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Mar 2, 2013

♥ Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss Shade Guava

Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss Shade Guava

A picture of  Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss Shade Guava

This is a lip gloss from the brand Chantecaille. Before I got this (Xmas present), I had never heard of the brand before but from doing a little bit of research, I've understood that it is a high end brand and a little random fact- it's become quite known because Angelina Jolie was seen using one of these lip glosses. You can find the full size of this lip gloss here, for £27.

Here is a little info from the website: "CHANTECAILLE is the preeminent luxury brand for serious skincare and beautifying cosmetics known for its uniquely high concentration of natural botanicals. The line stands out for the extensive research and technological innovation invested in each ground-breaking formula. It is also distinguished by the exceptional purity of its ingredients, which are endowed with a potent life force capable of nourishing and revitalizing the skin, the body and the spirit."

A picture of  Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss Shade Guava

As you can see the pigmentation is "medium", I'd say it's pretty pigmented for a lip gloss. The formula is super creamy and thick when you put it on, which you hopefully can see looking at the picture of the lip gloss applicator to the right. I found that it looked very nice paired with Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream- you can see it in this makeup look (a few of you asked about the lip gloss I was wearing) and a review here.

A picture of  Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss Shade Guava
Picture above borrowed from:

I usually only use my own pictures in my blog but I just wanted to show you what the full sized products look like, and all the pretty colours. They are so gorgeous! I'd love to try out some more stuff from this brand but it is pretty pricey. Lucky I got this lip gloss from my aunty!

Which one is your favourite shade?
& Had you heard of the brand Chantecaille before?



  1. Looks lovely! We should totally do a swap if you would like to try some more Wet n' Wild products :) We have quite a lot here in Finland so maybe I coudl send you some since we didn't have time to meet in December :/
    xx Carolin

  2. I never heard before Chantecaille still now. Your blog is really intereting I´m following you i hope your follow me back.


  3. oh at first I didn't like this shade but it looks fabulous on your lips!


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