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Mar 24, 2013

♥ DHC Blogger Party Goodie Bag & Event Pics

DHC Blogger Party Goodie Bag & Event Pics

Hi Guys :) I wen't to the DHC blogger party event a few days ago and just wanted to show what was in the goodie bag and a few pics of the event. I was so happy to see a full size deep cleansing oil- as this was already my favourite face cleanser (review).

We got treated to loads of drinks, and canapés which I happily accepted every time the waiter offered (lol). I absolutely love smoked salmon and I eat it daily, champagne is another favourite too. Yeah I love food..

I will be back with reviews soon :)
Have u tried DHC products, and how do u like them?



  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG You got the full sized cleansing oil!? I love that stuff! Looks like a cool event!

  2. I have never tried DHC products will find out more about them, hope you had great fun at the party.

  3. You are so awesome it's ridiculous

  4. Wow they provided you all with an array of products!


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