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Sep 5, 2013

20 Random Facts About Me

20 Random Facts About Me

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So I got tagged by my Swedish/Nigerian blog twinsie Nicole from Nicole's Beauty. It is about time I do a post like this as I only did them when I first started blogging, then I got tagged so often I got overwhelmed and so stressed out about the tags I hadn't finish lol! So sorry if you've tagged me in the past and I did not do the tag.

1. I have been reading blogs daily for about 7 years (since I was 13).
2. When I was young I drank tea with 6 sugars in it out of a baby bottle
3. My first language is technically English, but I moved to Sweden and forgot it all and had to re learn it
4. I have 3 siblings, none of which live in the same country as me :(
5. I have gone to 3 schools, excluding college, lived in 6-8 towns, 2 countries, and in over 20 different places.
6. When I went natural I had no idea what my natural hair looked like
7. Okay stealing this one from Nicole, but it also happened to me- my mum shaved all my hair off when I was 5 because it was so hard to deal with
8. I watch Eastenders religiously (British soap opera)
9. I dislike cats with a passion (please cat lovers don't take this personally lol I have close friends and siblings who like cats haha) 
10. I always hear from people that I look stush or unapproachable, and it is the opposite to what I am like :( 
11. Love my granny!! (And she was on Come Dine With Me and has a blog
12. Working relaxes me because I couldn't possibly be stressed when I know I am currently making money
13. I drink 1-4 cokes per day, and have done since I was very young. Last Sunday I challenged myself to not have any for a week- so I haven't/won't. 
14. I am super selective with what I spend my money on
15. Sometimes the beauty blogging community gets too much for me because I am not a person That interested in discussing beauty to be honest (compared to some)
16 I am starting my first year and UNI in a couple of weeks to study Cosmetic Science at London College of Fashion, I think we are only 20 people or something- it was a long road but I made it!
17 I have only driven a couple of times since I got my driver license (January this year)
18 I secretly wish I was a native Spanish speaker lol, I just think it is a nice language
19. I don't understand religion, it doesn't exist to me but hey I am Swedish and we top the list of Atheist so.. 
20. I recently started tweeting more so that my twitter isn't bombarded with blog links only, still think twitter is pretty unnecessary though lol. Follow me here

I tag:

Please, do Not feel obliged to do this tag just because I tagged you, also, please feel free to do the tag as I also tag everyone who wants to do it x

Any of my facts that surprised you?


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  1. I can relate to number 9 lol so creepy.

  2. Loved reading your random facts. Thank you for tagging me, I'll do a post on mine tomorrow. Ican't believe your nan was on Come Dine With Me!? I've watched that programme more often than I should probably admit!
    I'm so rubbish with Twitter I forget to tweet 'normally' and not just for blogging. People always mistake me for moody too when I'm not at all! x

  3. They do a cosmetic science course? Wow, I am jealous! Great post, I am with you on being a Coca Cola addict! Love your Grandma's blog, yummy!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Your hair looks beautiful in that picture :)

  5. Let me see I agree with....11, 14, 15 & 20.

    I'm a Nanny's girl and by looking at your Nan's blog, I think I remember her from Come Dine with Me. She really has a true passion for cooking, girl you must get FED! lol

    LaaLaa xo
    Dolce Vanity

  6. Love reading these tags! You're not the only one who isn't terribly interested in talking about beauty all the time. And there's nothing wrong with that, either :)

  7. Another Coke addict.... nice to meet you. Lolll!

  8. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself!

    Checkout my new online boutique:

  9. Awww your Nan is such a gem I am watching her black eyed bean pie video! I can see myself doing this tag:)

  10. Omg thank you for tagging me! :]
    I also moved around a lot and got told ALL the time that I seemed like a snob lol
    I'll see if I can check out your soap online as well as ur grann's blog.
    And I love #12! Lol! I'll have to remember that next time I get stressed by a project.
    #15 is something I've been thinking the same about lately & CONGRATS on school! I hope you post about it :-)

  11. Aw thanks for tagging me! I haven't done a tag in ages.
    And wow good luck with Cosmetics science, that sounds so interesting! :) xx

  12. Nice to learn more about you!
    Link to my review about L'Oreal hair treatment:

  13. Thanks for tagging me,i have to say that i'm totally on the same page as you when it comes to cats(i'm not a fan of cats at all).And i wish i could have that much coke and not worry about how i'm going to fit into my

  14. I loved reading your tags, I've been MIA for a while but I be checking the other ladies also! :)


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