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Mar 22, 2013

♥ New Beauty Products from Garnier, Loreal & LA Colors

Beauty Products from Garnier, Loreal & LA Colors

Just wanted to show you guys these products I picked up at Westfield when I met up with lovely Nicole from Nicole's Beauty. It's quite funny because she is also Swedish/Nigerian like myself, except plus Finish as well :) . The scrub and mascara were things that I needed because my previous ones had finished, and the LA Colour stuff was just something I wanted to try out because they were cheap and I hadn't tried them before.

So this palette has got such nice shades! Now that I think of it, it sort of looks like a dupe from this INGLOT palette that I put in a recent makeup wish list. It was so odd because the shades of the untouched palettes looked completely different to the tester ones in some cases, which caused a lot of confusion to me, to say the least lol. In the end I skeptically settled for the explanation "the top layer of the shadows have a slightly different colour". Turns out it was true.

Oh my god, I've been wanting a purple lipstick for soo long guys. I did want a darker one, but since this was only £1 I thought it might be fun to try it out. Love the shade and pigmentation is good as well, however the formula is a bit strange. It's that kind of formula that sometimes doesn't want to "stick" to your lips, especially not in the inner/middle parts of your lips. It is still great for a pound though.

Oh yeah and speaking of LA Colors and purple lipsticks, I can't believe I won Akilah's (from giveaway!! :) (the price was a purple lippy, la colour shadows etc) 

Have you tried LA colours?
Do u know any other bargain purple lipstick?


  1. Nice products,I love the Garnier scrub its fab x

  2. I have an LA Colors palette in Enchanted but I never seem to use it, think I shall make a point of trying it out xo

  3. I love the plum colour of that lipstick, I bet it really suits you! xx


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