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Sep 28, 2013

Coral Soft Smokey Eyes FOTD

Coral Soft Smokey Eyes FOTD

Natural Afro 4b 4c 3c hair flat twist out
 For a tutorial on this hair style, click here 

First of all, you might be thinking, why the awkward pose.. well I was late for work and thought it snap a quick FOTD and was literally like hanging out of the window (for the natural lighting) and only had time to take like 2-3 pictures. As always, this FOTD is not actually from today, but a few days ago. I decided to do a soft every day smokey eye as I hadn't even touched my eyeshadows in months!

The makeup I am wearing:
  • NYC Loose face powder
  • Sleek Face Form (Blusher, highlighter & contouring powder)
  • 2True Eyeliner
  • Wet & Wild Eyeshadows

What do you think of this look?


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  1. nice M-u look! do you have a post on this hairstyle? i love it :)

  2. you look gorgeous..... love the eyeliner!!!

  3. Enkelt och snyggt :-) Fin outfit ocksÄ,

  4. This looks so delicate - love it! Also can I just say that I LOVE your new layout/header!

  5. This looks great,

    How do you prevent your mascara from clumping, does it have to do with the one you use?

  6. Love it! :)


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