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Sep 14, 2013

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner & Hair Silk Review & Ingredients

 Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner & Hair Silk Review & Ingredients

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner & Hair Silk Review & Ingredients

So I was sent these products a few weeks back to try out, I choose them myself from the website 123 Hair & Beauty as it is a brand I'd been wanting to try for a really long time. The fact that they are not only mainly aimed for people wit curly hair, but they are called Mixed Chicks & I am mixed- can't get more specific than that. I can't even tell you how many times I've been eyes these in my local hair shop lol! Anywho I chose two products that I currently needed- a serum as I had just run out of my old one and the deep conditioner as I didn't have one.  

Here is a little info about 123 Hair & Beauty from their website: "Based in Lancashire 123 Hair and Beauty is passionate about hair and beauty products, our aim is to bring the best of salon products to your front door at affordable prices, our team includes stylists and makeup artists so advice is always available at the end of the phone."- Check them out, they've got loads of interesting brands.

A little a bit the brand that I've gathered from reading the deep conditioner container: 

  • They do not do animal testing. 
  • They are cruelty free and vegan
  • From what I've seen they aren't fully natural, but don't contain mineral oils or parabens (I stand to be corrected though)

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner, £9.90, 236 ml "Detangle - and restore your thirsty curls with this exclusive conditioning blend which penetrates and reconstructs damaged areas - transforming style-stubborn hair into resilient - easy to maintain tresses.": 

So to start with, for someone with Afro textured hair or even just curly hair, this is not a big container! I used it as sparingly as I could but in all honesty it only lasted for two washed for me. This is why I usually stick to DIY deep conditioners. I don't think this deep conditioner would strengthen your hair I believe it is more of a moisturising deep conditioner  it definitely made my hair super soft and as it says in the description- it did make it easy to detangle! 

Mixed Chicks Hair Silk, £9.95 50 ml "Have you ever watched someone enter a room or walk down the street, and their hair seemed to have a silky sparkle? MIXED CHICKS 1.7 oz hair silk makes you and your hair look more vibrant. How? It is our light reflecting formula that not only gives you added shine, but prevents fly-aways and splits."

Looking at the ingredients in the picture above, it is a serum so of course the main ingredients will be the silicones. This is meant to make your hair super shiny. As it contains silicones it will double as a heat protectant so I did try this when I blew dried my hair for this flat twist out and you can see in the left pic that it is indeed looking pretty shiny. I also tried it for straightening my hair a few weeks back and it definitely helped achieve the straight and shiny look. 

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner & Hair Silk  Ingredient list

Have you tried these products or ordered from this website?



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  1. Hi!! Hope you're having a great weekend :) I've never ordered from that website or tried the Mixed Chicks products, but I think a lil slip and shine on the hair is great! Thanks for sharing about these, maybe I'll be able to find them in my area.

  2. Those products look really nice, I might even try them out someday ♥

  3. That deep conditioner sounds great!


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