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Apr 2, 2013

♥ Gold Chain Necklace & Peplum Top

New Look Gold Chain Necklace & Peplum Top

I had forgotten to show these pieces of clothing that I got when I met lovely Nicole from Nicole's Beauty & also got some beauty goodies like the Garnier Scrub, Purple La Colors lipstick & eyeshadows from the same brand, see this post here. Lately I had become a little obsessed with finding a chunky gold necklace like the one above, I really wanted the "plasticy" chunkier one. But after finding so many options in New Look I settled for this as it was a little different, with the tiger, I was about to say- I suppose it's a leopard or something. 

My blog was definitely never a fashion blog, nor was it intended to be but let's just say when I started blogging, I posted more outfits than beauty items. Only reason I don't is because I just don't shop a lot anymore. Can you believe that lol, I have to force myself to go shopping more.

About a year late on the peplum top trend but I thought this was a great every day top (and it was cheap). Same goes for the jeggings. 

What are your most recent fashion purchases? :) 



  1. I went shopping and bought some Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes (Anglomania) which were a bit expensive but well worth the money, I don't usually go mad but I thought heyyy why not! :) I love your necklace!! xxx


  2. Love that chain&all ur purchases hun,I no longer shop that much either only buy what I need. My last purchases were shea butter hair products

  3. The peplum top is so cute! My last purchase were some mint colored cut out oxfords for spring :)

  4. That top is so cute! I got a whole bunch of new clothes yesterday. I hadn't been shopping in a really long time too.

  5. Fabulous pieces!!! I was 'late' on the peplum trend as well but who cares....I wear many things long after they have gone out of style.

    I have too many new additions to name....I had a temporary lapse in sanity but I'm back on the right track now, LOL.

  6. My recent purchases are from Gina Tricot - they had many fab pieces -50%, so I had to get them ;) I love the gold chain necklace, it looks very unique :) xo

  7. I love that chain necklace it's fab!!! The item you purchased are awesome.

  8. That necklace is so nice. Have a great day.

  9. I love this chain! My fave latest purchase are my Nike Blazers :)

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest outfit post: Vintage Leather Biker Jacket via Fashion Union

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  10. Love the necklace! I recently bought some awesome tribal print leggings!

    Jillian -

  11. that chain necklace is sooo pretty!!! I love chain jewelryyy

  12. i love your id celine chain.its lovely

  13. This is awesome I want that necklace

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  14. Ooh I loveee the necklace! The peplum top is a great purchase, it's so versatile. I haven't gone shopping in agesss :( but hopefully I will be in a few weeks, I'm seeing so many things that I want lately lol x

  15. that is a cute peplum top and i like the cat on that gold necklace. my last fashion buys have been maternity haha not as fun, i think ;)

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